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Fantasy Guide update coming later today…remember, I update all summer long, including projections and new content.


Craig Adams underwent an unsuccessful appendectomy. His life is grave danger. Oh, wait, I read that headline wrong – it was a “successful” appendectomy. Whew! These informative headlines really make my heart race at times.


Hey, it’s August 22, what else am I going to ramble on about? Dave Scatchard retiring?


Another Sidney Crosby-not-ready-for-camp rumor has cropped up. My own opinion – I wouldn’t count on a training camp appearance. Let’s hope for 75 games, but prepare for 65. The agent calls the latest report premature. Last week the GM pretty much said the same thing. Saying all the right things.


A Teemu Selanne announcement – nothing yet about this season, but he will probably retire by next summer. I think we all could have guessed that one, though.


Wade Belak is on the next Battle of the Blades? Eep. Remember folks – Belak was at the main fork in the DobberHockey road nearly five years ago.


I turned to Twitter again for more content. Who will have a better comeback, Malkin or Crosby? Well, Malkin is probably the safer bet in terms of health and in a one-year league I think at this point I would rather draft Malkin. I think Gino could shock you with how well he does.


This guy was going to drop Mikko Koivu, but now he’s not too sure because the team added Heatley and Setoguchi. Well, if Koivu was a dropsy before that, he is probably still a dropsy now. Sure, the wingers are upgraded, but I don’t often make decisions based on possible line combos.


Buffalo overspending in the free agent market – I think the owner made a mistake pushing the GM (I’m guessing he pushed) to go nutty with the spending. I think, three months after seeing Sekera emerge and Gragnani arrive, adding Ehrhoff was just plain dumb. Signing Leino was fine. But they could use the Ehrhoff money on a better free agent next summer – or a trade in February with a team looking to move a player on the cheap to shed salary.


Parise or Kovalchuk for more points this year? I’ll repeat last year’s answer and say Parise. I have him in the Guide for 81, while Kovalchuk is at 76. And who will be their top scoring defenseman? I have Greene at 36, Taormina at 31 and Larsson for 23. But any one of those three can post 38 points. I don’t think anyone gets 40 this year.


Sorry hockey purists, but I love the hot dogs – Top 10 goal celebrations start at 1:43 into this:


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Praba face said:

Nifty Mittens
ARGH!!!!! Why cant i get in the forum? It says something about a JFusion's config?
August 23, 2011
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

Sabres Actually, what the Sabres did is a little disturbing, considering they arguably still lack prominent go-to-guys. Perhaps new owner Tom Pegula, has some lessons to learn, similar to Charles Wang. The economic commitment is eye popping. That they are above the cap, disturbing. They have nine players signed through 2014 and four players signed through 2015 (Leino, Stafford, Sekera, Ehrhoff). I hope they wiggle out nicely, with a few draft picks. Regehr and Kotalik from Calgary is absolutely puzzling. This franchise has successfully implemented a quality AHL pipeline over the past decade. Has it been the leagues most successful developmental program during that time?

Luke Adam deserves a quality playing opportunity, 12:00 to 14:00 minutes. He's big, strong and has justified that he is ready. The forward ranks look a little over packed.

Sekera can at best hope to be the #3 offensive D-man, but usurping Leopold is now a must for him. I wouldn't bet on it.

Gragnani was supposed to do very similar things to Ehrhoff, and now appears lost on the depth chart.

As I'm not a Boyes fan, I would wonder that they should be extending someone like him, to one of the teams currently below cap or drastically short on Top 6 forwards. Time to call Phoenix looking for a 4th rounder! D-men... same deal... perhaps Florida or Colorado?

When Buffalo struggles to secure a playoff spot, I wonder how Pegula feels/behaves. Are GM Darcy Regier and Coach Lindy Ruff nervous?
August 23, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Kris, it just impacts a player's upside. Not his "prediction". A prospect who I think will get 35 points this year but has 65 upside, it changes to 35 and 80 in Pittsburgh. Doesn't impact prediction.

Parise - he is the driving force on that line. That would be like asking if a Chris Kunitz injury will impact Crosby. No

Ben Smith - noted. When I did the guide I did not see him having any impact or role, but I will take another look
August 23, 2011
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Kris said:

Don't make predictions based on line combos?? Dobber, I'm in complete agreement with this statment but in no way does it hold up to the way you rank your prospects. Pittsburgh prospects have been way overvalued on your list for ages based on the off chance that they might get to line up with Crosby or this not based on line combos or are you not putting this into the category of a 'prediction'?

August 23, 2011
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horrorfan said:

Zajac on Parise? Regarding your Parise projection, does Zajac out now for the early part of the season affect it in any way?
August 23, 2011
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lusshouse said:

Bolland and/or Kruger Sorry, meant Bolland/Kruger.
August 22, 2011
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lusshouse said:

Not sure if this is an omission Since you're looking at stuff to ramble about...

I'm going through the Guide as I'm preparing my draft list, and I noticed that Ben Smith (CHI) is not mentioned anywhere : not on lineup, not in the odd % of projected prospects.

I remember you saying something about his role depending on what they do with Bolland. I'd love to read more about this situation and/or see it printed in the guide.
August 22, 2011
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