Del Zotto's waiver status is a concern. What happens if he struggles again? I'm expecting a bounce back and a solid season (35-40 points) as he earns the top PP gig. An interesting read, though.


A good read on Nick Backstrom's summer training. These are the types of pieces we usually hear about each summer (so and so is in the best shape of their career), but with Backstrom I think any off ice improvements will go a long way in helping him erase his miserable 2010-11 season.


Music to the ears of Caps fans:

"In addition to conditioning, Backstrom went further when asked about the tone of the 2011-12 season and the expectations for a team that isn’t so young anymore.

“I think it’s time for us to grow up,” Backstrom said. “I can speak for myself and it’s time for me to make sure I take better responsibilities out there the way the coaches want me to and with my own performance. It started this summer.”"


More big words from another Caps star who had a below average 2010-11 season.


A very interesting read here on failed prospect Jason Bonsignore.


I was too young to really remember Bonsignore asides from hearing the name. How many poolies missed the boat and drafted him early, like the Oilers?


Haven't seen Paul Kariya videos up here in a while... one of my favorites growing up:


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Chewd said:

Bonsignore Bosignore seemed more interested in chasing high school girls in 1996 than focusing on hockey. In my jealous state, a few crank calls were made to him and Doug Weight. How was a kid supposed to compete with NHLers?
September 03, 2011
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DuklaNation said:

... I actually drafted Bonsignore back then as I fell for the Mario comparisons hype. The mid 90's had some horrific drafts. That period provided the basis for my prospect skepticism today. Many busts back in those days. Scouting has improved a lot though. Today, he would never be drafted that high.
September 03, 2011
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JULES said:

September 03, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... There is a piece in Gare Joyce's recent book on Bonsignore - he was disliked by his junior teammates to put it lightly. I'm sure both sides are to blame.
September 03, 2011
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Garbage Goal said:

Garbage Goal
Bonsignore vs Sather Those are some strong accusations regarding Sather's treatment of him. I would be VERY interested to see a response from Glen.

Bonsignore blames himself a bit, saying his work ethic wasnt good, but essesntially says Sather held him back anyhow.

September 03, 2011
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Dobber said:

Bonsignore I didn't draft him, but highly coveted him - and threw everything at the owner to get him off of him. Thankfully, I failed smilies/wink.gif

But back then, you thought Glen Sather was the King of drafts - and I was interested in any player he drafted. Of course, that was the beginning of a horrible drafting record after a solid record in the 70s/80s
September 03, 2011
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