I have polled nine of my friends who are Wings fans, and the responses have been: six consider him a center, three consider him a LW.

Fantasy-wise, I am going to move him from my LW to my C list. I don't watch Detroit play all 82 games so I wasn't sure. When I'm not sure, I consult others.


I've said this before, but the Sharks made a great move snatching Kyle Wellwood off of the waiver wire. He gets dumped on because of his past reputation (fat, lazy, slow), but he is a solid player who always steps his game up in the postseason.


Over the past two years he was among the best Canuck forwards, and he had a great game (and a fantastic pass on the Thornton goal) for the Sharks last night.


Got the ramblings working again!


Brad Richardson is a player who often impresses me when I see him play. He only had seven regular season goals... (three of which came in the same game), but I could see him breaking out under the right circumstances (a consistent scoring line spot). I guess the same could be said for a number of depth NHL forwards, though.


My Top 10 Keeper League LW list will be posted Sunday.   Taylor Hall is on the list, and I consider both Datsyuk and Marleau LW, because... well, they play the position the majority of the time. Datsyuk hasn't played as a full-time center in a long time.


Roberto Luongo is like Neve Campbell in the Scream series… just when you think the killer is gone, there he appears! Luongo was shelled by the Blackhawks and yanked for a second straight game. He’s given up 10 goals against Chicago (although he could only be faulted for two or three of them).


Vancouver’s collapse over the past two games has been nothing short of disastrous. After stonewalling the Hawks for three games, the league’s best defense (in the regular season) has been absolutely ventilated. I can’t explain what happened – no gap coverage, weak back checking, stupid penalties… the perfect storm.


Patrice Bergeron had a goal, an assist, seven shots on goal, and 17 face off wins for the Bruins last night. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t one of the finalists for the Selke Trophy this season.


Michael Ryder and Chris Kelly combined for six points for the Bruins.


My Top 10 Keeper League LW list – delayed until Sunday. Have something to do today that just came up. The list almost finalized, just haggling a bit over the final three or four spots.


Logan Couture was fantastic against the Kings last night (through two periods, which is when I stopped watching, at least) – such a strong player at everything. What’s his upside? I guess it depends on Pavelski/Thornton, as something has to give with three strong centers (you would think).


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Dan Martin said:

... I like the update smilies/smiley.gif. He is a center. He plays wing very occasionally when they want to mix things up or stack a line. Just check the faceoff stats. Not too many wingers take 10 draws a game!
April 22, 2011
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Dan Martin said:

... Datsyuk hasn't been a full-time center in a long time? Ummmm, do the last 2 years not count?
April 22, 2011
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