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Quick breakdown of my series predictions:


WSH in 4 - Tampa Bay has a great goaltender, but their defense is too slow to contain Washington's deep attack. The Bolts barely survived against a decimated Penguins squad.


BOS in 7 - I don't like Boston's offense, but I like it better than Brian Boucher. Flip a coin here. Philly could take the series over if Tim Thomas doesn't shine.


VAN in 7 - If Luongo plays as well as Rinne, I like Vancouver's chances. Nashville needs a big series from the Klein defensive pairing.


DET in 7 - Went safe with all the game seven picks. Another series tough to call. San Jose's lack of depth on defense scares me against the Wings, even if Zetterberg isn't 100%.


James van Riemsdyk led all NHL players in shots on goal in the first round (43). He was probably Philadelphia's best forward as well. We could be witnessing his coming out party.


Dobber: The Fantasy Prospects Report is now available for presale. I've also set up this year's Keeper League Fantasy Pack and the 'C' version of the Ultimate Fantasy Pack. As I pound through this FPR, I'm getting pretty pumped - not only are we doing 10% more prospects, and not only are we incorporating my new 3YP projection stat... but with two more writers on board, the opinions get more focused and to me that's a good thing.


The panel's picks for Round 2 will be posted later on this morning.


Dallas first rounder and blue chip goalie prospect Jack Campbell was absolutely ventilated in the OHL playoffs last night, allowing 10 goals on 35 shots. Why was he left in there?


Dwayne Roloson does it again – 36 saves for the shutout in game seven. Doesn’t get any more clutch than that. He wasn’t facing Pittsburgh’s top guns, but they still have some talent and Roloson absolutely slammed the door shut. He has Washington’s number too, so it should be interesting to see if he can steal a game or two for the Bolts.


Norris nominations – Weber, Lidstrom, and Chara. I would have included Yandle and Visnovsky over Chara and Weber, but that may just be me. I love Weber (both in fantasy and real life), but he isn’t even the best defenseman on his team many nights. He’s bigger, stronger, and better offensively than Suter, but I like Suter’s positioning and consistency more.


I absolutely love PK Subban. He oozes individuality (in a good way). He was all over the ice last night – diving for loose pucks, scoring a huge goal, delivering massive hits, and skating miles and miles. He is already Montreal’s best defenseman (and arguably best skater)… the upside is immense. It is going to be a lot of fun watching him develop.


Question my friend posed to me this week – if you could build a team around one defenseman right now (age, salary both count), who would it be? My choice – Drew Doughty.


Manitoba goalie Eddie Lack carried the Moose past the Lake Erie Monsters in the first round. He leads all AHL goalies with a dazzling .940 save percentage. The Monsters were heavily favoured as they had their full attack while the Moose were missing Hodgson and Oreskovich, who are up with the Canucks.


WHL playoff update – the Kootenay Ice have won 10 straight games, led by Cody Eakin. Eakin has been arguably the best player through the first two rounds in the entire league. Eakin is a 3rd round pick of the Capitals back in 2009.


Another Ice player to keep an eye on – Sabres prospect defenseman Brayden McNabb. McNabb is 6’4”, well over 200 pounds, and is having an offensive season to remember. He scored 22 goals and recorded 72 points in the regular season, and has 18 points through 13 playoff games.


McNabb has averaged well over 100 PIM in his last three seasons as well. A potential multi-category filler from the defensive position? Keep an eye on him if you aren’t already.


Ice forward Max Reinhart scored five goals last night (including two consecutive SHG). The Ice won 7-2 and are moving on to the next round.


Lack has gone from unknown to one of the best goaltending prospects in the world in less than a calendar year. He’s still behind Luongo (and Schneider, for now), but if he keeps improving the Canucks will have another valuable trading asset.


If Schneider is traded this summer (50/50 to me), Lack could be backing up Luongo next season. Sticking with Schneider – Philadelphia and Tampa Bay are the two most logical destinations to me. I don’t think the Canucks want to keep him in the West, or I’d toss Colorado in there as well.


Amazing how one goal can change so much. I wonder what the papers would have written about Roberto Luongo had Burrows not scored here?


Shades of Steckel on Crosby…. Andrew Ference with a very bizarre hit on Jeff Halpern. Not surprisingly the concussion protocol wasn’t followed. For the rules to be effective, the players have to take responsibility for their own safety. The league can only do so much:

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duducks said:

Ference wow, no suspension. Can we start the bashing of Campbell, and how someone with a son in the league shouldn't be the disciplinarian?

Intent is clear, it's away from the play, I don't get how there wasn't a 1 game suspension here.
April 28, 2011
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Anze said:

Ference on Halpern Mark

you must be blind, or a Bruins fan, and frankly probably both. Ference makes a lateral move with his shoulder to hit Halpern's head. Look at the replay again. It should have been a penalty, but nobody saw it since it was way behind the play. Dirty and cheap, classless like the Bruins are.

I must say that the Lucic hit could've been a 2 minute, he was punished more severely because of his size, but that's not Lucic fault.
April 28, 2011
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Nate said:

Schneider If Luongo doesn't come through this year I think you'll see Schneider re-signed and given the opportunity to "steal" the starting job.

Should Luongo post solid number for the rest of the way, then why wouldn't Edmonton or Winnipeg/Phoenix be just as likely of destinations?
April 28, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

CONCUSSION PROTOCOL "Not surprisingly the concussion protocol wasn’t followed. For the rules to be effective, the players have to take responsibility for their own safety. The league can only do so much"

Should read "Not surprisingly, the league (GMs in this case) failed to address the issue and instead came up w/an idea to better manage the problem when (NOT IF) it happens." Why treat the symptom rather than the disease? Penalize headshots, don't try and perfect how to handle them. And if a player is going to intentionally skate into a player's elbow or shoulder or put himself in to a position to get checked from behind or boarded and draw a penalty, that will then have the league look at that too. Intent is eventually going to have to be factored in, plain and simple.
April 28, 2011
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Massimo Cinelli said:

JVR He's definitely having a solid playoff performance so far, but I think it's a stretch to say he's been the best forward for Philly. I put him third on that front. Giroux, for me, has been far and away the best... possibly the best playoff performer, period, so far. I know last playoffs was a coming out party for him of sorts, but I think this playoffs will be when he explodes onto the list of mainstream "names" in the hockey world. He's absolutely dominant in every aspect, buzzing all over the ice at all times. Second in the league with 9 points in 7 games, 6 takeaways... he's doing it all, and is always noticeable on the ice. He's also playing with a bit of an edge, which I don't remember seeing before from him... definitely see a little Peter Forsberg in his game.

And we can't forget about Briere... six goals in seven games is pretty darn good!
April 28, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

Norris trophy All those discussions about Norris are the most interesting ones this year. You would not include Chara and Weber among nominated. Your colleague Elliotte Friedman considered his vote between those two - Weber and Chara and he decided to vote for Weber. You are right about Suter being formidable and you sure remember the times around november when Nashville played without Suter..i would vote for Yandle.
April 28, 2011
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Jason Banks said:

Jack Campbell... Blue Chip? Can we get that tag off him already... Honestly he's not that great... I pitty anyone who drafted him last year at the start of the season, who traded for him or is interested in aquireing him...

He's throw on the Top Major Junion team in Canada, He posts a winning reccord (24-1smilies/cool.gif on a pretty Elite team... yet 3.80 GAA? .884 SV%?

Even outside that 10 goal explosion... he still only had a 3.38 GAA and 0.898 SV% in the playoffs before last night... and that is the 7th of 18 playoff games he allowed 5 or more goals agaisnt...

Troy Passingham (a goalie with zero future) and John Cullen both out played Campbell in the regular season... Cullen by miles...

Windsor scored 280 goals good for 4th most in the OHL, yet because of Campbell was only 8th in Standings...

Altho Windsor won the Memorial Cup twice before with BAD goalies, Andrew "Red Light" Engelage and Philipp Grubauer, Jack Campbell's useless-ness is actually normal for that organization...

PLEASE!!! Dobber, Jeff and Justin Goldman... Take the Elite distinction off him... he is Justin Pogge 2.0 except he's already blown it before leaving Jr.

If your looking at Dallas Stars future its Richard Bachman or Tyler Beskorowany as thier best options...
April 28, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

Subban also made a lot of rookie mistakes last night He looked nervous early on and was actually sat down for stretches of the third period.
April 28, 2011
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mick said:

... Good Ramblings this morning!!

In a way I wish the knucks would trade Lou and keep Schneider, free up the salary to sign erhoff and Bieksa.

But that opinion could change in the few weeks.
April 28, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Good Stuff Another great rambling. Lots of excellent information. Nothing starts my morning like the rambling on DobberHockey. You guys have something special going here! Keep it up.

Semi-hockey related Pengwin7 rambling for the day.
In school once, I had a teacher prepare us for the following exercise:
*Pick five people you really like or admire.
*Create a list with three words that YOU feel best describe each of those persons
*Create a list with three words that OTHERS feel best describe each of those persons
When you are finished, you are supposed to be looking at a list that 1) Describes the person you feel you are or want to be and 2) Describes the way that others see you or will see you.

It is a very interesting exercise.

Sometimes I do it with my favourite hockey players: Iginla, Tkachuk, Mike Richards, Lidstrom, Modano.
April 28, 2011
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Dobber said:

Subban He's great, isn't he? After last night he shot up to 2nd on my favorite player list behind Sid. Man I love watching hockey games with him in it. And he means so much to that team, too.
April 28, 2011
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hockey said:

ference Ference may have just thought that halpern was going for an extra bump of his own and "defended" himself. maybe not. should halpern have been aware of ference? Montreal fans preached awareness during the chara incident.

Lot of suspension talk.. its getting me worried about the state of the league: this is the playoffs and we've been talking suspension every other game it seems, whats changed? more cheap shots?, being more protective of the players? or players depending on the rules (rather than caution) to keep them safe? other?

are suspensions even helping?
April 28, 2011
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Larry said:

Ference Watch it again, Ference changes his line, comes almost to a complete stop and leans into Halpern- he didnt have to move far-but it was definately intentional.
April 28, 2011
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Mark McAuley said:

Halpern Ference didn't hit Halpern, he just skated in a straight line. Halpern wasn't paying attention and ran into Ference - you'll see him looking down the ice. I'm heavily in favour of big suspensions and fines for dirty hits, but this isn't dirty and is self-inflicted. It's the same with Spacek - why did he turn and face the boards at the last second? A clean shoulder-to-shoulder hit can quickly turn nasty if the player by the boards suddenly puts himself in a vulnerable position.
April 28, 2011
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Larry said:

NESN sux The Boston announcers are terrible. This kind of hit has not been happening all series.IMHO-Ference should get a small suspension- the only purpose of this hit is to hurt Halpern, and its a blindside hit to the head. absolutely moronic hit. If Boston continues to take stupid penalties-it will cost them games.
The announcers call on the Kelly goal was embarassingly bad- all over Hamrlik for diving ie- he chose to dive one to many times, he picked a bad time to dive.... or maybe the Kelly stick to the throat might have something to do with him down on the ice. Couldnt be bigger homers. Not to mention the puck was knocked down with a bruins highstick on the same play. Bruins were lucky to get by the Habs.
Price and Subban were fantastic- the goal by Subban was a blur!
April 28, 2011
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