Here is an interesting breakdown on Linus Omark - Copper and Blue is predicting over 50 points for him next season.


Vincent Lecavalier has 10 points in nine games now for TB after he scored the OT winner yesterday. Going back even further, Vinny has 27 points in his last 23 games.


With Simon Gagne sidelined, Teddy Purcell still saw only 11:49 of ice time. He’s being held back by this team and yet he is still posting points (he has eight of them in nine games now). His ice time ranked him ninth among forwards.


The Red Wings scratched vets Mike Modano and Kris Draper for yesterday’s contest. They also had Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg on the same line. This is something that Babcock experiments with every so often over the last few years.


I think the Filppula, Franzen and Hudler line is an excellent second line on paper. But Filppula and Hudler have suffered from what Angus terms “suckitis” all year long and Franzen is probably still playing hurt. Going by prior postseasons, after playing five games Franzen should have approximately 14 goals and 23 points.


I’m seeing a lot of pats on the back from experts (and wannabe experts) for going seven for eight or six for eight in predicting Round 1. Myself, I was 7-1 and can’t remember the last time I did so well. But let’s face it – the first round went pretty smoothly. No major upsets.  It was the easiest first round to predict in the last 20 years.


Buffalo prospect Zack Kassian, who is profiled in the Fantasy Prospects Report again this year, has been assigned to Portland for the playoffs. It will be his first experience with pro hockey.


In a remarkable coincidence, both Brandon Prust and Dan Girardi had unsuccessful surgeries. The latter was on a hernia, the former on a torn labrum. Oh wait, I read that wrong. The surgeries were successful, actually.


Jason Pominville could be out as long as six months. The skate that cut him damaged a tendon and he had surgery on it. He’ll be back between early September and early November.


Jochen Hecht missed the last portion of the season/playoffs with a concussion.


Tim Connolly suffered a sternum separation when he was shoved head first into the boards and he will need four to six weeks to recover.


Tampa Bay will not have their prospects play in the Traverse City tournament this year. I question the logic, but on the other hand I won’t question anything that Steve Yzerman does. Myself, I think all teams should have their prospects play in one tournament or another.


Antoine Vermette suffered a knee injury in the World Championship.


Simon Gagne wants to play in Game 3. I have more on him below.


Lecavalier’s OT winner – beauty pass up the ice by Jones:



Chris Pronger: Mean, Nasty and Tough…



You tell me – I don’t believe Gagne’s head hits the ice at all. I know Gord Miller says it right away, and every newspaper and online source picked up on his words and reports them, which were “bounces right off the ice”. But I think this was a whiplash thing – his neck wrenches quickly back and forth. Not that it isn’t any less serious than a concussion, since Gagne had neck problems in February and March and this no doubt made them worse, but I don’t believe the head hit the ice at all, or if it did it was very glancing. And you can get concussion symptoms from a neck injury too, from what I gather. I’ve played the hit at least 50 times, trying to pause it right on the spot…




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Brayden said:

Concussion from whiplash I can guarantee you right now Dobbs, you can get a concussion from whiplash. I had a bad one from a car accident in which my head hit nothing but just the force of the three-car rear-ender that hit me from behind caused some pretty serious damage. I've had problems with headaches, dizziness, depression, etc. you name it since then. The head doesn't need a direct impact for the brain to bounce off the skull, just having your head move in too sudden of a motion is all it takes.
May 02, 2011
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Mr Sausage said:

Modano I feel bad for Modano. Benched numerous times this season and now in the playoffs. I'm sure he feels he is not contributing to the team. This is not what he had envisioned when signing with Detroit. Quietly, we are watching a Hall of Famer who had a great career fade away with a whimper.

I hope he pulls the plug in the offseason. And after this season there is no reason why he wouldn't.
May 02, 2011
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Katharsis said:

Gagne Hit I pulled the video in HD and slowed it down frame by frame on both angles of the hit - his head definitely contacts the ice, but it's very hard to tell because of the white helmet just blending with the boards and the ice.
May 02, 2011
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

Gagne I will not be surprised that when the summer comes, that Gagne announces his retirement due to concussions...

They are coming too frequently and too easily for Simon. Things never heal to 100% again with this injury. The end is near. Too bad. Fantasy owners beware. Take what little you can get in return.
May 02, 2011
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mike hess said:

bball - San Jose Ramblings Great rambling bball...One other point I would make the power kill for San Jose was just awesome in the first two quarters. They were holding that blue line. The puck was just not getting into the offensive side.
May 02, 2011
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bogans said:

... Rangers fan here, thanks a lot for the pie in my shorts.
May 02, 2011
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SeaDawg said:

@Jaxx I think what Dobber is saying is that despite numerous series being close, in the end the so-called "favorite" won every series except the Anaheim/Nashville series. That was the only series I personally guessed wrong about, but I'm not really feeling too proud of myself because unlike most years there simply weren't a lot of upsets.
May 02, 2011
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Jaxx said:

1st round prognostications... ..Dobbs, the first round wasn't as easy as you think. Sure you were 7-1 ( I was 6-2, Pit & Ana). Four of the 8 series went the distance and anything can happen in a 7th game. SJ won in 6 games and 3 of the wins were in OT. Nashville wasn't a cinch either. Only Detroit and Washington were relative easy pics. But kudos for you and the 7-1 record. But it could easily have been 6-2 or 5-3......... just sayin'...... keep up the great work!!
May 02, 2011
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Ollie N said:

... seems pretty obvious that his head hit the ice to me, not surprised that it out him out as it looked a pretty hard blow to cause his head to whip back like that.
May 02, 2011
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Andrew K said:

Gagne - Second Impact (Concussion) I saw a concussion expert for a while after suffering my 8th concussion and he gave me a lot of valuable information.

I believe that Gagne suffered a first hit when his head went into the boards creating some brain swelling. It was then exacerbated when he hit his head a second time on the ice. I really think that's why he was so injured from the play.

This is common in ice hockey when two players collide for a check and one gets hit hard in the head and then hits his head on the ice. It's pretty scary and dangerous stuff.
May 02, 2011
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SeaDawg said:

Gagne It seems incredibly obvious to me that Gagne's head hit the ice. I thought that when I was watching the game and I still think that after watching the video. To me, his head clearly bounces off the ice. I know his head doesn't hit the ice first (I believe his shoulder hits the ice first), but then his head whiplashes back and bounces off the ice. So, he suffers both whiplash and a blow to the head.
May 02, 2011
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bball said:

SJ Sharks Ramblings Just to add a bit to the ramblings from a SJ Sharks perspective

The Detroit/SJ game was absolutely brutal and the second amazing game of this series. The two teams are evenly matched and either one could easily walk away with a series win even with SJ being up 2-0

The top line for SJ is starting to wake up a bit. Seto had his best game of the playoffs yesterday and he is really starting to hit people. When Seto gets physical on the ice, his play really takes a step up. He may not have shown up on the score sheet but he was a huge factor in the game chasing down pucks and going to the dirty areas.

Yesterday was the first time in as long as I can remember that I actually saw Heatley get off a decent slap shot. I honestly think he is hurt or something but he has not been the Heatley of even the last two years.

Neither the Wings nor the Sharks have any issue at all running top line against top line. And with Babcock able to get Datsyuk out to the faceoff dot at will
(24+ TOI), last line change advantage really goes out the window in Detroit.

I keep waiting for Zetterberg to show up in this series but so far, he has been rather pedestrian. Datsyuk and Howard have really been the two best players on the ice.

The officiating in this series has been atrocious. Not just for one team or the other but the inconsistency is mind boggling and the crap that these guys are getting away with on the ice.......well I believe it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. There were some absolute EPIC battles between Holmstrom and Boyle (yes, Dan Boyle is getting physical) in front of the net. If it is not Holmstrom, it is Bertuzzi or Franzen. If it is not Boyle, it is Murray or Wallin. Regardless, cross-checks to the back of the head in front of the official when the whistle blows have got to stop.

The Sharks are giving Howard a ton of snow showers. He says that they are not getting to him but the slash across the ankle of Joe Thornton after the whistle (not called even though the ref literally watched him do it and had a linesmen jump in to pull Joe away) tends to tell me otherwise.

Detroit is ready to be back home in the friendly confines of the Joe. This next game is going to be HUGE.
May 02, 2011
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