My Draft Buddy iPhone app…iTunes is taking their sweet time processing the update. I don’t know what to say, my fate is in their hands. The update is done with tons of comments and a few projection adjustments but…


I fixed a small issue in the Draft List where there were a couple of lingering external links and I removed them.


Don't forget - big fantasy hockey announcement tomorrow...


Teemu Selanne will probably wait another week or two before making his decision on a return. He knee is improving and he just wants to make sure. “But it looks good”.


A Nashville prospect who I like, Craig Smith, is profiled here by Dirk Hoag. I particularly like what Paul Fenton had to say about him. "He was one of the three best players on the team - and that was the consensus not just among the Team USA staff, but among the NHL scouts over there as well. He's matured beyond his years. I don't think the offense from Craig was a fluke. I think Craig has the ability to score in the NHL; he's scored wherever he's played. Down the line, his potential is as a top-six forward in the NHL."


I didn’t catch the Pittsburgh – Ottawa game, but from what I’ve heard from a couple of sources is that the Penguins played a pretty sloppy, individual game. The Sens outclassed them. Stuart McDonald said that Mika Zibanejad outclassed everyone – “the real deal”. And that David Rundblad displayed a ton of skill, but took some unnecessary risks.


I did catch the Chicago – Toronto contest and was fairly unimpressed. I didn’t see anyone ready for the NHL. It’s only one game, but I at least expected Jesse Blacker for the Leafs and Mark McNeill of the Hawks show what they can do. Blacker made some pretty sweet plays, but they struck me as “junior” stuff. Things that, were he to try it at the NHL level he’d be knocked on his ass. McNeill made it clear that the base talent is there, but it has to be developed. Didn’t stand out.


Jake Gardiner saw a lot of ice time, but did little to impress me. Until the final five minutes. During his last three shifts he pulled a complete 180. He scored twice, creating both of the goals on his own, including an end-to-end rush. Although, the latter goal after the rush was one that should have been stopped.


All-in-all, the best player in the game was Brandon Saad. At least in the second half. Great anticipation and drive. Clicked well with Chris Didomenico. Saad was drafted 43rd this past summer. He is one of just three players in that game who I would nudge up in my rankings.


The other ‘Hawk I’d boost is David Toews. I’m not/haven’t been high on him at all and had no expectations. Actually, I didn’t even expect to see him play, as he wasn’t on the roster I grabbed beforehand. But I thought his NHL chances were slim and at best he would be a checker. But from what I saw, I still think they’re slim –but he has some offensive talent. Lots of energy and determination that could get him into the top nine in the unlikely event that he becomes an NHLer.


The Leaf that caught my eye was Kenny Ryan, the 50th pick in 2009. I have him 371 on my prospects list (which I know, I know, I needed to update..uh…yesterday). I had him a good five years off, but perhaps he’s closer to four.


Mark Owuya was in net for the Leafs in the first half and left with a shutout. He saw little action in the first, but was a standout in the portion of the second that he played. Impressed. I’ll see him again tonight.


Lokomotiv will not play this KHL season, officials have decided.


Selanne breaks the rookie goals record:



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derek said:

Erixon The Rangers Erixon has looked good so far on the PP for the NYR prospects at Traverse.
September 11, 2011
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Dobber said:

Thanks Thanks Big Ev
I heard they lost 4-0. And then I was looking at someone's scoring summary/notes and saw Grant there twice...and tried to dig up something officially and just completely whiffed on how that went down...didn't know that Ottawa's Grant was playing as well.
September 11, 2011
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... Alex Grant had no points, he played for the Penguins who lost 4-0.

Derek Grant had 3 points for Ottawa.
September 11, 2011
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Jeremy said:

Need to watch some hockey! I need to catch the Leafs game tonight, hopefully it's on the web or TV somewhere. Gardiner is going to be good!! Come back Teemu come back!!!
September 11, 2011 | url
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