Fantasy Guide will be updated tomorrow. The Goalie Rankings will be updated tomorrow as well. And then of course there was yesterday’s launch of a new iPhone app – Dobber’s Draft Buddy. My projections and notes (that part will be added soon) on a list for you to quickly make a decision on your next pick.


I had a party for my baby girl yesterday, with a good 70 family members over. The count, unofficially (and somewhat drunkenly) was: ZERO iPhones, ZERO Androids, and about 10 Blackberries. Go figure. But we tackled the iPhone first because it’s on the rise and BB seems to be on the decline. Even though Angus, myself and my graphics designer Glen all have the BB – so I have yet to actually try this and see it in real action. Android would be the next project. I don’t see it ready this year though.


Now Patrick Kane is shooting for the season opener, as opposed to training camp. But in this story it seems a safe bet that although he’ll miss the start of camp, he’ll still catch some of it.


Nathan Horton, however, is ready to go. He’ll be in training camp having fully recovered from his concussion. If he’s healthy, judging by his huge postseason, I would be looking for a career season.


On the Forecheck gives us five players to watch in prospects camp, including Craig Smith, Austin Watson and Ryan Ellis.


If Ales Kotalik makes the Sabres, and he believes that he will, it will be at the expense of Luke Adam. And that makes them a worse team.


Puck Rakers gives their analysis and projections on the Blue Jackets left wingers, centermen, and will continue with this series throughout the week.


Spector looks at some rumors (of course), including the likelihood of an Andrei Kostitsyn move. I usually love underproducing players getting traded because a fresh start, more often than not, boosts the numbers. And after seeing what it did for brother Sergei, I think Andrei owners should be happy about his big mouth.


Would you still take Sidney Crosby in your NHL fantasy draft? Greg Wyshynski asked me the question and my answer can be found in his article here. I’ll be back doing weekly fantasy columns for Puck Daddy in the season ahead.


Here is a thorough statistical analysis on why Troy Brouwer will probably fall short of scoring 20 goals this season.


Top 10 Patrick Kane goals:



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Freddy said:

App useful? I have used paper and pen to manually cross of players on my draft list the past few years. Once you get through to the middle of the draft, players aren't selected in the top grouping, so it's harder to find players manually.

I imagine this would be much more difficult on a phone.

The only thing a phone could do better is use it's voice recognition software to have you speak the players last name and have them removed from the list automatically.

Is this currently a feature of the app? If not, could it be used in future versions?
August 28, 2011
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Draft Buddy said:

Draft Buddy
App updates Some asked the other day if you have to pay for the new versions of the app. Each season will be it's own app, so you will have to pay separately for the 2012 Playoff version. However, updates to the app functionality are free. Early-mid September you will see the new version come out that will include a detailed player screen where you can view Dobber's notes and injury info. Anyone who has already purchased the app will not have to pay for this update.

Draft Buddy
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
August 28, 2011
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Chris said:

The New BB Is awesome. It's an IPhone and BB in one!
This phone may have just saved BB's Arses.
August 28, 2011
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slufoot said:

Sabres I don't see any room for Adam OR Kotalik in the Sabres top-9. So I disagree that it will be one or the other. It would be of no benefit to Adam for him to play 4th line minutes with Kaleta and McCormick, and for that reason he's likely the last cut, and first call-up. The only way I see Adam making the team is if Boyes is traded, or there's an injury to a forward in camp.
August 28, 2011
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Jim Hound said:

iphone app Just downloaded the app and it looks like it will be very helpful during drafts. Thanks
August 28, 2011
Votes: -1

Dobber said:

... Android is the one that is the most on the rise, and I was a big fan of it prior to its launch - really loved their plans at the time and it has been everything I figured. But my readership is largely Canadian, the Android doesn't hold quite that big a share here.

So I misspoke - iPhone is the biggest, and still rising - should have been the wording.
August 28, 2011
Votes: +1

Chris said:

... not sure who told you that the iphone is on the rise, but that is not true at all. Android is the one on the rise and big time. Iphone has been steady with a very small increase and holds 26% on the smartphone market....Android has taken 40% and RIM has continued to fall down to 23%.
August 28, 2011
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