Tough and surprising news for Dustin Jeffrey owners - he signed a two-way deal for this season, with it becoming a one-way deal next year. The guy is NHL ready. He has proven that he belongs...but this opens the door for an AHL demotion. Meanwhile, Pascal Dupuis, who isn't fit to tie Jeffrey's skates, is an NHLer. Yes, I'm a Jeffrey owner.


I figured that he would go, because he didn't fit in on any Edmonton lines. And now he's gone. Andrew Cogliano to the Ducks for a second rounder. Analysis to come this afternoon. Also, Ma's back with the Wild West


Cody Bass has signed with the Columbus organization. Oh, it's that time of year again...


Detroit has signed Joey MacDonald to be their No.3 goaltender for the next two seasons. Still hunting for a backup (and I think it will be Ty Conklin).


If I’m Mike Duco, rather than wussing out over comments said weeks ago, I would just go with it. Tweet something like “Just arrived in Vancouver. Time to show the Sedins when to hit the ice and make it look good” and then “kidding, of course. Can’t wait to meet two elite superstars”. You know? Own up to it, joke with it a bit, and then put it behind him.


The Sens have signed d-men Tim Conboy and Lee Sweatt to two-way contracts. Sweatt’s is for two years.


Washington prospect Cody Eakin is arriving in camp with the intention of making the team. Maybe, over Mathieu Perreault’s dead body!


Devils’ rearguard Matt Taormina’s surgically repaired left ankle is “holding up”, per the Star-Ledger.


Jeff Angus wrote his 10,000th post in the forum yesterday. He's the fourth to hit that milestone.


Speaking of forums - in case you figured that the DobberBaseball buzz would fade over time like all the other years...wrong! Still going strong over there, with several fresh posts in the forum every day and a handful of answers to each each thread. Any baseball questions, head over there and the gang will answer them - I even give my two cents if I feel qualified, which is surprisingly often!


Upper Deck  teaches these young players how to deal with different kinds of fans (tongue-in-cheek), including the fantasy hockey enthusiast who yells at Brayden Schenn…




Keep firing me YouTube clips!


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Speaker Damage said:

... Jeffrey is better offensively (if Dupuis' hands matched his speed and chances he'd be golden), but he's definitely not as good defensively. Dupuis has been a PK stalwart for years now and is the reason Crosby can cheat a bit when they're playing together. It's debatable as to who works harder - Dupuis is everywhere all the time.

Jeffrey does a little bit of everything well but nothing great. He really thinks the game well. I'm hoping he gets a real chance this season in the top 6. (fyi he's 23 now and won't be 25 until Feb '13)

Point taken on the Laich/Dupuis stats comparison, though Dupuis did have more goals last season despite getting about 2 minutes of PP time all season.

I've had season tickets for 5 years now so I'm not just coming out of left field with all of this.
July 12, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Jeffrey is better than Dupuis. He works harder. He is better offensively. He is better defensively. There were a handful of games where I have loved Dupuis' game, but far too many games where I have wondered where that skill/talent went. Jeffrey has nothing left to prove in the AHL.

The shine is right off of all Pittsburgh prospects. The organization has no interest in developing them for their hockey club.

I'm a staunch believer in bringing in a good prospect at 22 or 23, not 25 (which Jeffrey will be next year). Nashville does this too (Cal O'Reilly).

July 12, 2011
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sentium said:

... In what parallel universe has Pascal Dupuis EVER put up the same or better numbers compared to Brooks Laich?
July 12, 2011
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Speaker Damage said:

Jeffrey/Dupuis honestly, it's hard to find more value in a player than the Pens get with Dupuis. he signed for 1/3 less than Laich and puts up the same numbers (even more hits, which would surprise most) and can play anywhere in the lineup.

Jeffrey can get claimed on waivers so he's gonna be an NHL fixture after rehabbing his injury in the AHL early on.

obviously we know that Dupuis has very little fantasy value and can only assume that Jeffrey will at some point be a decent play (I'm thinking a valuable 45-55 point player), but at this point Dupuis is a much more important player for the Pens. Jeffrey will continue tying Dupers shoes until he proves something at the NHL level.
July 12, 2011
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Kris said:

Jeffrey the shine wearing off that Jeffrey man-crush yet? I feel that you're on an island on this one Dobbs. A two-way contract shouldn't be a big surprise.

I figure that chasing Pens prospects is a bit like smoking Radulov crack and I'm already hooked on that stuff smilies/cheesy.gif
July 12, 2011
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Nate said:

err that video was brutal... lol those poor players
July 12, 2011
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