This strikes me as Brian Burke caving - Clarke MacArthur gets two years, $6.5 million. I didn't think he'd top $3 million per. Did the Panthers influence this? Their crazy signings to get up to the salary floor is having a ripple effect, methinks.


There is an unconfirmed report from Darren Dreger that Keith Yandle has re-signed.


Tomas Kaberle has signed with the Hurricanes - analysis on that one up soon.


Congrats to Neil McWilliams, the winner of the DobberHockey Playoff Pool challenge. He wins a free custom jersey from Cool Hockey!


The Senators have signed Zenon Konopka to a contract.


If Ryan Johansen fails to make the Blue Jackets, in the fall, it may be because of this guy. Granted, Cam Atkinson is a winger and Johansen is a center, but assuming Matt Calvert is on the team I doubt they will go with three rookies (“almost” rookies, that is, since Calvert is not quite eligible). And since the center position is pretty full, Johansen may have to get there as a winger. Thus, it will be Atkinson vs. Johansen. Atkinson has done nothing but impress since coming out of college (and nearly winning the Hobey Baker). But sixth-round picks who are 5-9 have to work extra hard to get anywhere.


Anton Babchuk has re-signed with the Flames. He is the second-best offensive option back there, but probably won’t be treated accordingly, as the team will continue to treat Bouwmeester like he’s a Norris-winning 65-point player.


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There is no right answer to parity and a salary restraint. But I think the closest we can get is a very strong luxury tax with a lenient, but punishing floor. It’s simple. Set a cap of say $64.3 million just to pull a number out of the air randomly. For every dollar above that, a dollar gets taxed. At $10 million above the cap, the tax doubles. At $20 million above the cap, the tax triples.


Example: The Rangers (just to randomly select a team … out of the blue…completely random because we know the Rangers would never do this) bump the ol’ payroll to $88 million. They are taxed $41.1 million, which goes to the bottom-10 teams in terms of revenue, provided they fulfill whatever attendance figures are needed.


Then set a lower salary floor, and teams who slip below it lose a share of that pie (how much of the pie, would depend on how far below the salary floor they are).


Jakob Silfverberg has been far and away the best Ottawa prospect in Development Camp. But he is steadfast in his intention to return to Sweden this season. But he's one to stick in your pocket at the draft and hope he comes over for 2012-13.


And in case you had any doubts about David Rundblad making the squad this season, GM Bryan Murray puts your mind at ease.


Yann Danis may be an under-the-radar signing for the Oilers, but the rate Khabibulin gets hurt I think we'll see him. Remember, we saw Martin Gerber a couple times last year.


Actually, we saw Gerber three times and he went 3-0-0 with a 0.958 SP. I believe that when a goaltender does that, it doesn't matter if the other goalies are ready, you keep riding him. Maybe he was going to cost the Oilers Hopkins?


Here is a good breakdown of the Minnesota Wild depth chart, from Michael Russo.


In case you missed it, here is Part II of the Getzlaf vs. Ryan parody:




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Jeremy Wark said:

Big Mac Burke admitted weeks ago that he'd be willing to overpay on the basis of Mac being grossly underpaid last season.

The "average" contract has also gone up to near $3mil based on a $64.3 salary cap
July 05, 2011
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sansai said:

... It doesn't seem to me that MacArthur's salary was due to Florida inflation. Unless it's also due to Buffalo inflation. Are salaries up? seems like they are always up. But I'd rather have MacArthur at 2 years at 3.75 per, instead of Leino at 6 years at 4.5 per. Just saying. Both of them are just as likely to not eclipse last year's career totals.
July 05, 2011
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David said:

twitter feed I've never caught on to the twitter thing.

Now I find myself addicted to checking out the twitter feed on the dobber site.

July 05, 2011
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Reddawg said:

Yandle Dreger may not have "confirmed" the Yandle signing yet...but Ryan Whitney's twitter has a picture of Yandle putting pen to paper. I'm calling it
July 05, 2011
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DuklaNation said:

... Johansen will make the team, there should be little doubt. I see him forcing someone else to move over in the top 6.
July 05, 2011
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kevinsrangers said:

spend away id much rather see a team try buy the cup and have some players worth watching than these bottom feeders barely making the cap floor and dragging the quality of the nhl down so far that players are leaving for the khl.
July 05, 2011 | url
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Dobber said:

cap The first $10 million is only a 100% tax. The next $10 million is a 200% tax, etc.

The tax is so high and unfriendly that the Leafs and Rangers will never go to $100 million. But if they do, it helps the bottom teams out. We need to stop things like what Florida is doing - signing million dollar players for $3 million - just to reach the floor.

July 05, 2011
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... I applaud Silfverberg, but I do hope he reconsiders his decision. Murray is supposed to talk to him, if he already didn't, to try to convince him to play this year. He's redy for the NHL - everything he can learn in Sweden, he can learn here.
July 05, 2011
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Jason Laplante said:

Silfverberg.... I love Silfverberg's attitude.

In an era where a lot of players "think" they are ready for the NHL, and deserve to be on the big club without taking the next step in their development, Silfverberg actually wants to go back to Sweden for one more season to work on his skating and skills, so next year he will be ready.

Refreshing to see this.
July 05, 2011
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Jason said:

... Dobber,

Not to nit-pick, but can you show the math for that Rangers luxury tax example? I see the tax as dollar to dollar tax rate, so in that example the difference between 88 and 64.3 is 23.7 mil. So that puts you in the triple range, so shouldn't the tax be 71.1 (23.7 x 3) mil??
July 05, 2011
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Kevin said:

Proposed Cap Spoken like a true Leafs fan, the cap as is produced some of the most exciting hockey ever played and the parody in the league is amazing. I am sure that guys like Brian Burke and Glen Sather would love to be able to spend $150 million a year to try and "buy" a cup but I don't think anyone outside of Toronto or New York wants to see things go back to the way they were in the 90's (ie Bobby Holik making $10 million/season).
July 05, 2011
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