Shawn Matthias caved and signed a two-way deal with the Panthers. Next year, the second of this two-year pact, is a one-way arrangement. I now pretty much see him being cut now, barring something tremendous in camp.


Anton Stralman made a great move today - agreed to attend the Devil's camp on a tryout basis. If there was one team that needs him...


Sean Avery has been named captain of the Rangers. Oh! I mean Ryan Callahan. Ryan Callahan has been named captain of the Rangers. Brad Richards and Marc Staal are the alternates. Fine choices all.


I meant to jot this down last night when I did these ramblings, but Pittsburgh rearguard Joe Morrow had a strong game. And in fact, based on my one game exposure to he and Simon Despres, I am firmly in the Morrow camp. Pittsburgh may be struggling in drafting and developing their forwards, but they sure have a handle on their defensemen. And in this case, so far, give me Morrow over Despres. But I'll see the Penguins again tomorrow when they play the Blackhawks.


Good news - My Draft Buddy iPhone app…we’ve worked out the issues with iTunes and the latest update is (finally) posted This has a lot more notes, as well as some projection adjustments. And future updates should be instantaneous, we’re told.


More news – training camps are opening later this week. So my Fantasy Guide will be updated either today or tomorrow… and then the frequency of updates increases dramatically. As in every two days. The news, roster cuts, etc etc will be coming fast and furious and good ol’ Dobber will be on them like a fat kid on a Smartie.


Big News! – I am happy to announce a new addition to the DobberHockey staff. We brought in a ringer to take on the Ramblings one day per week starting Sunday the 18th, as well as a bi-weekly fantasy mailbag. Welcome to former Canoe Sports and ESPN fantasy hockey columnists and current fantasy hockey guruChris Nichols! You can never have enough expertise in the field of fantasy hockey and here is another guy to give you an alternative to my thoughts. You can follow him on Twitter here.


Greg McKegg made his mark on me in the Prospects game last night. Every ship he made an impression and he picked up three points. Saturday he was ho-hum, but he really showed his stuff Sunday.


I was disappointed that Matt Frattin hardly played Saturday and didn’t dress Sunday. And Saturday’s best Leaf Kenny Ryan didn’t get a chance to repeat the performance Sunday as he was also scratched.


Brad Ross is clearly going to be, at best, a third-line agitator. He is more interested in yapping and hitting than he is in creating any kind of offensive play.


For Pittsburgh, undrafted prospect Jessey Astles was their best player in the first period and he got into a fight in the second period. Didn’t get a whole lot of ice time, but impressed me in terms of hustle and the way he created offensive chances. This is a guy who had six points last year. Very surprising.


Tom Kühnhackl had a decent game. I could see the hockey sense and the basic tools there and after several more years he’ll be better able to find space. Keven Veilleux had a ton of ice time and clearly he had hockey sense and patience. But the skating was far from smooth and his physical play seemed forced and ill-timed. Like he was showing off how hard he can play instead of actually playing hard.


From the Rangers’ website, a summary of their prospects game against Dallas: “The Rangers prospects continue play in the Traverse City Prospects Tournament in Traverse City, Mich., tonight. The Blueshirts are coming off a 5-2 victory over St. Louis on Sunday -- a game that saw defenseman Blake Parlett tie the team tournament record of three assists in one game. The Rangers got goals from Tim Erixon, Randy McNaught, Carl Hagelin, Ryan Bourque, and Jonathan Audy-Marchessault. Three of the goals came on the power play. Tonight, the team goes right back to work against a talented Dallas squad that dominated Carolina 8-2 in its opener on Saturday. Forward Matt Fraser had a hat trick for the Stars in that game, and three other players also had three-point nights.”


Here is a summary of the Chicago-Ottawa game. Another great game for Brandon Saad, and also Jimmy Hayes has done very well. Saad is creeping up my prospect rankings… Ottawa’s Stephane Da Costa – three goals in the second period.


Cam Atkinson, Ryan Johansen and David Savard are having strong tourneys in Traverse City. In fact, Savard picked up three assists last night against Buffalo. He could sneak onto the team as a bottom pairing, second PP guy.


Rich Hammond interviews Anze Kopitar here. Kopitar is healthy and ready to go.


Not a good start for Calgary goalie Joni Ortio, who allowed six goals on 26 shots in the 6-1 loss to the Sharks. Sven Baertschi and Max Reinhart played strong games despite the loss.


Great notes about the Penguins here. Including – Neal, Crosby and Kunitz are penciled in as a line combo; There will be 2-3 spots up for grabs on the 23-man roster; Malkin, Kennedy and Sullivan will be a second line; Staal stuck on the third line.


Enough. Malkin can’t win draws and Kennedy is not a second liner. Short rant over.


Polasek vs. Teubert yesterday:



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paul said:

... I saw the Stars Rangers game and offer up the following comments as a die hard blueshirts fan.

Dallas came out in the first period and dominated the play. They were bigger, played uptempo and took a lot of shots. However NY's prospects weathered the storm, especially the goalie Stajcer who made every save thus allowing the rangers squad to counter and dominate the scoreboard.

NY were buzzing the net all game long looking for rebounds, found the open man for the cross ice pass and dumped the puck deep when there wasn't a play to be made.

NY even stepped up when Christian Thomas was run from behind and took an extra minor in doing so.

As a ranger fan I couldn't have asked for more effort, desire or determination
September 13, 2011
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AFlyers66 said:

... Yo Nichols, welcome aboard!

Great to have the President of Hemsky Nation with us. The site's collective poolie IQ just went up!
September 12, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
@Blueorrfan "If it wasn't for the crappy goalmouth scramble at 13 secs into the game...the game was his..."

LOL! that's hilarious. he wasn't ready to start the game, plain and simple. it was a very basic chip and chase play which resulted in a GREAT goalmouth goal 13 seconds in. you have to be ready at all times. 1st or 2nd shot (not sure what the official count was) goes in and it could've very easily broke his confidence. I agree though, he should've been the #1 or 2 star with McKegg. He played a great game and made a lot of tough saves look routine.

Not sure what you were watching re: Depres out playing Morrow. Depres left much to be desired IMO. I was unimpressed considering he is one of the closest to being NHL ready in the lineup last night. Considering that he is a few seasons more developed than Morrow and all the hype that surrounds him, i thought i would see a man amongst boys but that wasn't the case and he blended into the caliber of the competition.
Morrow was a standout, without a doubt last night. He isn't big and there were many Leafs players that were a lot bigger and more developed physically but he held his own and competed with the strongest of them. I am now a fan of Morrow and can't wait to see what he becomes...3-4years from now that is.
September 12, 2011
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Blueorrfan said:

Leafs-Pitts I didn't see anything special from Morrow, I thought Despres showed signs of something special, but only when he wanted to.
The players that stuck out for me were Olden, his work ethic was great...backchecking was awesome. Sparks I thought had a strong game. I believe the Leafs kids were outshot, he made several great saves. If it wasn't for the crappy goalmouth scramble at 13 secs into the game...the game was his...3rd star? Come on!
September 12, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Pens vs. Leafs @dobber

I must say that i was rather impressed with Joe Morrow. I didn't pay too much attention to him going into the draft and as soon as he was drafted by PIT, i was excited to see what he could do. Last night in Oshawa, he seemed like the most poised and refined player on the Penguins back end. IMO, he out shined Depres by leaps and bounds. He had a few shots on net and looked great controlling the PP as he held the line very well and made some great passes.

A couple years ago i went to the same tournament and saw OTT and Erik Karlsson play against the Pens rookies and he impressed me the same way Morrow did. Cross-neutral zone saucer passes right on the tape of the forward to break in and create offense. Morrow, like Karlsson, seemed to hit the tape every time he made a pass.

I'll admit, McKegg burned Morrow in the 3rd period with a nice goal as Morrow looked gassed after a long shift but aside from that play, he impressed me the whole way through.

Zach Sill also had a great game and could be the new Max Talbot in PIT in a year or 2. A bottom 6er with drive and heart, willing to throw down if necessary or come up with some timely offense. Saw him a couple years ago as well and has certainly got better.

I was least impressed with Simon Depres as he looked like he was just going through the motions and is 'too cool' to play with the rookies. He really didn't do much on either side of the ice i thought.

For the Leafs:
As you mentioned Dobber, Greg McKegg was all over the ice and really stood out. As an owner of him, i am very excited to see that he was playing on the wing and producing well. He seemed to be the catalyst for the team last night.

Sam Carrick was also impressive, scoring a goal and getting into a fight. Like McKegg, i felt like he was all over the ice, winning draws, battling hard and never shying away from the opposition.
September 12, 2011
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Superchief said:

... Great news on Chris! I talked to him a number of times when he was at Canoe. I am Super Happy to hear he has joined the Dobber Nation.

Welcome Chris!
September 12, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Welcome Scott Nichols Fresh meat... ah, bring on your thoughts! smilies/grin.gif

(As an aside: James Neal on RW, eh. Well hot damn. Put one in the Dobber Column. Dobber = 1, Pengwin = 0. Good call - I didn't think Bylsma would switch him.)
September 12, 2011
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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Typo - Sharks not Rangers The Flames prospects loss to the San Jose Sharks prospect team 6-1 (not the Rangers). Two different tournaments there. Rangers are in Traverse City. Sharks/Flames are in Young Stars tournament. smilies/smiley.gif

Rangers played Dallas yesterday beating them 6-2
September 12, 2011
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GMGates said:

Nichols Welcome to the team! Excited to see the many good things to come of it!

This week just keeps getting better!
September 12, 2011
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spencergough said:

Nichols Hemsky Nation comes to Dobberland. Wicked. The Jack Bauer content of this site just increased tenfold.
September 12, 2011
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bobby gibson said:

great tilt loved the look a macT's face after this one. he looks absolutely stunned!
September 12, 2011
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Brian Burke said:

Chris Nichols WOW! Great to hear Chris Nichols is now going to be a contributor on DobberHockey. I've been following Chris fo a long time and love his insight. Congrats to the Dobber team and welcome Chris!
September 12, 2011
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