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Update on Jason Pominville - he will be ready to start the season, as well as some casual practice during training camp. He is recovering from a leg laceration.


Tough day yesterday. Tough summer. Still numb. One life is as important as another, but the ‘known’ names of yesterday’s tragedy were the ones uttered the most. Nothing wrong with that, it’s human nature. Any of us involved with fantasy hockey for more than five years have been in leagues that have owned and at times coveted Pavol Demitra. In 2002-03 he had 36 goals and 93 points. In 1998-99 he had 89 points. In all, 304 goals and 768 points. At times, I have had Demitra, Igor Korolev and Josef Vasicek on one fantasy team or another. I wasn’t able to say that about Derek Boogaard, Wade Belak, Rick Rypien, Alexei Cherepanov, Steve Chiasson, Dan Snyder or Sergei Zholtok. It doesn’t make it any more shocking or tragic, but it feels like a different kind of familiarity. But even with that small attachment to players once owned, for some reason the player that hit me hardest was Alexander Vasyunov, a player I had never owned.


Vasyunov was a player who was profiled in the first Fantasy Prospects Report that I ever did - and was one of my favorites in terms of upside. And every year after that draft, he was profiled in the New Jersey section. So year in and year out, I would read up on his stats, tidbits of his life, what his coaches say, what the GM says. And now, at just 23 years old, he’s gone. He made the decision to go back to Russia because he could not get a one-way contract from the Devils. If he only had the patience for one more year. Lots of “if only” talk throughout the hockey community, I’m sure, as we try to cope with so much loss at once.


And I had a second wave of despair yesterday afternoon when Ruslan Salei’s death was confirmed. He had a wife and three kids. And being a relatively new dad, if I think about all the children who became fatherless yesterday…I can’t. It’s too much.


If anything I’ve said comes across as insensitive, I don’t mean to be. I was just pouring it out from the heart from the best perspective that I know. And I’m not really sure how it comes across. I will move onto fantasy hockey now.


Well, not fantasy hockey here, but interesting – Zack Stortini commented on the On the Forecheck Facebook page. Fantastic! I wonder if an NHL player will ever comment on my Dobber Sports page?


Corey Stillman will announce his retirement today, per Mike Brophy. Stillman had 39 points last year, but had 80 in 2004 with Tampa, his best season. He had 52 points or more six times.


If you didn’t read it yet, I went over two Sidney Crosby scenarios with projections for the other Pittsburgh players – one in which he plays 70 games, and one in which he plays 30 games. Give it a read.


In the Oshawa prospects tournament, I linked to the PIT and OTT rosters earlier in the week. Chicago’s roster has been announced now. I’ll give you my take on how they do, as I take in a few of those games this weekend.


Alexander Vasyunov two-goal AHL performance. Fitting that there is no sound:



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Michal Sk said:

... In his last game of his career DEMO wore "C" on our national team jersey...He cried saying goodbye to Slovakian hockey fans and many fans cried then, too. Yesterday, whole hockey world became speechless and news in Slovakia were all about Demitra, many, many, people made their way to closest hockey stadium to light the candles, Dukla Trencin board decided to call the arena in Trencin after his name and the sports school he used to go to will proudly go same way...
The forgotten story comes to my mind about him unselfishly passing puck to Scott Young in front of empty net (so they could both get bonus for 90 points and 25 goals, respectively).
Good guy and according to everyone who knew him. I did not know him personally but i knew the way he spoke, his gestures and i liked the guy as a hockey player. Best moments of him i remember were the special goal against Vokoun in 2003 World Championships bronze medal game and beautiful pass to Bondra in same game. Hat-trick against Avalanche and amazing shootout goal against Russia in Vancouver Olympics last year. He also won scoring title in Vancouver.
My deepest condolences and prayers to his wife Maja, even harder for her as she lost one of their twins before and now she is left with two kids on her own.
The saddest thing of all is this is just one of so many players, fathers, brothers, friends left in deep sadness......R.I.P.
September 08, 2011
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Jason Banks said:

... The KHL/Yaroslavl's management have announced that the team will be rebuilt in a few ways...

1 player contracted to the team was not on the flight (dont know who)
5 rookie players that were assigned to the Farm Team are eligable to be recalled (again dont know who)

and all 17 other teams have been encouraged to offer up 2-3 players for Yaroslavl's Mangement to choos from to fill the last 17-18 spots open...

I'm also sure they will sign more contracts with Free Agents (likely a few out of Work NHL/AHLers) and probebly bring a few players out of retirement...

As sad as it is to lose the players for a whole team, it would be worse if the team did not continue on and honor those who have parished. The hockey community of the world must now move on and remember these people for what they brought to the game and the communities they played/represented, and honor those for what they offered us. The grieving process is for the freinds and families of the ones lost, so they too may move forward in a positive light and continue the memory and represent thier loved ones who brought so much value to the game.
September 08, 2011
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TheRook said:

... Dobber - i can feel the emotions on what you wrote. You have summed up my emotions nicely, and better than i could. It still doesnt feel real. We are or have talked about these guys one day and the next they are gone. it all seems so surreal. You cant help but think of the families they left behind and somehow relate it to your life.

I appreciate the emotion. Without knowing any of them, its hard not to have emotion when a tragedy strikes.
September 08, 2011
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Brian Boake said:

slow triathlete
Tragic Events Always Many of the players had young families or were just kids themselves. Tragic. Russia needs to look at its air industry and the standards therein.

On another note...

Dobber how did you never have Chiasson?

At one one point he was 65pts and 155pims.
September 08, 2011
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UKflames said:

A sad day... for hockey, for sport, for life. To see so many talented people taken away is a lot to take in. Fanatasy sport brings us all so much closer to players we may have never met but some how we feel we know, even consider them friends.

A well written piece Dobber, imo.
September 08, 2011
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Steffen said:

... Undoubtedly the hardest ramblings you've yet had to write. Well done.

Transportation accidents kill people all the time, but when a team goes down -- well, that's always much much harder to absorb, on any level.

A guy in my league, London City Locomotive, changed his logo to Yaroslavl's for the year. Small, but respectful.

Think for a moment about your family, your friends, your associates. Fate takes people from us all the time. Don't be caught short.
September 08, 2011
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