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The two Mikes - Green and Knuble - were back in practice for the Caps yesterday.


Ryan Ellis was named OHL's outstanding defenseman for the second year in a row, joining Tyson Barrie for that distinction (Barrie won the WHL's version for the second time recently).


Johan Franzen is skating, but not practicing. He still plans to be ready for Game 1, but that is in doubt.


Dennis Wideman was back skating, but had to leave because of lightheadedness. I would guess he is several games away from returning yet...


With Hershey eliminated from the playoffs, the Caps have recalled some players - including Braden Holtby and Mathieu Perreault. The latter had six points in six AHL playoff games and looks to have found his confidence again.


Martin Erat was back in practice for the Preds. Cal O'Reilly was not, having "tweaked his lower body". O'Reilly has yet to play anyway.


Interesting - Doug Gilmour is now the GM of the Kingston Frontenacs, and Todd Gill has been hired as the head coach.


Teemu Selanne on when he will decide on his retirement:

I try to use (July 1). It would be best for everybody if I know sooner than later. There is no pressure. I go back to Finland in mid-June

Selanne on if he would be at peace ending his career with a loss like that:

Yeah, I think so. I try to play like I left everything there. That is how you should play any way, in every season. You can’t just win the Stanley Cup every year and just make a decision that now it is time. That would be awesome, but it doesn’t work like that. I really believe that we had enough tools to go further. We lost to a great hockey team. They played well.

Full interview here.



As I said, the Sabres just weren’t bringing it. You could watch Game 6 for two minutes, and immediately tell anyone who would listen that they were toast.


Corey Crawford lost his first playoff series, but his 0.927 save percentage is probably enough to earn him the starting job next season. But he can’t raise his price tag the way Niemi did last year. The Hawks don’t have a lot of money, so he’ll need to keep it under $2 million for sure. CC is an RFA this summer.


With two series left to decide in a Game 7, here are the top scorers of players who were eliminated (so far):


  1. Perry 6-2-6-8
  2. Selanne 6-6-1-7
  3. Gragnani 7-1-6-7
  4. Koivu 6-1-6-7
  5. Keith 6-3-3-6
  6. Bolland 4-2-4-6
  7. Getzlaf 6-2-4-6
  8. Hossa 7-2-4-6
  9. Kane 7-1-5-6
  10. Myers 7-1-5-6


Cammalleri and Giroux lead the league with nine points, St. Louis has eight and Briere has seven. Kudos to Myers for being one of the only Sabres to bring it in the last two games. In fact, all six of his points came in the last three games – right after I called him out for being a liability.


Gragnani’s seven points in seven games secures his spot on the Buffalo roster in the fall. Unless they Lonny Bohonos him out of the league, that is. But he should be safe.


My THN article on 10 playoff performances that impact fantasy strategy this summer.


Henrik Sedin has managed just five points and is minus-4 after the seven games.


I think Brian Bickell’s absence hurt the Hawks more than you think. Bolland and Frolik need his size on their line for it to work.


Derek Roy was back in the lineup for the Sabres. He earned an assist on the meaningless Brad Boyes goal.


Nice of Boyes to show up, by the way. Pointless in 6.9 games of the seven-game series, he scores in the final few minutes of a 5-1 game to make it 5-2.


Giving the Canucks a penalty shot in a Game 7! Man, the refereeing is so biased! (Just razzing ya, Vancouver fans)


The eight teams who move on in the AHL: Montreal’s affiliate Hamilton, Manitoba (Vancouver), Milwaukee (Nashville), Houston (Minnesota), Portland (Buffalo), Binghamton (Ottawa), Wilkes/Barre (Pittsburgh), Charlotte (Carolina)


And seriously, why do Norfolk and Milwaukee have the same nickname? Do they think they’re in the CFL?


Top AHL scorer is Ryan Potulny, who has 14 points in seven games and continues to get the NHL shaft. His NHL stints have been better than most players breaking into the league. Whose corn flakes did he crap in, anyway?


Who wants it more than Jonathan Toews?



Campoli the giveaway – what is Luongo doing lying down on the ice in front of his bench during the celebration? Is he alright? He’s down there for quite awhile. Anyhoo, beauty steal and goal by Burrows:



Will Lucic get suspended for this?



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Darryl Atkinson said:

It was Kane, I think All four of the other Hawks on the ice are in or near the defensive zone, at the start of the clip, he is along the far boards, drifting into the neutral zone, and he ends up near boards, Van blue line, and calls for the pass....Toews, Ryan Johnson, Keith and Campoli were the other four on the ice, so process of elimination is Pat Kane
April 27, 2011
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Craig Nichols said:

poco pride
Not Toews Toews is just getting up at the Blackhawks blue line when Campoli tries to flip a pass to a Blackhawks player standing near the Canucks blueline. Toews didn't even know Burrows picked off the pass until Burrows is going into his windup.

April 27, 2011
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Nate said:

Toews Jason is right. Watch Toews streak down the far side of the ice all by himself near the beginning of the video. Then at the 8 second mark you can definitely hear him screaming for the pass.

Unfortunately I too play with players that just aren't that smart. Campoli had tons of time. What was he trying to do? Ice the puck? I wonder if they'll be heat on him in the dressing room.
April 27, 2011
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Larry said:

great night for a hockey fan! That was 1 amazing night of hockey!
The Briere hit was dirtier-but Briere is probably 50lbs lighter than Lucic. Im OK with the 5minute major for Lucic,it was dead-on hit from behind-thats been a no-no since peewee. Doubt Campbell will let Murphy suspend Lucic. Hopefully Spacek is ok.

The Van/Chi series was amazing- huge emotional swings- Burrows was 2/3 in hero mode and luckily 0/2 in goat mode,as Duthie on TSN said- a lifetime of storylines in 1 game.
Crawford was great,really kept the Hawks in both games 6,7 which the Nucks totally dominated. And yes that was Toews on the final play. Duncan Keith looked exhausted,nothing left- but Campbell still looked good, he played a great series.
Someone forgot to tell Henrik that ugly goals count too. How he passed up that great opportunity in front-to pass to the corner??? ugh. I think thats why he sucks on the shootout- no one to pass to.
The line of Lapierre,Higgins,Hansen was awesome- that shift late in the 2nd period was amazing- the canucks actually got a partial line change in while running Chicago ragged.
I still feel exhausted/relief from the game, and its only round 1! yikes, bring on Roxy O'Brien and Mr.Underwood!
April 27, 2011
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Jason said:

Van Goal Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't that Toews screaming for the puck/calling for the stretch pass from Campoli when Burrows snatched it out of the air?
April 27, 2011
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iamlilc said:

Crawford (numbers behind the numbers) Crawford started the last 34 games for the Hawks (including playoffs) and went 19-10-5 with 3 SO and a .923 save percentage. Playing 40% of a reg. season continuously of essentially must win games is very impressive for any goaltender mentally & physically. He also seemed to have gotten better during the playoffs and against the most potent offense this season.

Aside from Crawford, the rest of the Hawks did not show up for games 6 & 7 and arguably games 1-3. The Canucks obviously wanted it more and were out-skating and hitting all series long. But with Crawford's stellar play, they were still able to bring it to a game 7 where he played phenomenally and had no business being in. It speaks volumes in pressure situations and you cannot teach that.

As mentioned, he posted a .927 sp against the Canucks and to put into perspective - Niemi went 4-2 against the Canucks last year with a .898 save percentage.

It would be extremely stupid if both parties cannot agree on a contract this summer, but I'm confident that they will. I'm thinking a 3-year, $6.75 million contract is fair.
April 27, 2011
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Flake said:

Lou He actually did say something along the lines of it feeling bigger than when they won gold with Canada
April 27, 2011
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Dobber said:

Briere hit I only saw one replay of it, as I caught the game later. Forgot about it. Do you have a comment on it jescha?
April 27, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

he didn't say it was better than winning the gold they asked him if it was the most pressure he had ever been under, and he referenced the gold medal game as being another high pressure situation.
April 27, 2011
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jescha said:

... No comments on Briere hit ??
April 27, 2011
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ultrawhiteness said:

boarding nothing crazy wrong with that hit, and i don't even think Spacek failed to protect himself. Lucic is just too big of a boy to be able to absorb that hit. the players are getting strong enough that the old rules no longer keep them safe, perhaps.
April 27, 2011
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Martin said:

Reg I agree with you, should have been a 2 min boarding call at most. However given the venue, and the opposing team, anything less than 5 and a game and Montreal police would have been dealing with another flurry of 911 calls.
April 27, 2011
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Ryan Lenethen said:

Lou I think he was just laying down in relief that they won. He has never been under the pressure he was under tonight. He even said on camera that this was better than winning gold for Canada. Clearly there were some high expectations, and he was feeling the pressure. I think he is just glad the series is finally over!
April 27, 2011
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Reg said:

No suspension Don't think Lucic will get suspended for that. I don't understand why players are not protecting themselves? First thing you are taught in peewee is to protect yourself and not play the puck like that with your back turned towards the boards. Its the playoffs you gotta know someone is coming to finish a check. Watch Spacek's skates right after he plays the puck. you can clearly see he turns away into the boards. This league is getting soft. How are no penalties called on some hits these playoffs and this gets a major and tossed from the game.
April 27, 2011
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