Buy the Fantasy Guide here - it's out now! The Draft List will be available in xls form and will be released later this afternoon.


The Preseason Draft List is now available for Download. Sorry for the delay.


David Perron will not be ready for training camp. D'Agostini owners start to see a glimmer of promise.


Another translated interview over on Russian Prospects by our buddy Alessandro Seren Rosso. This one is with Vladimir Tarasenko. The summary: he plans to play just this year in Russia, but the interview doesn't come across as him being overly enthused to come over here. Not like some other Russians I've read about.


My THN column from yesterday - Canes, Hawks, Avs and Jackets.


The Shea Weber arbitration decision will come down today or tomorrow. The Preds were reportedly wanting $4.75 while Weber wanted $8.5. Let me guess - $7 million? Why do they bother going through the process and just cut to the chase – the decision is always in the middle and slightly skewed to the player.


Trent Hunter and Colin White cleared waivers and were bought out. Between that and the Rolston trade, the Devils have done it again! Now they have Parise locked up affordably for another year. White – 11 years with the team. It’s a business. I complain that GM’s show too much loyalty to players, needlessly re-signing them when they have replacements in the system. Well, here is a counter-point to that.


The Isles have re-signed Blake Comeau to a one-year deal at $2.5 million.


A documentary from 2005 featuring a 12-year-old chasing his dream of becoming a pro player. That 12-year-old’s name? Evgeny Kuznetsov.



Keep firing me YouTube clips!



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Woodrow said:

Princeton These "fluff" pieces by Alessandro Seren Rossa are simply translations of other people's work and NOT interviews by him. Sometimes these translations have a little bit more meat to them, and sometimes they don't... just so you know.
August 04, 2011
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Lukasz said:

... - shades of Bure...

Weber gets $7.5 mln. Also, Nashville has no state income tax.
August 03, 2011
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studley49 said:

Downloading THE GUIDE Hey Dobber - just so you know the numbering for downloading the Fantasy Guide is all ass-backwards.

"1) 2011/12 Fantasy Guide, with all the updates" maps to the draft list.
"2) 2011/12 Preseason Draft List" maps to the prospect report.
"3) 2011 Fantasy Prospect Report" maps to the real goods.

August 03, 2011
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Princeton said:

Tarasenko Alessandro Seren Rossa's interviews seem to be "fluff" pieces to me. I wish he would just ask the question everyone would like answered from the players he interviews. Vladamir are you for sure going to go to St. Louis next year? Or in Kuznetsov's case Washington. Not this wishy-washy s***.
August 03, 2011
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Larry said:

White/Hunter Both these players were solid contributors in the past, and still should have some productivity left, both have had injury issues of late ( I cant say Ive seen much of them play lately) but for those who have- have they got anything left to offer another team and if so-whose a good fit? White if healthy should be a good bottom pair dman/mentor for a younger prospect but does he have any gas left?
August 03, 2011
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lcbtd said:

@ David Goodburn After arbitration, Weber will be in a one year contract and a ufa after that. So, any team acquiring Weber would have to take that into consideration. They'd get from January to June to negotiate longer term though.

When it comes to the Oil though, they'd almost have to look at Weber as a one year player only as the chances of him committing long term to Edmonton would be slim to none and slim just left town. Weber doesn't want to go through the growing pains of another franchise and he's looking to go to a market that would offer a competitive team immediately.

That being said, I don't foresee Edm moving a guy like Eberle, one of their corner pieces, for one year of anybody, even Weber.

I see a bigger fit in Vancouver where the chance to return home (he's a BC boy) and immediate success and Stanley Cup aspirations are right there waiting for him. Vancouver also has the means to make that happen with a decent pipeline of prospects and a few scoring forwards Nashville could use.

August 03, 2011
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David Goodburn said:

Weber Should NSH choose to trade Weber whats his value and who can pay it?

As an Oiler fan I'd love to see him in Copper and Blue. At the very least I'd think the starting price would start with a guy like Eberle.
August 03, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Kuznetsov that was a pretty heavy documentary to watch with my breakfast. great documentary and it's makes me want to route for the kid to have a great career. great find!
August 03, 2011
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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Kuznetsov Vid Very interesting documentary you received there. Thanks for sharing thta.
August 03, 2011
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