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Check this out - a solid breakdown on the 70 point player and why he shouldn’t be overrated. Some interesting discussion came about, and one point was made mentioning how the guide projects more people to hit 70+ points than there were last season in the NHL.


To me, projections will inherently be optimistic. Why? Two main reasons:


1) Injuries. We as prognosticators account for injury, but there are a lot that you would need a crystal ball to predict (Parise last season, for example).


2) Projections are done in a vacuum, to a degree. The point I am trying to make is that we often project numbers for players making assumptions (better linemates, power play time, that sort of thing). Not every player can get first power play time. Not every player can get top line minutes. However, ‘if’ (a dangerous word, I know) these were to happen, how would a player do?


At the end of the day projections aren’t gospel, but they do help. The more opinions you can get (which is the beauty of our Guide, as myself and Dobber don’t pull any punches on players we disagree about), is that you get a wide spectrum of thoughts on the same player.


Shea Weber – where does he end up? I think he’s gone from Nashville before the deadline. Some potential teams that may be interested (off the cuff):


Calgary – tons of cap space opening up, would need to clear for this season. Could offer Bartschi/Backlund+


Detroit – Lidstrom retiring after this season? Could offer a package involving a few of Smith, Tatar, Nyqvist, Jarnrkok. The Wings have a number of good prospects.


Edmonton – Eberle? Paajarvi? Oilers have cap space, but I think Weber wants to win above all. Edmonton isn’t there for another 3-4 years.


Long Island – lots of assets, read above regarding winning in the near future.


St. Louis – Blues could put together a really nice package as they are stacked up front. Closer to winning than Edmonton or Long Island.


Toronto – not sure they have the assets to acquire Weber. Kadri/Gardiner/Blacker? Not sure the Preds would want defensemen back.


Vancouver – hometown choice, close to winning, but may not have the assets. Canucks could flip Schneider for an asset and use that asset in the trade (similar to what the Blue Jays did in baseball to acquire Colby Rasmus from the Cardinals). Hodgson/Schroeder and a pick would be a starting point, as both players had disappointing 2010-11 seasons.


Why hasn’t Bryan McCabe signing anywhere yet? Does he want a two year deal? Hell, Ed Jovanovski is more beat up and broken down and he got a four year retirement contract from the Panthers. McCabe would help a lot of power plays around the league.


Band-Aid Boy of the future Brett Connolly injured himself yesterday. He fell into the boards at the Canadian Junior Team summer camp, landing awkwardly on his leg. No update yet.


Ignore the lack of sound – Shea Weber shows that a hockey net is no match for his slap shot.


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Trevor Czerwinski said:

Flying Polak
weber to L.A? L.A still has its cupboards packed with talent and with some getting ancious to play. Weber - Doughty would be killer on the PP and may be one of the final pieces for LA to make a run. I'm sure with some creative bookkeeping they could also make the cap space. If i was Nash and had to trade him i'd be looking to the East
August 05, 2011
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Nate said:

... Hows this:

Luongo to Nashville for Webber

Then Luongo to New Jersey for Parise.

August 05, 2011
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Rad64 said:

... Weber would look good in a Rangers or Boston uniform. smilies/smiley.gif
August 05, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... Vancouver could bring Weber in and dump Ballard. They have the cap space. A pipe dream, though, yes. I do agree with that.
August 05, 2011
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bball said:

... Seems like a bit of a pipe dream for Van to bring in Weber. They would have to clear some cap space and that would severely hurt their depth meaning that they would be that much further from winning. And if Nash is going to trade him, I would think that they would want someone that they could hold on to or significant prospects to bring into their system. Vancouver cannot offer that. Smart money is on Detroit doing what it takes to get him into their system. But I could also see StL making it happen as well as you have stated. And PLEASE don't get Dobbers hopes up for Toronto.....we will never hear the end of it. LOL
August 05, 2011
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dynamo45 said:

... What about a scenario that trades Schneider/Hodgson+ for Weber... saves Nashville a ton of money to re-sign Suter, and gives them options with Rinne...and Vancouver needs a guy like this. Schnieder/Hodgson+ is a better deal than the proposed Backlund/Bartchi+
or even Schnieder/Raymond+
August 05, 2011
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Mabus said:

Projections Scoring has been in a relatively tight range over the last 5 years. Of course there will be unexpected injuries hurting some projections, but there should be some unexpected healthy seasons as well so the totals balance. Regardless, your projected goals for the season should be between 6700 and 7100 if accuracy is the main goal of the projections.

August 05, 2011
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Ryan Van Horne said:

Weber possibilities If Weber wants to leave Nashville, it will be because he wants to go to a team that has a better chance of winning soon. You can cross off Toronto and Calgary. Edmonton and NYI are putting together impressive cores of talent, but are still a ways away. Weber would definitely anchor that. Vancouver and St. Louis are good bets, but I think the most likely option you mentioned is Detroit. They have the depth in their farm system and the allure as a franchise to land and keep a player like Weber.
August 05, 2011
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paul said:

... perhaps the main reason McCabe remains unsigned is that he is as slow as molasses out there ?
Helps on the powerplay, no doubt about that, but is a liability during even strength in this fans opinion anyway
August 05, 2011
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flaupmes said:

Weber As much as I would love to see Weber in the Flaming C, I am sad to admit that if winning a Cup is at the top of his wish list and not necessarily a huge payday, I dont think he would go to the Flames. He would have a better shot at a Cup with Edmonton and the plethora of young talent they have up and coming in the next few years than Calgary. But here's hoping. (We need a C more than anything though).
More realistically I think is the Detroit Red Wings snagging him away, but Nashville may wait to see if Detroit is indeed going back East after this year first as they would not want to see him 6 times a year. Anyone know when they decide that officially?

August 05, 2011
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Larry said:

Predators Nashville is in a bind next year- with both Suter and Rinne's contracts up (both UFA's)and both due for big raises, cant see how they keep all 3 and despite their plethora of dmen prospects-losing any of them for nothing is a huge blow.
Not sure how their going to fare with both Bouillon and Lebda pencilled in their top 6. Rinne could be in for a rough year.
August 05, 2011
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