Exciting news - I have just re-released the draft list with a NEW tab. On top of the usual tabs that you already have, this tab will give you the projected power-play importance (a "1" or a "2") and a projected plus/minus range. This is because YOU demanded it! Let me know what you think...


So far, Joakim Lindstrom is on the top line for Colorado. I don't have a lot of faith in him, given that I had so much faith in him a few years ago. Injuries and just plain bad luck conspired to keep him out of fantasy relevance. Now 28, it seems late to burst onto the scene. But I've always felt he was an underrated potential second liner. Stay healthy, stay focused, and he can do this.


Couple of quick camp updates - Jeff Carter's foot is bruised, but not broken, per Puck Rakers. And Bobby Ryan left practice yesterday with a groin injury that they say is just precautionary. Brendan Ranford was among today's cuts by the Flyers.


Interesting to see Steven Reinprecht back in Florida’s camp. The Panthers have five lines of third-line NHL players, plus Weiss, Booth and Fleischmann who could all be second liners on most teams.


Here is my Hockey News look at training camp battles (Western Conference). I’m back Saturdays on THN now (to go with my Tuesdays) and I am also back with the Wednesday mailbag (every second week for that one). Also note, I’m not writing about all teams – just the interesting battles. So some teams are not covered.


Red Wings camp battles that I didn’t cover, are covered by mlive. Basically the 14th forward spot – favorite Corey Emmerton vs. Fabian Brunnstrom, Ryan Johnson, or Chris Conner. And Mike Commodore vs. Jakub Kindl for the No.6 spot. And Ansar Khan reiterates the fact that Ian White will play with Lidstrom to start. Brunnstrom has impressed early on.


I can see this happening. Martin Brodeur re-signing and staying put. Totally fits Lou’s M.O. So no, don’t pick up Brodeur thinking that he’ll be moved to a top team come 2012. I would lean towards him staying.


So Crosby is practicing hard and doing everything but contact? Wow, what a roller-coaster of emotions in the fantasy world. I bet if I did a daily poll over the last two weeks, closing it each day and starting a new one…I would have answers all over the map for each of those days as to when he returns. Start of season, end of season, 10 games in, 40 games in… I bet last week 75% of you would say 40 games in. And today 75% of you would say 10 games in. And the number who say “Game 1” is growing as well. Crosby practiced for the second day in a row yesterday – still no symptoms.


In the meantime, if Crosby doesn’t play, I can see Dustin Jeffrey centering the third line. He’s a better player than Letestu and he’s on the right track in terms of getting healthy.


A Mathieu Perreault interview on his chances of making the team and how he’s fully healthy and has put on some weight. I like how he makes a quick impact, but he needs to continue that momentum beyond the first two games. He could be a second-line center in the NHL or he could be a star in Europe. This year could tell us which direction he’s heading.


Ryan Murphy signed an entry level contract Friday. The Carolina prospect defenseman should follow a similar path to what we saw with Ryan Ellis. But then (two years from now) we should have a clear picture as to what Kaberle, Pitkanen and McBain are doing. Lots happen in two years – injuries, retirement, trades, etc.


So do the Kings need Doughty? Nope. Allow to expand on that stupid statement. If they want to win a Stanley Cup or even a playoff round, then yes – they need Doughty. But in October, November or December do they need him? Naw. But what kind of bad feelings do you breed if you make him sweat for three months? Something to think about.


I think he’ll be signed before October, but that’s just me. If he isn’t signed…how good with Jonathan Quick be? Not as? You have to think that his numbers take a hit, even a small one.


Do you have a son who is succeeding in hockey as a teen? Don’t get Kurt Overhardt as your agent. Geez Louise, he’s the brainiac behind Kyle Turris’ demands of $4 million per year for three years or $3 million per year for two years. His other clients – Kesler, Carle, Zajac, Turco, Morrison, Knuble. Kesler is the only one on that list who impresses me in terms of contract history – and that’s because of an offer sheet. No, I’d go with Allan Walsh (who basically brought Parenteau out of the minors – and I don’t believe any other agent could have done that) and if only Mike Gillis was still around (he’s still my hero for everything he did involving Bobby Holik – WOW). Kyle, seriously buddy, get another agent and save your career. Too much on the line here man.


I took Cam Barker in the 25th round of the Expert’s League, just as a (big) long-shot blue-liner who could shock everyone and get 40-plus points…and if he doesn’t I’ll know by Week 2 and can replace him. Well, there is another guy like that if you want to try the same thing – Anton Stralman.


Malkin, Sullivan and Kennedy was the line combo to kick things off, and they clicked. I didn’t/don’t have faith in Kennedy as a scoring line contributor, but stranger things have happened.


Carolina is trying (so far) Staal with Jokinen and Ponikarovsky; Ruutu with Skinner and Stewart (Skinner is a winger here).


Ottawa’s Jesse Winchester is out for the preseason with a shoulder injury. No fantasy value, just more of an FYI.


TJ Galiardi has gained 20 pounds of muscle. To me, that’s overkill. Too much, too quickly and difficult for the body to adjust. I’m more comfortable hearing “10”.


Uh oh, here we go – Jeff Carter suffered a bruised foot when he was hit by a shot (from Rick Nash, oops). Carter has had foot issues in the past, including surgery on that same foot. The team is blowing it off as nothing, but I’m not.


Good news for Josefson and Elias owners. Peter DeBoer likes the Elias-Parise combo and the Kovalchuk-Josefson combo early on.


Peter Mueller – how do you feel?:



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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

Buffy 40 pounds... Buy a BIG sack of potatoes at the grocery store. When you get home, throw the sack of potatoes on your shoulder and go run down to the end of the street and back. Repeat without the sack of potatoes. Which one is faster?

Hmmm. I have him in one pool. For the moment, I'll take the approach that all is status quo. However, warning signs like this are to be heeded. When the opportunity presents itself, it will be time to try a new ride. If it's not this year he struggles, it will be soon enough. The NHL is a game of inches. I do predict that he doesn't age gracefully into his 40's.
September 20, 2011
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Brandon Davenport said:

Lindstrom I'm pleasently surprised to see that Lindstrom is having a good camp. I'm thinking the line of him, Stastny and Jones will be the 1b to Mueller, Duchene, and Hejduk's 1a. Dobber, what is your take on Brandon Yip? Reading through the camp results, it seems that he had some success.
September 19, 2011
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derek said:

Mr Kennedy....Kennedy I watch every Pens game and I just dont see him hitting 60 pts for one reason and that is what was mentioned below: hockey sense.

Even if you have him on a line with Malkin he really cant do enough on his own to setup Malkin or get available for Malkin. He always seems to score alot of put backs and lucky loose puck bounces.

I know he could score 50-55 but 60+ seems a bit of a longshot. I feel like hes more of a 45-50 pt guy with Croz or Geno.

He is def. a great 3rd line energy guy but he shouldnt be any more than that.
September 19, 2011
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Renaldo? said:

Teh Doktor
Kennedy Kennedy and Letestu both seem to be favorites of Bylsma.

Bylsma was talking of putting Kennedy on the point of the pp either in the spring or around July 1st. To which I can only say, "WH-WH-WHAAAATTTT!?"

He's a nice player, but all I ever see him do is shoot. The team has their problems on the pp but Kennedy on the point?

That can't be good for business.
September 19, 2011
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Denis said:

Malkin Hi Dobber ! I hve trades all my marbles for my keeper s leaque for first Malkin , after reading you for the last few weeks . Hope ur right with his upside , cause crosby and ovechkin was also available draft day . Special year for our draft all 3 where available. Well hope i m right ? What do you say Dob ? Big mistake ?
September 19, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... I don't see the hockey sense in Kennedy to hit 55+, but I've been wrong before.
September 19, 2011
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Hockey Hoser said:

Hockey Hoser
Lindstrom Wasn't P.A. Parenteau 27-28 last season? Best of luck to Lindstrom, you never know.
September 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

TK (cont'd) I'd disagree that it should be "clear" that Kennedy will "top out at...55".
I think he's a great risk if he starts the season lining up with Malkin.

Andy McDonald (5'-11") is a player that is similar size and one magical season found the perfect linemates. Andy Mc's high year was 30pts before exploding for 85pts in 2005-2006 (at the age of 2smilies/cool.gif. This was a result (of course) of playing along side Teemu Selanne... but Kennedy's situation alongside Malkin is not all that unsimilar.

Joe Pavelski is a (5'-11") guy I like to explode this year.
Bryan Little is a (5'-11") guy who will be a great player someday... but I'm not sold it is this year or next.

I know you are not as big a "linemate-dependent" fan as I am... but that's how I like to spend my last couple draft picks. BOOM-or-BUST.
September 19, 2011
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slink said:

... +1 for the inclusion of +/- and PP importance on the guide. Absolutely love it. All you need is an expected SOG range and standard Yahoo leagues are basically set.
September 19, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Interesting stuff Pengwin, but I dont consider 5'11 a smaller player at all. I had Kennedy as a potential 65-point guy when he was a prospect, but it is clear to me that he will top out probably at 55 and only then with help on a big line. As soon as he is off that line, boom 40-point guy. He'll see no PP time this year and that's big. He saw a lot last year with all the injuries.
I like that he is a trender and won't 100% rule him out, but for now I am not going after him in any fantasy league format I'm in. His perceived value is higher than his actual value.
September 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

(cont'd) ...most smaller players take a few years to hit their strides in the NHL.

Steve Sullivan (5'-8", 160lb.) hit his stride in NHL year #6 at the age of 25.
He was a 60pt+ player through age 26-32.

Tyler Kennedy (5'-11", 180lb.) is going into NHL year #5 at the age of 25.

In deeper leagues counting 144F (12x12 or 16x9) he's one of my top late-round sleepers.
September 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Tyler Kennedy (BUY Recommendation) Kennedy is a player who has a real good shot at 50pts this year, with the potential for 60pts. He's listed as a LW in Yahoo, who could become a LW/RW if he's RW on line 2.

His numbers are very attractive, IMO... a trender.
In the OHL, 4 steadily increasing point seasons: 15, 42, 57, 70.
In the AHL, nearly a PPG player in just over a year.
In the NHL, 4 steadily increasing seasons of SOG: 104, 171, 175, 234

Last year, he put up 45pts in just 14:32 TOI.
Extrapolating for a top 6 role & possibly 17+min/game TOI... would be 53pts.
(Note: He played 17:33 TOI/game during playoffs)

Add to this - playing with Malkin or Crosby!

And... he's one of the few RH shots on the team.
Bylsma has hinted at going Letang & Sullivan as RH PP point-men.

But it can also be helpful to have a RH forward down-low.
And Kennedy has 14 PPP last year.

Most smaller (
September 19, 2011
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Dobber said:

Jeffrey Actually, his last six games or so he was at 48% efficiency at the dot. And Letestu may be a 55% guy, but he's a borderline AHLer/NHL tweener. Whereas the team wants to breed Jeffrey into at worst a third-line center. He's not a "Golden Boy", but on the totem pole vs. Letestu he almost actually is.

Letestu has his uses on the PK...but not when the team has Adams, a healthy Asham, Cooke, Staal, etc. No room for his role.
September 19, 2011
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Thieving Giraffe said:

Thieving Giraffe
... I'd throw Kent Hughes out there as another exemplary agent. Great guy, Lacavalier, Purcell, Bergeron, Lombardi, Mueller on the roster (concussions much?). Luc Bourdon was one of his, sad story of course.
September 19, 2011
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Dale said:

Josefson Dobber

You need to stop looking for nice things to say about Josefson and scary things to say about Carter because I am starting to feel abused.

September 19, 2011
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Darcy S said:

Jeffrey Fantasy-wise, you're right, Jeffrey is the better player. But there's no way he takes the C job away from Letestu. Jeffrey sucks on the dot, whereas Letestu has become quite proficient at it and will be relied upon quite a bit for PK and defensive zone faceoffs. Just sayin' ...
September 19, 2011
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