Here is an update on Kyle Turris contract talks - he's looking for a three or four-year deal in the neighborhood of $3.5 million per. Wowzers. If I'm him, I look for two years at $2 million per...and then count myself lucky if I get it. If you paid that much for potential and not reality, then Robbie Schremp would be making $12 million right now.


Hey! After banging off 10 speeding tickets in my first 15 years of driving and then going on a lucky run of zero in the last six years...I was nailed this morning. D'oh! (speed trap at Finch near Altona for my Pickering readers)


Sidney Crosby will meet with the media tomorrow at 12:30 to announce his retirement update us about his concussion symptoms. This is the moment that fantasy owners have been waiting for. But why do I get the feeling that Sid pulls out the ol' Gary Bettman handbook and gives us 20 minutes of nothing?


Also, I should note, that the DobberHockey Expert's Tier draft will be held tonight! First draft of the season for me. My competition: Jason Arbuthnot (Frozen Pool), Jeff Angus, Anthony Lancione (Saturday's Picks), Brendan Ross (The Dean's List), Dave Poleck (Looking Ahead), Brian Kom (Dobber Nation), Tim Lucarelli (Eastern Edge), Gates Imbeau (Market Buzz), Russ Miller (Pro Winner and former Eastern Edge Writer), John Turner (Hockey Knight), Stu McDonald (Stu's Slant), Steve Laidlaw (Cage Match), Marty Kwiaton (Saturday's Picks), Paul Nielson (Hockey Pool Geek), Peter Hadley (Pro Winner) and Ryan Ma (Wild West). Pro and Entry league invites should be going out today or tomorrow.


The Fantasy Guide will be updated later today. I will also try to have the Draft List updated later today… and submit an update to Apple for the iPhone Draft Buddy app – that takes up to 24 hours. So today is “update day”!


The gentlemen over at Copper and Blue have been pumping Teemu Hartikainen’s tires these last several days. They are high on his all-around game, as am I. However, I think that because of his skill set and what the Oilers have in the pipeline for their top six, he will end up being a third liner. That being said, he will be a productive and valuable third liner. I often compare those to Michal Handzus in his Philly days. He was a third-line center who checked, yet still managed to flirt with 50 points. Casey Cizikas is another example (NYI prospect). Hartikainen is a left wing, though, so Rene Bourque may be a better comparable. I’m thinking midseason, before he makes his permanent NHL move.


It’s funny that I used the term “pumping tires” above, and then as I continue browsing through the same website they had that in their next headline regarding Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Anyway, in this piece they imply that the real RNH was the superstar who went nutty in the second half last season…but then they wonder if he is a second-half player rather than a whole-year player.


Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren was in a serious bike accident, according to Puck Daddy. Broken ribs, broken shoulder, among other things.


The latest on Patrick Kane’s recovery. He’s ahead of schedule and shooting for some preseason action.


As many of you know, I review/preview all of the NHL teams for The Hockey News and assign a fantasy ranking to them. The final installment – my eighth annual – will be up later today, but I’ll give you the breakdown of my rankings for you to make fun of/praise me. Again – not a reflection of the overall NHL skill and projected 2011-12 success. But rather a high-level look at the entire franchise and the potential for individuals racking up the big numbers both this season and beyond:


1              Washington        A

2              Los Angeles        A

3              Vancouver          A-

4              St. Louis               A-

5              Pittsburgh           A-

6              Philadelphia       A-

7              San Jose               B+

8              NY Islanders       B+

9              Detroit                  B+

10           Edmonton           B+

11           Columbus            B+

12           Tampa Bay          B

13           Boston                  B

14           Chicago                                B

15           Buffalo                 B-

16           NY Rangers         B-

17           Carolina                B-

18           Florida                  C

19           Toronto                C

20           Anaheim              C

21           Colorado              C

22           Minnesota          C

23           Phoenix                               C-

24           Montreal             C-

25           Nashville              C-

26           Calgary                 C-

27           Ottawa                 D+

28           Dallas                    D+

29           New Jersey        D+

30           Winnipeg             D-



Here’s Hartikainen’s first NHL goal – fantastic strength on display. Again – he may be too good in all areas to get that precious top-six spot:



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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

Turris The first mistake was drafting this kid so high. He played against inferior competition and should never have been selected third overall. He's got 'Silver Spoon Syndrome' now.

Funny, this kid didn't take his career serious, even after being drafted. Can't be bothered to play Junior A. Mucks around in college. Now, for a lot of guys, college is a very good plan. Diddle around playing hockey sometimes, and worrying about education sometimes. For a first rounder (and the top of the first round) that's inexcusable. He didn't bother maximizing his growth potential in his elite growth potential years. Years before age 23 are critical. He has been ineffective as a pro for three seasons now (only measure NHL success). Being an AHL player isn't what he was drafted for or what he's being asked to be paid for. He's scored 19 goals and collected 27 assists in the league that counts. I hope Phoenix sets $2.0M in front of him (annual) for a single season and tells him to take it or sit. They've already paid him millions of dollars for little return. He wants his pay like a big boy. Time to behave like a big boy. Put up, then reap the rewards.

Perhaps it might be more fun to join the real world. Average pay in Canada is $35,000 annually, and it'll be less in the USA.
September 06, 2011
Votes: +2

Dobber said:

... Pengwin - that's fair
The only thing I'll say to defend STL is this - it all rides on my opinion of Berglund, Tarasenko (the best player NOT in the NHL IMO) and Schwarz. If any are busts, then the STL ranking drops substantially.
September 06, 2011
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GMGates said:

... DobberHockey Pro League - Wales Conference invites were sent out late yesterday.

Half the league has signed up. Waiting on "Capitals","hockeyislife", "sin bin", "hoopej3", "ammo" and "Prairie Fire"
September 06, 2011
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Jon said:

Who Dat
The kids are back at school and there are speed traps everywhere. Watch out boys!
September 06, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Randomlings 1. I've put my trifecta wager down on Ma, Miller, and HPG to finish top three in the Experts League this year. Go get 'em guys! (ps. What's the scoring? Cats?)

2. Copper & Blue are "pumping tires"... no... you don't say. smilies/wink.gif

3. Team Previews/Reviews:
Good list. I'd have to give the list an A. Not much here I don't like. I like 27/30 teams spots. The three that strike me as being off:

i) STL. The team is for sale, yes? This is a bad sign, IMO, for cap spending. And they don't have a big talent on the team so I'd have to disagree that this is a team where we'll see "individuals racking up the big numbers". I swear STL is the love-child of you and Angus. We'll see how many of these guys you draft between you in the Experts League! LOL. I'll be counting. I'd grade them at C+.

ii) CBJ. This is a team that has just straight stunk with their draft picks for the last 7-8 years. They play in a tough division in a tough conference and have spent $60m to put together a team that really doesn't look that great on paper. Grade is too high. I'll count these guys too. I'd grade them at C.

iii) DAL. Based on their ownership problems... a low rank is probably justified: but I'd set it more around a C. The top 6 is going to be just fine though. Brendan Morrow, Mike Ribeiro and Michael Ryder are going to fall in a lot of drafts this year. We're all hip to Jamie Benn's potential - and I think he'll show it. The defense isn't flashy, but it should be solid. Overall, I think Nieuwendyk as GM will result in this team being a 8th-11th team for the next 2-3 years. But not a bottom of the conference team.
September 06, 2011
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Mabus said:

... Any idea when the pro and/or expert drafts will be held or emails sent?
September 06, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Seth - I don't know what school you went to, but where I come from a B is a very good grade! LOL

Luke - emails will be today or tomorrow
September 06, 2011
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Seth said:

Fast Tony DeNiro
Ranking I gotta ask....why so down on Chicago? Three potential PPG players, maybe even four if you think that highly of Sharp. Good depth with Bolland and Frolik, some very good prospects in the system. Seems like the Hawks should be ranked better than middle of the pack to me.

Nice to see Hartikainen featured here. I'm really liking this could very well be right about him being a third liner, but I can't help but feel he'd look great on a line with Hall and RNH. I know that's all but guaranteed to be Eberle's spot but it still seems like a great idea in my mind.
September 05, 2011
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Luke f said:

... Were the emails for the three-tier fantasy leagues sent out? I haven't seen one come across the inbox yet
September 05, 2011
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