Zajac is out for eight-to-10 weeks with a injury. A huge hole at center, and also a huge opportunity for Josefson to play a lot of minutes. Similar situation to Hodgson in Vancouver with the Kesler injury.


I also think this means we see Elias at center, at least for the duration of Zajac's injury.


The 2011-12 Guide is now out, and will be updated on a regular basis right into October. We’d always appreciate feedback. If you have questions or concerns, fire us an email at admin @


The latest and greatest from the Hockey Pool Geek – the Draft Guru. I have toyed around with this a bit –essentially it tells you exactly what player(s) you need to focus on, and you update it with each pick (it is a tool that you use before and during your drafts).


Make your top 10 fearless forecasts for this coming season!


If you want to be part of the random draw that invites about 50 people into the Entry Tier of our Hockey Pool, send Dobber an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with subject line "I want in!" and in the body - your first and last name. Oh, and  you have to have bought the Guide - he'll be checking!


The comments from Matt Bradley yesterday regarding Semin were surprisingly candid, but the content was spot on. Semin could be the best player in the league if he wanted to (or in the mix – his natural hockey talent is off the charts good), but he doesn’t care. He has the best shot in the game. He’s a big body, and he can fly up and down the ice. It isn’t a huge surprise that his game goes in the toilet when the intensity is cranked up and the ice becomes harder to earn.


Zach Bogosian has been a combined minus-45 over the past two seasons, after posting a plus-11 rating in his rookie season.


No time for summer audits this year, and I apologize. I was hoping to get to a few. However, I try and get one mailbag out per month, and I’ll usually have a 48 to 72 hour turnover on any email sent my way.


I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my Vegas draft preview – I am pretty excited for it. This is the same league I traded Stamkos/Shattenkirk/Lehtonen for Chara/Liles/Brodeur (ugly), but I have minimized the loss as much as I could with some recent trades.


Right now I have Lecavalier/Koivu the younger/Crosby/Ott as my centers. Ott was a top 10 center last year with our scoring categories, and obviously I’m banking a lot on a return from Sid.


I flipped Brodeur for Loui Eriksson, and my RW has the potential to be the best with Gaborik and Franzen (both Band-Aid boys, but Franzen was a top 10 RW and Gaborik just went from Christensen to Brad Richards as a line mate).


Chara has been the top defenseman in our league over the past few years, even with his decline in offensive production. The Stamkos trade still stings a lot, not only because of his upside, but because his value wasn’t fully maximized, and I hate selling low.


I could ramble about this league for a lot longer, so I’ll cut it short there.


I’ll have a 15 Points to Consider out before the end of the month as well. Aiming for next weekend.


The best wrist shot in the league:


One of the best two-way players of all time – a great video that brought back a lot of memories:

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derek said:

Tedenby If josefson ends up being a center does that open up space for Tedenby? Top 6 winger this year?
August 18, 2011
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Seth said:

Fast Tony DeNiro
Shot I'd suggest Pat Kane is at least in the conversation. He doesn't shoot as much as the other players mentioned, but he can flat out snipe. See the goal against Minnesota a couple years ago to see what I'm talking about. and
August 18, 2011
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ultrawhiteness said:

best shot have to add Kovalchuk to, right?

so... Semin, OV, Carter, Kovy (no order).
August 18, 2011
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TheRook said:

... Semin also knows how to play the bongos!

You have to add Carter to top 5 of wrist shots. For all the goals he scores he doesnt take many slap shots.
August 18, 2011
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Austin said:

... A few things....
Can you expand on Bogosian and his defensive troubles? I'm not trying to acquire him and I don't think he will mature as a player and that as Winnipeg gets better he will grow too...

Gotta admit the Stamkos trade is looking kinda ugly... I also am low on Chara. Big men in general in sports and life on average tend to wear down quicker then most. Nothing concrete on this but you have to go with your gut sometimes and I personally am doing what I believe to be a sell high on Chara in a couple of my leagues.

Everything else you have done seems to be good...
I applied for the entry tier and if getting the guide is a requirement I will buy it if I am chosen as soon as my internet connection allows!

Who do you think are the top 5 wrist shots in the league?

Semin. OV? I have seen some incredible snipes from kesler... Wicked shot.

I actually really think that Bradley's comments were more strategic in a good way then people seem to think. he waited until it wouldn't affect the team and create a split in the room. He also seemed fair and didn't seem to be on a "F you guys you should have resigned me now I am going to rant on everybody" instead he showed an understanding and praised the coach and Ovechkin and his statement seemed intelligent and candid not spiteful. Also it is fun for fans to hear this and gain an unusual insight into the NHL.
Personally I think the intent behind the comments was to see if he could light a fire under Semin. When someone that is your teammate for your whole career says these things in the manner that he did it is harder to just write them off. He wasn't emotional when he said it and did not seem to be vengeful. Instead of making the room weaker by bringing it up there or putting added pressure on the coach he took his comments to the public for a reason that not many do.
August 18, 2011
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