Torontonians - looking for your vote/feedback on the possible date of an event. We will be celebrating the acquisition of Goalie Post sometime in mid-June and you're all invited to join myself (Dobber), Justin Goldman and Goalie Post's Jeff Hillen. I'm sure there will be a couple of other writers there as well (Anthony Lancione is in), but I can't confirm any until I confirm a date.


An underrated move - Ottawa has given Colin Greening a three-year, one-way deal. The one-way is a huge plus, as it gives Greening an immediate edge over those he will be competing with at camp for a roster spot.


Reminds me of the three-year, league minumum contract the Canucks gave to one Alex Burrows a few years ago...


The Ducks have signed Emerson Etem to an entry-level contract. Etem finished fifth in WHL scoring with 45 goals. He's a hometown kid who grew up in Long Beach, about an hour from Anaheim.


Great news for Chicago fans and Corey Crawford owners - he signed a three year extension with the Hawks. Crawford had a fantastic rookie season and was trending in the right direction. He saved his best hockey for the first round of the playoffs against Vancouver.


Not 100% confirmed yet, but sounds like Winnipeg is getting a team back. The Thrashers have reportedly been sold/are close to being sold to the Winnipeg based group.


The rumor is that Columbus would then slide into the Southeast Division, and the new Winnipeg team would play in the Central with Detroit/Chicago/Nashville/St. Louis.


Immediate thoughts:


Roberto Luongo must face Dustin Byfuglien four times a year. Atlanta/Winnipeg is a big and physical team - if they get good goaltending from Pavelec, they could surprise next season.


I think the first game between the Winnpeg team and the Coyotes will be a lot of fun to watch.


Tomas Kaberle played less than 13 minutes last night - last among Bruins defensemen.


David Krejci recorded his fourth game winner of the 2011 postseason against Tampa Bay last night.


The Bruins were absolutely stifling defensively - there was zero room in the neutral zone for Tampa Bay to operate.


A basic breakdown of the four Memorial Cup contenders.


The Prospects Report is two weeks away. Some teasers from previous years:




Ryan Johansen, C

The Portland Winterhawks are the WHL's next dynasty- well, for three years anyway, the lifespan of a CHL dynasty- and while most of the press has focused on 'El Nino' Niederreiter and nasty winger Brad Ross, 6'3, 195 lbs Johansen is the pivot all the offense runs through. Look no further than Portland's playoff scoring leaders- while Niederreiter had a perfectly acceptable post-season, Johansen led the team in both assists (12) and points (18).

A center from the Ryan O'Reilly school of slow feet, quick brain and great hustle, Johansen is a textbook case of late(r) development. After scoring just 17 points in 43 games in the BCHL in 2008-09, the former seventh round Bantam Draft pick worked hard and the rest eventually caught up. Johansen's knack for creating for room for his linemates has been mentioned several times in the media, and his ability to curl and keep the puck out of danger while waiting for a lane to open up is NHL-caliber. However, his quick shot has garnered little mention. He has the ability to get full torque and accuracy on a rolling puck and owns a wicked one-time blast perfect for power-play situations.

Potential: First-line center, 20-40-60, 100 PIM



Brayden McNabb, D

Scouting Report: Looking for that dark horse d-man who could be the next Shea Weber? Look no further than Brayden McNabb. The same height, about the same weight, and every bit just as imposing physically, McNabb had a remarkable year for a player many have pegged as simply a rough-and-tumble stay at home defenseman.


While McNabb does have mobility issues over longer distances and isn't the most skilled, he's a decent enough skater inzone. A lack of fancy puck skills doesn't hurt him, either; he knows where to put it, who to get it to and when to shoot. Altogether, it's an enticing package that both real and fantasy GMs will be hard-pressed to pass up.


Notable Numbers: Still think the Weber comparison is out to lunch? Look at his 18/19-year-old year: 60 GP, 12- 20-32, 126 PIM. Look similar?




James Reimer, G


So which do you put stock in? An improvement from a 2.81 GAA and 0.910 SV% to 2.66 and 0.912, or a playoff debut line of 3.88 goals-against and an 0.871 SV%? That's where the Leafs find themselves this offseason with James Reimer. An underage revelation last year for the Red Deer Rebels, it looked like all was well in Reimertown until the playoffs.


There, the WHL sophomore was ripped for 27 goals against in just seven games. Oh well. Being a Leaf, it's not like the playoffs are something he has to worry about anyw...WHOOPS! Another conversation. Anyway, at 6'3 and a hulking 208 pounds, there are few goalies who are as fast and as big at age 19 as Reimer. If you need a starter in about four years, go with him.


Potential: Above-average starter.


Not a bad call with the four years…. That would be 2011.


What a pass by Lucic - Krejci had about five minutes to put this one in:

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Aaron said:

Realignment I was hoping for more realigning than just that. I'd like to see the Aves or Canucks take the place of Dallas in the Pacific and also moving the Red Wings to the East.
May 20, 2011
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pull the goalie said:

pull the goalie
Central Division It won't be likely to get shuffled around by next year since they are also waiting to see what happens in Phoenix. It would make most sense to put the Wild in Central, and Winnipeg in NW. Get the old Norris division back together!
May 20, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

Angus if winnipeg gets a team for next year, they will stay in the southeast for at least next season, as the NHL has stated that it won't be able to redo the schedules in time.
May 20, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Sad Pengwin Bye bye live NHL hockey for Pengwin. smilies/sad.gif

Ah well, its been coming - my men's league hockey teammates have been speculating on this all season. One of the guys in my local friend-group hockey pool actually named his fantasy team "Winnipeg Thrashers 2012" PRIOR to the start of this season. (He's from Winnipeg, lived in Atlanta from 2001-2006, back to the 'Peg)

The Thrashers ownership (Atlanta Spirit) were just not hockey folk. Hockey was just dates filled on the Philips Arena calendar. Some people in the city really care about the team - but the truth is, that's maybe 3000 fans... not nearly enough.

I'm happy for Winnipeg - they deserve it. The dollar discrepancy just killed the Canadian markets ability to compete back in the 1990s. And, since it is the Thrasher franchise (instead of the Phoenix franchise) the speculation that this team will be the "Manitoba _______" is a little more reasonable.

Good luck to Winnipeg, my new 3rd favourite team!
May 20, 2011
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paul said:

... yes I stand corrected

I meant to say Toronto should get a 2nd club

color this american pink
May 20, 2011
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sheldon said:

... I thought Ontario had 2 clubs..... Weird.
May 20, 2011
Votes: -1

paul said:

... Fans across Canada should be thanking the NHL for putting teams in Atlanta. Every time they do so the Great White North gets a new franchise !

Hopefully Winnipeg gets their franchise right before the rapture.

Now if only Ontario can get a second club things will really look great. Gee maybe the islanders will move after the voters in Long Island cancel the atrocious bond up for approval in the next election cycle.
May 20, 2011
Votes: +1
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