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Another mystery solved - Mathieu Perreault has made the Caps. The team has cut Orlov, Eakin and Sjogren. The battle between Perreault, Eakin, Sjogren and Bourque (cut earlier) was a fierce one, but by many accounts MP was the best player in camp and made it impossible to be cut. If he can ever maintain consistency I honestly believe he could work his way up to the second line. He won't get many opportunities to do that - but he has the will and ability to force the issue.


Mikael Backlund is reportedly out for the next 2-6 weeks with a broken finger. Shall we see Paul Byron back up?


In a jam? Struggling with a decision? Need some insight? I've got your back - fire some questions at me here and I'll answer all I can throughout the day!


Sean Avery has reportedly been placed on waivers. His status as an NHL player for this year is very much in jeopardy, although I would like to think that another team will take him. His act has been toned down dramatically over the last year and the Rangers won more games with him than without him - and that's the bottom line.


My Awards/other stuff predictions over on Puck Daddy can be found here.


My column for Puck Daddy from yesterday – here.


My column in today’s Hockey News explores what fantasy owners should do with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Not to mention, what Oilers’ brass should do. I think that if he gets seven points in nine games, they have to keep him. If he gets six points…then they could send him to junior without any backlash. What is your line? You do have a line, no matter how hardcore your feelings are that he should stay or how adamant you are that he should be sent down – you have a line. What is it? One point in nine games and he stays? Twelve points in nine games?


Nino Niederreiter was put on injured reserve, and so will be out for at least another seven days.


As I was musing on Twitter, I’m disappointed that the Blackhawks went with Emery over Salak. Not that I don’t want Emery in the NHL – I do. In fact, I think he can be a solid starter somewhere. And therein lies the problem. When a goalie has not established himself as the No.1 goaltender on the team for two years, then I feel that bringing in someone who has the ability to take his job is a mistake. It nearly ruined Carey Price. It DID ruin Steve Mason. It just plays with their psyche – goalies are fragile. Remember Jim Carey? And do you remember Olaf Kolzig? Same thing there. Is Crawford fragile, or is he – to borrow a Goldman term – “mentally tough”? I’ll tell ya this much – Emery is mentally tough. If you have room, and unlimited transactions, stick Emery on your bench until December. If he steals the job – which, despite my rambling, is still very unlikely don’t get me wrong – it will happen in December.


I’m not as anti-Pierre Mcguire as some of you are, but this made me laugh so I thought you’d get a kick out of it:



And since I’m already picking on Pierre, here is his excellent and very astute feedback on Montreal’s decision to draft Carey Price:



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shaun b said:

@ Oilers rock 99 "I think Carey had an outstanding season last year and he was a big part of our success. In the off-season, we acquired Peter Budaj and hopefully he can take some games off Carey's responsibility. It's something that you have to judge and hopefully we're looking at probably 60 games for Carey during the season," explained Martin."

"hopefully he can take some games off Carey's responsibility". Hopefully is the key word here....and this is Budjai's responsibility?? Unless the Habs go on a huge run and have no worries about making the playoffs, I'd count on Price playing a minimum of 65 games, up to last years load again, or possibly more, who knows.

What do you want the coach to say to the media...we're gonna ride him hard all year bc Budjai sucks? Price is a workhorse, he loves it.
October 05, 2011
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Oilers rock 99 said:

Oilers rock 99
The Price is Wrong...Time to sell!! The coach has given all you who are Drinking the Dobber Kool-aid a shot of reality take a look....
October 04, 2011
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Jason Banks said:

Wayne Cujo was brought in to replace Potvin, Felix was then thrown under the bus while they were tryin to trade him.

Potvin then moved on to play strongly on bad teams in Long Island, Vancouver, LA and then finnishe his career in Boston with a strong backup season helping mould Andrew Raycroft into an NHLer...

Also Potvin was like 9-10 years into his Career when Cujo came, so its not the same thing...
October 04, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

NIEDERREITER/CROSBY IR Niederreiter was placed on IR retro to Sept. 30, I believe, so he could come back for Isles opener on the 8th if he is healthy by then. Does not sound like he will though.

Also, on yesterday's note on Crosby, he is on IR but does not have to miss 7 days this season b/c he ended last season on IR. Can come back before the 7 days this season if ready. Again, does not seem likely, but it is possible as far as the rules go. I believe LeBrun tweeted this clarification yesterday.
October 04, 2011
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Wayne Gryde said:

Goalies Felix Potvin would be another victim of that....he was never the same after CuJo was brought into TO
October 04, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Dean - man, I'm aware of that...sigh
Had to make an executive decision. I could do more here on this site, or do what I'm doing on other sites and push readers from there to this one. I had to take the marketing route. The quality of writers on DobberHockey is holding the fort just fine. Besides, you get three articles from me a week right here in the ramblings smilies/wink.gif

Until my 2-year-old and my baby get a little older and less of a handful (does that ever happen?) I won't get the time in the evenings that I used to.
October 04, 2011
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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Good Articles Good articles over at Puck Daddy and THN. When do we get an article here at DobberHockey from Dobber himself? smilies/wink.gif It feels like forever since we've had the big man's voice on the front page
October 04, 2011
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Lukas Polak said:

Avery waived Hope nobody claims him and he spends full season in AHL. Maybe after that he would start his modeling carrer and leave hockey for good. Hate that clown.
October 04, 2011
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david said:

... @Pengwin
try being a Canucks fan in the US forced to sit thru that Finals coverage. I will loathe Milbury to the day I die.
If there are any cable operators reading can make a LOT of money off me (and my not insignificant contingent) by offering the CBC thru the playoffs.
But, I know the answer ..they're already making a lot of money off me by feeding me this shit.
October 04, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

At least... Pierre is better than Mike Milbury.
I can't even put into words how much I hate NBC hockey intermissions.
October 04, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... Yes he did - and he already got in trouble for it at the time. He (I believe him) wasn't referencing Price's heritage in a racist or derogatory way, but more alluding to the fact that it was an "off the board" pick.
October 04, 2011
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agentzero said:

PM Did Pierre say: "this is right off the reservation"?..........
October 04, 2011
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