Goldie Says: My latest on looks at Luongo's crumbling confidence. Great deal for Reimer and his owners. I take a look at his potential next season as well.


One year and $3.25 million for Kostitsyn the elder in Montreal. Another 18-25 goal season filled with inconsistency - take that to the bank!


The Leafs have locked up James Reimer to a three year deal worth $1.8 million per. Solid contract for both sides. A potential steal for the Leafs if Reimer plays as well over the next three years as he did during his rookie season.


Thoughts on the game:


Is there a pro athlete who loves playing his sport more than Tim Thomas? Canucks are in very tough - I can't see Thomas losing two of his next three starts. He's inside the head of every single player on the Vancouver roster.


Brad Marchand was the best player on the ice - he was flying and dangling all game long. He needs to stay on the edge and not go over (end of the game, clothesline and low bridge), but right now he's having a Dave Bolland-like impact on the Sedin twins.


Dan Hamhuis injury hurts... a lot. Why? It forces Ehrhoff up. It forces Edler up. It forces Alberts up. And as we saw last night, it forces a very rusty Keith Ballard into a tough situation.


Ballard had a gritty game (quite a few blocked shots), but he handled the puck like a grenade. He's been handled abysmally by Vancouver this year - he should have been playing more down the stretch to ensure he wouldn't be rusty in important games (like game four...).


As per a solid source - Hamhuis is done for the series with a serious rib injury. Same source who has passed along solid info in the past.


Vancouver getting sucked back into the style of game that cost them the past two years against Chicago. They'll lose a physical battle with Boston 99 times out of 100. Boston is bigger, stronger, meaner, and tougher. Vancouver needs to get the PP figured out, and fast.


I tweeted before the game: "Peverley has been awesome all series long. He would be my choice for L1."


Great trade by the Bruins. Peverley doesn't have Blake Wheeler's size or pedigree, but he competes much harder and has been a seamless fit. He can play a variety of roles. I think his fantasy value has to be looking strong for next year and beyond with the liklihood that Savard is done.


Peverley is a legit top six forward, but Boston hasn't been playing him there due to fantastic depth.


Fantasy Prospects Report - buy it here.

Bryzgalov was apparently demanding the moon from Phoenix, prompting the Coyotes to trade him. I don't think he really intended to re-sign there, and both sides probably figured that out pretty quickly.

It is funny how the NHL works - it seems that each year whichever two teams are in the Final affect how the other 28 go about constructing their rosters during the summer.

Last year Leighton and Niemi were the two starters, and teams didn't spend much time/effort/money on goaltending. This year, Thomas/Luongo will undoubtedly change that.

Philadelphia has a few things to offer Bryzgalov that Phoenix didn't - the most important being long term security. Who knows if the Coyotes are still playing in Phoenix past 2011-12.

The Bryzgalov trade seemed to prompt Jeff Carter trade rumors. It was Toronto last week, and yesterday it was Columbus. Sure, his 11-year deal doesn't exactly scream 'cap flexibility', but Carter is a legitimate top line forward.

I don't see Philadelphia moving Carter before the likes of Vertseeg, Carle, Meszaros, or Hartnell.

A solid read on what may happen with Bobrovsky this summer, regardless of who the Flyers do/don't sign.

Back to the Coyotes... what do they do? A solid young core is in place. Do they take a run at a Jon Bernier or Cory Schneider? Phoenix could dangle Ekman-Larsson (unlikely) or Boedkker (slightly less unlikely). Perhaps they dip into the free agent market?

I think Vancouver is more likely than LA to hold on to their young 'tender. Why? The Canucks don't have a huge hole they need to fill, while the Kings desperately need a top line winger for Anze Kopitar. Bernier would be a huge trading chip.

Jonathan Quick's stellar 2010-11 season put a dagger in the heart of the Bernier>Quick people (I'll admit I had more than a toe in this camp last summer). Quick is a legit star goalie and he is just entering his prime.

It sounds like the Hurricanes may try Zac Dalpe and Jeff Skinner on a line together next season. The Hurricanes have a ton of cap space, but they will once again be a very, very young club.

Rome/Horton: I thought it was a late hit and deserved a suspension.

I am all for harsh penalties, just like I am all for calling obstruction. The name of the game is consistency. Hopefully Brendan Shanahan grasps this concept quickly. What happened under Campbell was a 'wheel of justice' system in which no sides (fans, players, management, owners) had a sound understanding of the reasons for/against suspensions and their respective lengths.

Murphy admitted that Horton's severe concussion weighed into the eqation. Again, as long as this is a consistent measure, I don't mind it. I just don't see how accurate it is. Say Horton bounces back up and finishes the game. What happens with Rome? Should it matter? Looking for opinions (civil) of course.

The whole headshot/concussion issue is simply a mess right now. The league needs to take owners/GMs/players/influential media and sit them in a room for a week and iron out a tangible system for measuring/evaluating punishment. Regardless of team allegiance, I think people can agree that consistency is key.


Is regulating equipment (softer padding) the next step?


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Man Not Puck said:

that is EXACTLY the difference.... This is no surprise to me. The NHL has been treating their players to a double standard for many years now. It's kinda sad that I don't expect much to change in the future either.

I used to think all players were equal. Some guy named Wayne came along and changed all that, and now apparently some players are more equal than others.

Really love hockey, but sometimes I hate the National Hockey League.
June 09, 2011
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Martin Cloutier said:

Rome on Horton vs Chara on Pacioretty I don't understand why Rome gets 4 games in the Stanley Cup final while Chara got nothing. Those 2 hits had a lot in common.

5 minutes for obstruction and out of the game. Check.
Late hit after the guy had passed the puck. Check.
Hit that would have been legal if they still had the puck. Check.
Hit resulting in severe injury. Check.

Can anybody explain the difference ? The only 2 things I can see are one is a Norris winner, the other isn't, or the league is just becoming more severe, now, in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
June 09, 2011
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Bender said:

Suspension The injury to Horton was unfortunate and hopefully he recovers. But other than the hit being late, it was a classic open ice hit. Do people really want solid open ice hits out of the game? Wasn't Horton's injury caused when his head hit the ice? I think that if he keeps his head up then he doesn't get hurt. The 5 minute major plus a game misconduct seemed excessive at the time, but I can understand it. A 1 game suspension would have been a lot considering this is the Stanley Cup Finals, but I can accept that too. 4 games is a joke. By the way, I'm a Flames fan who really wants to see the Canucks lose!
June 09, 2011
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David Goodburn said:

Bernier Angus

You think there is any chance the Oilers can get Bernier? They have a pretty decnet RW they can deal in Hemsky and not much in terms of goalies. Hemsky seems to fit well with Kopitar as a pass first RW for Kopitars score first mentality. I am not terribly sold on Deslauriers or Dubnyk as a full time starter.

There is also a bit of trade history with the teams from the deadline deal for Penner.

As an Oiler fan I'd love to see this happen but as an Oiler fan my judgment might be clouded as to Hemskyt's real world value.
June 09, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... Unless Bernier can play LW or RW, his value to LA means next to nothing. Quick is their man.
June 09, 2011
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Isle B. said:

Isle B.
... Re: Bernier to the Yotes

I can't see the Kings and Coyotes getting together and making a significant trade. They are direct competitors in the same division with almost identical records in each of the past two seasons. Plus, Bernier was signed to an extension that makes him affordable for the Kings to keep as a backup.
June 09, 2011
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Jaxx said:

suspension i agree it was worthy of a suspension. for those thinking that 4 games was excessive - you are thiniking ala colin campbell. would two games deter a similar hit from happening again? i don't think so. four games was fair. sure rome won't play anymore in the finals but neither will horton. a penalty is a penalty and when someone is carried off the ice, its is a significant penatly - 5 minutes and a game is not enough. a suspension was warranted.
June 09, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Solid Ramblings Enjoyed them very much today!
Good stuff.

Angus - if you have a good understanding of how the contract negotiations work for the Phoenix situation, I'd love to read them. Their GM obviously does the work - but owners typically have a good say in the high-end contracts and how much the team is allowed to spend. I assume that somebody (who?) tells Maloney "this is your team budget". Or somebody (who?) says to Maloney "you can spend to keep Yandle, but we can not afford Bryz and expect Labarbera to be our discounted #1 goalie".

I have no clue how this works with an NHL-owned team.
Do you?
June 09, 2011
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mike hess said:

Suspensions You can not measure required suspensions based on the severity of an injury. I think you can break them down into equipment, illegal hits, head hunting, head shots, blindside and speed of the game. Equiipment needs to be dealt with by the league. The slow the game down idea could be next if you can fix equipment, but has a negativge affect on the game. Head shot and blindside can be consistent regardless of severity to send the right message on that. The rest require a NHL wide discussion to get to consistency.

I think Rome was one second late and possibly a blindside, but was he also head hunting?; if his only purpose is to hit, no play on the puck, and that should not be a part of the game.
June 09, 2011
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PMain said:

Angus you're objectivity is impressive! Angus, I am impressed at how objective you are regarding the Stanley Cup Final
despite your allegiance to Vancouver...

"They'll lose a physical battle with Boston 99 times out of 100. Boston is bigger, stronger, meaner, and tougher. Vancouver needs to get the PP figured out, and fast."

Truer words were never written.

It's too bad that Boston has the 70% CDN roster and not Vancouver.

If the Sedins could ever get pissed off and wake up, the Nucks could win it.
June 09, 2011
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

... That hit was pretty ugly. We continue to talk about deterrents, however, we don't seem to be getting there too quickly. Continued crack downs are required for:
- head shots
- charging
- boarding
Cherry is correct in observing that the game has changed. I don't think going back to old shoulder pads will correct the problems. In this instance I want to think more like Nascar. They could have cars going 400 mph on the track, but don't want that. They figured out how to slow things down a bit! The NHL, is on similar track. A threshold has been crossed where the head is concerned. Thus, a slight slow down is what is truly required. This may be as simple as widening the skate blades by an eighth of an inch. Should this steal 10% of the speed, all of a sudden we'll see that the concussions go down a whole bunch. Using this theory on the Horton hit... speed wasn't the factor.
June 09, 2011
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SeaDawg said:

Boston forwards Boston is starting to remind me of Philadelphia, in a not so good way in terms of fantasy hockey. The Boston forwards don't have the same upside as Philly's, but Krejci, Bergeron, Horton, Lucic, Seguin, Peverley, Marchand, and Savard are all potentially fantasy-worthy players. Unfortunately there just isn't enough ice time to go around for them all to put up decent points so trying to decide which ones to draft in leagues is a tough call.
June 09, 2011
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Dobber said:

... I agree, fantastic ramblings Angus.
I think Philly will/should move Versteeg, Coburn (or Carle), AND Carter. If they sign Bryz, they'll need allll that cap space for the other signings, and trade deadline flexibility. I don't think the trading ends with Carter (or starts with him).

As for your point on goalies, and I think I saw Justin note the same thing - Thomas and Niemi were both brought in from out of nowhere (Europe) and Roloson was a backup until well into his 30s. So I think the teams in this league will still go with the cheap solution between the pipes unless they can get a sure thing - and there are only three of those coming up as free agents.
June 09, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

June 09, 2011
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Brayden said:

Suspension I don't believe we can take anything from the suspension. The series started off with the NHL letting Burrows off the hook and the whole thing seemed to snowball from there. They had a chance to send a message right off the bat and didn't. The way the two teams have played with a lack of discipline, you could see the league and referees losing control of this thing and Murphy simply looked at Rome as an easy target. Who is kidding who here? If Ryan Kesler threw that hit, there is no chance in hell he gets suspended four games.

Remember when Anaheim played Ottawa and Pronger attempted to decapitate McAmmond? That was a worse play than this in so many ways, but one game. Because it was Pronger. On the news the morning after the Rome suspension, they are talking about how the NHL is getting tough on head shots with this suspension, which means what the NHL has done is working on the media. They eat it right up but overlook the obvious. They haven't changed the rule, they simply punished a player that they knew no one would be up in arms about and even though it works to a degree on the media, you could see it had no impact on the players based on how game four finished.

Consistency is the key, as you said, but double-standards always have and always will exist and because of that, you will never find consistency in the way they suspend players.
June 09, 2011
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Larry said:

... The NHL totally blew the suspension/Rome situation. It was a late hit-less than a second late, the major penalty was more than enough. Murphy even said if it was a second earlier-its fine, and if its a second earlier Horton is still concussed. The suspension made zero sense (other than series/temperature management).The NHL has just contradicted itself once again.
As long as the play in question is a hockey play- ie not a suckerpunch/stickswing ala Simon or a skate stomp- then injury should not factor into it, only intent/attempt. Does Hedman get suspended 30games for the hit on Crosby?
If you base the punishment on injury- youre going to have guys faking more injuries. The sole purpose of penalties/supplemental discipline is to stop the act, this doesnt accomplish that at all. Punish the attempt (IE- Eager running Sedin from behind)so that the dangerous play is less likely to occurr. Sedin popped up, Eager didnt get suspended- so hes likely to do it again,but maybe the next victim doesnt get up.
Sad to say,but at this rate its only a matter of time before someone is paralyzed. Hell Chara broke a guys neck- and got zero!? games- whats to stop him from doing that again. And the way this series is going- it might not be far away. The NHL deserves every bit of bad press they get- not sure how they couldve screwed it up more. Did the Rome suspension really calm the mood down? After Marchands antics near the end of the game- the bullseye on him is almost as big as his nose.
June 09, 2011
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ultrawhiteness said:

brilliant rambling nuff said. no bias, bravo. totally agree on suspensions, Ballard, Tomas... all of it.
June 09, 2011
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Craig K said:

Suspension Rant Time I agree that the Rome hit was late and suspension worthy. However, I think most would agree that 4 games was beyond excessive considering the stakes. I'm in the 'they did it to send a message/PR move to counter the hard-to-watch outcome on the NHL's biggest stage' camp and I think it's going to come back to bite the NHL in the ass next season for multiple reasons:

1) They NEED to stay consistent (as Angus said), and I think they've set the bar way too high to allow themselves to do that. If what was otherwise (admittedly by Mike Murphy) a clean hit - except for lateness - gets 4 FINALS games, then what are they going to do when there is an true, lateral, blindside hit to the head (Yes, I the heard Holland/Blake and Rule 48 changes interview)? The starting point is now 8-10 regular season games.

b) Despite the obvious need to remove head shots and lower the concussion rate, the NHL is effectively saying headshot hits are a bigger crime than hits from behind. This is a huge issue, because if they under-punish the much more dangerous hit-from-behind, one day the worse case scenario will happen, and that's a hole the league will have a tough time digging out of.

c) They've also now set the precedent for 'eye for an eye' type punishment. This is the most slippery slope of all, especially considering the unknown nature of concussions (what if, for example, Horton miraculously makes it back for a game 7?). So not only do they now have to play the guessing game on injury severity the day after, they also will have to consider injuries for other actions (what if Seidenberg's two hander on Bieksa broke his ankle?).

I guess my point is: this only works if the NHL practices that holy grail of all, consistency; except they can't and won't because this was a knee-jerk PR play on their part and they didn't take the time to think of the long term consequences of their actions. That being said, they will now hide behind the 'new regime of Shanahan' excuse and claim to be blowing it up and starting from scratch. Of course, this is what the game plan should have been for after this past season anyways - but then what is the point of making an 'example' of Aaron Rome. Down the rabbit hole we go.

All I want are thought out, fair and just rules that apply punishment with consistency, not a patch work of band-aids that are wrung though the PR machine first.
June 09, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... praba - wrote these in the AM. smilies/smiley.gif
June 08, 2011
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Scott Parker said:

Sin Bin
... "I think Vancouver is more likely than LA to hold on to their young 'tender. Why? The Canucks don't have a huge hole they need to fill, while the Kings desperately need a top line winger for Anze Kopitar. Bernier would be a huge trading chip."

Varly & Semin for Bernier+?

June 08, 2011
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Seth said:

Fast Tony DeNiro
Thomas @David - I don't see anything wrong with the Thomas hit. He was in the blue paint, Sedin had touched the puck, and the hit was in the chest so no roughing. I understand what you say about if no one can hit a goalie why can a goalie hit someone, but it's a huge risk for a goalie to do something like that.

99.99999999999999> percent of the time a goalie doesn't take that risk because it leaves him completely out of position and a wide open net. That's why I don't mind it staying how it is, you pretty much never see something like that.
June 08, 2011
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David Goodburn said:

Suspensions I too really hope Shanahan gets a grip on the consistency with suspensions. I am all for things like repeat offenders and severity of injury factoring into the length. Its not like we don't take those things into account in our justice system so why not the NHL too. I'd love for Shanahan to review and start suspending for plays that aren't even called penalties during the game just to keep the message clear.

However, I think if Horton bounces back there is no suspension b/c it is the finals.

Another point on game 3, how can Thomas blatantly check Sedin. I think the rules on this need to be looked at. the NHL goes to extremes to protect goalies and rightly so but you can't protect them and then let them be an instigator. Note to Shawn thronton hitting a guy when you know he cant touch you without getting his clock cleaned is not tough its extreme sissy.
June 08, 2011
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praba said:

... ramblings while your nucks are playing during the finals? now that is commitment. thanks angus
June 08, 2011
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