Sean Kelly wins the Oakley’s shades and now he needs to contact me in order to get them!


Florida acquires prospect defenseman Keith Seabrook in a minor swap. The offensive rearguard had big WHL seasons, but has yet to translate that into the AHL. The Panthers acquired three players yesterday, I noted Shirokov and Esposito in the afternoon. Dale Tallon seems to be employing a classic fantasy strategy – shed himself of a few players who are more likely NHLers, but with minimal upside, and grabbing a few hail Mary’s with higher upside. My kind of strategy, really. Shirokov, by the way, is signed to play in the KHL this year and next, but the team hopes to get him here at some point.


The Panthers have also signed Ryan Carter to a two-way deal.


The Canes have signed Derek Joslin to a two-year deal. At this point, he is on their bottom pairing, but he does have modest upside in the long term.


The Sharks have come to terms with Benn Ferriero, as well as free agent Ben Guite.


If you are interested in when each player who filed goes to arbitration, Spector’s has it here.


Columbus has bolstered their farm team with one of the best minor leaguers out there in Martin St. Pierre. Not a bad guy to call up and have a cup of coffee on a scoring line, either.


The Wild have signed rearguard Mike Lundin.


Colorado has come to terms with both Kevin Porter and Ryan Wilson.


Anaheim has signed Jeff Deslauriers to a two-year deal, with the second year being one-way. Whether or not he has any fantasy impact would depend on Hiller’s recovery/rebound from vertigo.


Bruins – Cup montage. Keep sending in the clips, folks! It pads the ramblings during the dog days of summer…



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Anthony Lancione said:

Martin St.Pierre Dobbs, not only did Columbus pick up top minor leaguer Martin St.Pierre, but they also under the radar acquired arguably the Best AHLer over the past half decade in Alexandre Giroux (To 2 way deal). Love both moves!
July 11, 2011
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lusshouse said:

Lundin I own Lundin in a salary cap league. He was my reserve D.

Does he hold any kind of value in Minny? With Burns gone, could he see some limited PP time, or will that all go to youngsters like Scandella?
July 10, 2011
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Ryan said:

Sean Kelly Have you tried contacting him through faceboook? That would seem to make to most sense since that is the media on which he won the sunglasses. Hope he gets back to you soon!
July 10, 2011
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