Another day, another Philadelphia goalie swap. Brian Boucher was pulled after giving up five goals on 23 shots – Sergei Bobrovsky came in and stopped eight of 10. Meanwhile, Mike Leighton has an LBI and Johan Backlund is now the No.3 option. I don’t blame the coach for this mess, as Don Cherry seemed to hint. Laviolette has done what he can to keep stability in net – he’s leaving them in, but they just start getting torched every once in awhile and he has to put someone in. Not a lot of room for error. No, in this I would blame the GM. But the only real mistake made was not completely checking and re-checking the health of Leighton before re-signing him.  I don’t question signing the talent – as I said here, Leighton is 25-10-2 on the Flyers. But I question the team getting duped when he hid his injury.


So what does/can the team do next season? Leighton and Bobrovsky are both signed. Cap space is currently filled if the salary cap stays the same for next year. If it goes up by $2 million, they’ll use that to re-sign Ville Leino and then add a cheap defenseman for the salary minimum.  Unless they can get Kimmo Timonen, Daniel Briere or Braydon Coburn off the books, they can’t afford going after a Bryzgalov or Vokoun. So what WILL they do? I think they roll with Bobrovsky and Leighton. If the latter is healthy, I think the situation will turn out okay. If not, then they’re in trouble again.


David Krejci – you gotta love those players who manage one point in seven games (10, if you go back to the regular season), and then suddenly have a four-point game.


I think the Bruins really wanted to pigeonhole Brad Marchand as a third-liner, but he won’t let them. Did you know that he did not see at least 17 minutes of ice time in back-to-back games until March 27? He has eight points in eight playoff games and is a plus-7. I think next year he takes another step forward as Claude Julien realizes that he’s a better fit for the second line.


Before Vancouver fans start pumping their fists over the return of Roberto Luongo and how he’s stopped 64 of 66 shots in this series so far, take a look at the quality of the shots (and shooters, for that matter). The Blackhawks got in tight on him 10 times as often as the Preds are. Perimeter shots are much easier to kick away. And while Nashville may have seven or eight snipers who you would give a seven out of 10…they have no 10-out-of-10 snipers like the Hawks have. I don’t think Luongo is back at all. He’s adequate, nothing more. And if the Canucks want to play the “let’s-hold-the-other-team-to-one-goal” game, then more often than not the Preds will win. But the Canucks won’t open it up because I think deep down they know that Luongo is not the superstar that he was in Florida or his first year in Vancouver.


At no point in the regular season was Henrik Sedin held to just five points in any nine-game span, but he has five points in nine playoff games right now.


Martin Erat was back in the lineup and played 28:38, assisting on the tying goal. JP Dumont was a healthy scratch. Colin Wilson and Cal O’Reilly continue to be scratched.


Ryan Ellis has joined the Milwaukee Admirals for some playoff action.


Marc-Antoine Pouliot was among the three players recalled by the Lightning. I’m sure he replaces Simon Gagne in the lineup.


Rinne magic:



Did anyone see this? Funny costume…



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James Smith said:

Leighton/Give it up Dobber,

We all know you made overly optimistic predictions about Leighton in your pre-season fantasy report this year.

It's been amusing watching you make excuses/justify/explain all year long in your rants/articles as to why your prediction didn't pan out.

You are pretty much the only fantasy hockey "expert" I know who thinks Leighton is a "quality nhl starter".

Give it up. We've all seen with our own two eyes what kind of goalie he is. "Quality" is not the word 99% of us would use.
May 01, 2011
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Will said:

We're keeping Schneider Nope.

You guys can have Luongo for nothing, but the Canucks should and must keep Schneider.
May 01, 2011
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aj said:

Luongo/ Schneider Luongo/Schneider
I've also noticed how lethargic he is after a save that he's had to go down for. It takes him a while to get up, even if the play is still around the net. It seems like it takes every ounce of strength for him to get up and start over, anybody else see this? (GOLDIE PERHAPS) He's been doing just enough to win but just enough to loose as well.
Schneider would be a good fit for Philly for that matter NYI and TB would be a nice fit as well. I can't see them trading him to a team in the west.
May 01, 2011
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Will said:

Luongo licks Canucks fan here.

How about Luongo to Philly for free?

Luongo sucks balls and the criticism of him is deserved.

Have you seen the way he pumps out rebounds like a tennis ball machine??

And mentally, he's as fragile as an egg shell.
May 01, 2011
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Austin said:

Philly possible solution Why not schneider?

Schneider and Samuellson for Carter and a third.
May 01, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

pretty harsh criticism of luongo give his stellar year and the fact that he won a lot of pools for a lot of managers.
May 01, 2011
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Rusty Pickles said:

Rusty Pickles
Flyers goalies/cap/trades 1) Emery wouldn't surprise me
2) Upgrade Hickey slightly and you got a deal
3) Doubt they throw Backlund out there
4) Fzusher, I like how you think...
5) The obvious trade candidate you missed is Versteeg. He's a rental, but has a year under contract. If he looks good in the playoffs there should be a level of interest.
May 01, 2011
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Larry said:

the Nucks Luongo isnt the issue with the Nucks, its the Sedins- who along with Samuelsson have disappeared. Sammy hasnt been healthy all year-so thats not really a surprise,but the Sedins still seem more interested in putting together a highlight reel rather than winning games.Their play in their own end has been brutal, and they cant seem to put the puck in the net- or sustain any pressure (they were decent in the overtimes though).

The late goal (which was lucky) against is concerning, not sure if its the Nucks letting up-but its something that happened far too often during this season. Luongo mustve lost 3 or 4 shutout bids in the last 2 minutes this year.

Their inability to put teams away is another big concern. All this extra icetime is going to take its toll.
May 01, 2011
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fzusher said:

philly's goalie solution You are all overlooking the obvious solution smilies/grin.gif

There's this team called the Isles, sitting on a veteran starter with a one-year 0.700M contract whom they don't really need and pretty much said they'd shop, and who'd be the perfect mentor to young Bobrovsky - both Russians who arrived in North America at 22, and Bob should have a similar build once he bulks up (I'll leave it to Goldie to assess similarities in skill, style, etc.).

Nabokov's 0.700M price tag should make him interesting to a few teams in the summer, so he won't come at a trade value discount, but he should be within Philly's means the way they've been throwing picks around lately.

On second thought, with the Isles currently sitting at 31.8M committed to 16 players (Bailey, Okposo, Grabner, Comeau, Hillen the significant RFAs, and Konopka the only UFA worth resigning assuming they won't have interest in bringing Weight and Martinek back), they actually would need a bit of cap to reach the floor. Holmgren could clear a bit of cap in the process here as well (Coburn as a Martinek replacement on the Isles, for Nabby as cheap starter and mentor, with saved 2.5M cap used to bring in a replacement no. 5 D via FA/trade?).

May 01, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

Backlund? At this point, why not give Backlund a shot in net? What is the worst that can happen? It might send an unspoken signal to the team to tighten up their game a little more and buckle down. I think at this point you have to give him a try b/c nothing else seems to be working long term in net.
May 01, 2011
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Kevin said:

Philly Conundrum Maybe LA can help solve some of Philly's cap/goalie issues? Bernier is waiting in the wings but it doesn't look like Quick is willing to give up the #1 role for the Kings so maybe so sort of deal can be made...

Bernier and Hickey for Carter?
May 01, 2011
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MT319 said:

... I vote they go Ray Emery round 2 next season with Bobrovsky as their backup
May 01, 2011
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