Dobber is taking the week off as he takes a vacation, so you are stuck with me until next Sunday.


Fantasy Guide will be updated today. The Goalie Rankings will be updated tomorrow as well. And then of course there was yesterday’s launch of a new iPhone app – Dobber’s Draft Buddy.


Please take a moment to weigh in on our Smart Phone vote - looking to see who uses the BB, iPhone, Android, or none of the above. Comments are welcomed/encouraged


A Teemu Selanne update - nothing firm, but looking a little more promising for one more year.


Is Christian Thomas (NYR) the next Jeff Skinner? Blue Shirt Banter takes a look…


Patrick Sharp is now exclusively a center according to Yahoo. This handcuffs me a bit as I was benefitting from having him win me faceoffs from the left wing position. I hope he gets his dual eligibility back soon…


Five questions surrounding the Isles as training camp approaches…


The goaltending situation is very interesting – DiPietro is not reliable at all right now, but he’s still under contract for the next decade and a bit. Nabokov, who knows what to expect from him? Montoya played well last year, but the games were meaningless and it is sometimes hard to get an accurate read on players on poor teams down the stretch. Much easier to play when there is nothing on the line.


Getting excited for NHL 12 – here are some first impressions from the demo (I have yet to play). I’ll be getting a PS3 and a new TV just for this one (my current 20 inch 1990’s model won’t cut it any longer).


Some info on little-known Dallas prospect defenseman Brendan Dillon.


“What is interesting about Dillon is that what made him get passed up by NHL teams during the past few drafts was his lack of size, especially as a defenseman playing in the WHL. Yet he was a bit of a late bloomer and the skills he developed in order to succeed as an undersized hockey player are being put to get use now that he's a big body out on the ice.

When Dillon signed his entry level contract back in March, not much was made of the acquisition here at Defending Big D. We had bigger worries to talk about, especially as the season was lost down the stretch of the season, yet there were some very positive things happening down in Austin once Dillon made his AHL debut.

While he never scored in 10 regular season games, he managed to instantly solidify himself as one of the best and more reliable defensemen on the team. He was used extensively by coach Glen Gulutzan in the first round of the playoffs, as he finished with a plus-1 and two assists in six games. For a player that was never regarded as someone worthy of even being drafted, Dillon certainly made an instant impression on the Dallas Stars and the organization.”

Dillon had 59 points in his final WHL season with Seattle last season (and 139 PIM).


Some impact players to watch for from USA Today’s Kevin Allen.


Let’s hope we will be seeing this magic from Crosby at some point in the near future…


If you don’t watch the League, you are missing out. Fantasy sports as the central theme in a sitcom:



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Moule said:

small error Hi! I don't know who to contact about this. Someone should remove one of the 2 Mathieu Darche in the draft list excel file.
August 29, 2011
Votes: +1

Jeff Angus said:

... dave, fire Justin an email and ask him.

justin at
August 29, 2011
Votes: +0

dave k. said:

... Jeff, just signed up for Goalie Guild. Do you know how to access the subject matter and daily reports?

August 29, 2011
Votes: +0

Chad Burly said:

Really? A smartphone on facebook?

I don't facebook, but I do android.
August 29, 2011
Votes: +1

Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Grammar Wow, I apologize for my grammar
August 29, 2011
Votes: +0

Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Vote on Facebook I don't have facebook and so cannot vote. Doesn't place the vote on there defeat the purpose of the forums? Anywho, I have and iPhone.
August 29, 2011
Votes: +1

Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
TV and TV and Positions @Angus
Go with the Sharp LED Aquos Quattron. I got a 52" for Christmas and it's a thing of beauty. The colours explode off the screen! It's like discovering HD for the first time.

The League:
GREAT SHOW! I discovered it last year and promptly got my fantasy hockey buddies into it. We mention the SHIVA all the time. Lots of great quotes/sayings in that show: 'Eskimo Brother' and 'Vinegar Strokes' are two of my favourites.
Looking forward to the new season.

I got screwed with Skinner becoming a C and not C/RW like he was last year. It has basically forced my hand into make a trade for another RW. I am sure that he will eventually get it but if it takes a month, i will suffer greatly on the RW and be forced to bench Cs on full schedule days.
August 29, 2011
Votes: +0

Pengwin7 said:

Randon Notes for Angus 1. Sharp as C is just rotten. What a hit. Those little Yahoo! kicks-in-the-butt can definitely handcuff a team. Hope he is there all season. Last year Malkin started the first 10 games at RW and then back to C... below-average for faceoffs. FOW can be a tough category. (For those of us with David Backes,RW or Claude Giroux,RW though... it is a real Yahoo!)

2. Congrats on the new TV. My buddy just bought a Vizio (which have been really good bang-for-your-buck) and the new Vizio's come pre-set with Apps (Facebook & Twitter) on the main screen sidebar or bottom-bar. This is going to be heaven for you - look into it. [I have a ConsumerReports subscription, really great & honest reviews from them]

3. Time permitting, I may try to play some NHL12 on the PS3 network during intermissions this year. I think I may take the plunge and get NHL Center Ice.

Enjoy that big TV - it's just about the 2nd-best "man reward" that exists.
August 29, 2011
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Lukasz said:

Off-day games Has anyone tried to count off-day games for every team? I mean Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It turns out Anaheim Ducks have combined 52 of these (8 Mon, 14 Wed, 14 Fri, 16 Sun). The next highest numbers are 41, 41, 39, 38 and it's Chicago, Edmonton, Colorado and Carolina. On the other hand, there are teams that have only 20, 21, 23, 23, 24 games combined and it's Nashville, NY Islanders, Minnesota, Phoenix and Tampa Bay.

Just thought it might be useful smilies/wink.gif. It should greatly increase value of Ducks players, since that means additional 2 games per week on average for every player. On the other hand you have many teams that play a lot of their games on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you stockpile just these players, most of them will end up sitting on the bench.
August 29, 2011
Votes: +2
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