Fantastic hire by the Devils in coach Peter DeBoer. Fits their system perfectly. From what I've seen, similar to Lemaire. The team will be closer to how they were in the last half of last season as opposed to the first half.


It's done. Steven Stamkos has signed for five years, cap hit of $7.5 million per year.


Andrew Cogliano has signed a three-year deal with the Ducks with a cap hit of about $2.5 million per season. With a big cap hit like that, you know that the Ducks will give him lots of ice time with quality linemates. If he fails, it will be his own fault (see O'Sullivan, Patrick) or because of injury (see Olesz, Rostislav). But he doesn't get hurt, he's an 82-game guy.


Osgood is retiring. Even the Detroit Free Press, who had reported that he would sign on for another year, is backtracking and now confirms that the announcement is about his retiring.


Colorado prospect Joey Hishon is still battling the effects of a concussion. As a center for a team that boasts four already, he was still a year off regardless.


Angus tweeted yesterday that he felt Michael Haley would be the next Konopka on the Island. That is to say, huge PIM. I tend to agree…


Five years ago yesterday, Garth Snow took over as GM of the Isles. And although things have moved slowly, I think he’s done a fantastic job. Quite possibly the best group of players under the age of 24 in the entire league: Okposo, Tavares, Grabner, Bailey, Cizikas, Petrov, Kabanov, Strome, Niederreiter, Poulin, Hamonic, Wishart, De Haan, Koskinen and Nelson. With a budget that is low enough that they can keep them all when/if they become stars. I know it took long, but it was done right. And I don’t think Isles fans have to suffer for too much longer.


Ottawa’s defense: Karlsson, Gonchar, Kuba, Phillips, Carkner… and there is no way in hell Rundblad doesn’t make this team. That leaves one spot, and I would give it to Cowen over Lee. So bye-bye Lee. Terribly disappointing at the pro level.


Word is that Alexei Yashin not only is unsigned in the KHL, but a team in the NHL has apparently offered him a contract. I posted my prediction for Yashin’s numbers next season right here.


Media conference call later today for Chris Osgood. Retiring? It should be. But it’s not. Back for another year, apparently. UPDATE: Some sources still claim he is retiring... I guess we won't know for sure until later today.


The Jets have re-signed Blake Wheeler for two more years. Cap hit of $2.55 million.


Ottawa’s top pick Mika Zibanejad highlights…




Keep firing me YouTube clips!


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Isle B. said:

Isle B.
Garth Snow I don't think Garth is as bad as he's made out to be by many, but I don't think he's done a fantastic job, either. Okposo was drafted during the month or so that Neil Smith was GM. As far as 1st round picks Snow has made, Tavares was a no-brainer. There were clearly better options available than Bailey, de Haan and maybe even Niederreiter, and this was apparent at the time and not just in hindsight. Those three picks could have easily been L Schenn, Kulikov and Fowler, which would be a pretty damn good defensive core for years to come. I think Strome is the only pick where Garth did particularly well (obviously this remains to be seen). Streit was a great free agent signing and Grabner and Moulson were outstanding finds. However, whether it's financial constraints or a lack of creativity or both, he has not been able to get this young team the kind of veteran support it needs to become a playoff contender. This summer, in particular, has been a tremendous disappointment on that front.
July 19, 2011
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YearOfTheFish said:

Brian Lee I would take Lee over Carkner right now. Lee actually played some pretty good hockey last year (defensively) ... Lee and Phillips were a money pairing at the end of the way."

Agreed. It's a good thing when you don't notice defencemen. Whenever I've gone to games and kept my eye out for him I found him to be a very non-flashy player that is, nevertheless, a very smart player in terms of positioning and makes a solid, if short, first pass (meanwhile Carkner is usually a turn-over machine). In hindsight Lee never filled out physically to be the NHL-er that he could be, which is unfortunate, as he does not have the balls-to-the-walls play of a Karlsson.
July 19, 2011
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shaun b said:

Andrew Cogliano He'll have to focus on shooting the puck a lot more.
July 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

... Haley has a contract, July 15th.
{feeling embarrassed} smilies/cry.gif
July 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

OK Well... your call.

Konopka was actually a pretty good C4 face-off man. OTT got him for $0.7m/yr.
Reasoner was signed as a replacement as their C4. NYI paying him at $1.35m/yr.
IMO - this says "We are done with the goonery. Let's play hockey."

L1: Moulson-Tavares-PAP (all signed)
L2: Grabner-Nielsen-Okposo (all signed)
L3: Comeau-Bailey-Neiderreiter
L4: M.Martin-Reasoner-T.Hunter (all signed)
Pine: Gillies (signed. The sub-in goon.)

Okposo & Trent Hunter missed significant time last year with injury.
Neiderreiter only played 9 games.

+Does Haley even have a contract?... pretty bold... (but I like bold!) smilies/wink.gif
Good luck.
July 19, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Pengwin, great points but one common thing that happens in the NHL: injuries. And for 50 man-games lost among forwards, that's 50 games Haley gets in. And that's about what I see - 50 games and 140+ PIM
July 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Haley Careful on the Haley prediction, consider a few things:

1. Per capgeek, the Isles currently have 10 forwards rostered w/salaries for '11-'12. Most teams carry 13-14 forwards on their active rosters. Bailey & Comeau are RFAs & locks for roster spots. And if you expect Neiderreiter to have a spot, that's #13.

2. The Isles have to start the season trying to win games... not goon it up. The big time goonery typically happens in the latter part of the year when bottom-feeder teams (like OTT, CBJ, NYI) are out of a playoff spot. They are selling tickets through entertainment/fights.

3. Haley had 39 of his 85 PIM in one game... his first game of 2011 vs. PIT. Haley fought three times that game including a fighting against Brent Johnson. ***Interesting that Haley got "called up for that game" on 2/11 - which occurred just 9 days after a slugfest with PIT on 2/2.*** NYI was out of any chance of a playoff spot by that time, and I would bet that the fans at least came out to see the fighting.

4. NYI may not feel that they need 3 enforcers. Gilles is still rostered and Matt Martin can at least put the puck in the net. With the departure of Konopka, who's really going to pick up the extra fights: 6'-3" Martin, 6'-3" Gilles, or 5'-10" Haley? I'm putting my money on Martin, who should at least dress for 60-80 games based on his hockey skills.
July 19, 2011
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Ed said:

Osgood Detroit Free Press has two articles about Osgood.

Retiring -

Another year -|Sports|s

I'm not sure if anyone knows until Osgood says something. - I'm going with retiring.
July 19, 2011
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... I would take Lee over Carkner right now. Lee actually played some pretty good hockey last year (defensively). He is no longer an offensive d-man like he was in high school (which brings me to another point - don't draft high schoolers...John Muckler and his staff were so dumb). Lee and Phillips were a money pairing at the end of the way. Carkner's role seems diminished with the arrival of Carkner and the one-way deal of Smith.

As of right now though, both Lee and Carkner are on the team, as they both have one-ways. There will be a trade before training camp though, most likely Kuba gone.
July 19, 2011
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Austin said:

Yashin I heard that NYI has signed him and are paying him for the next few seasons.

Oh wait. That was from his last contract?

They should sign him again.. Pretty good bang for your buck right?

And yes I don't think the hockey world has quite come to terms with the fact that the Islanders are going to be a force and possibly get somewhat far in the playoffs in the next four years. So will the Jets in my opinion assuming their GM/the owners are decent.

Another prediction. The Red Wings are going to miss the playoffs 3 of the next 7 years at least.
July 19, 2011
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Nate said:

talent Go to 3:24 in the Zibanejad video and watch the play he makes. This kid has RIDICULOUS upside.
July 19, 2011 | url
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DuklaNation said:

... You forgot Nino. Any GM that signs Yashin should be fired immediately.
July 19, 2011
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