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Raffi Torres will not be suspended by the NHL, per TSN. That just seems...weird. Even if the play was innocent, and my opinion on that is Switzerland, the fact remains that the NHL was supposed to be clamping down on these. The Wheel of Justice continues to spin...


Brian Boucher gets the start for the Flyers, and I'm hearing that Michael Leighton will be the backup.


Prior to March 30, Buffalo rearguard Marc-Andre Gragnani had just nine NHL games to his name – none of them seeing him play 18 minutes or more. Since then, he has played eight games and has five points. He’s seen at least 18 minutes in three of those contests. In the last two seasons in the AHL, he has 103 points in 129 games. Needless to say, the upside is there. And the fact that he’s getting the ice time when it matters most indicates to me that he is on the team in the fall and makes for an excellent dark horse.


Andreas Nodl is doubtful for today's contest with a cut under his eye. Look for Zherdev to draw in.


Although the Oshawa Generals have been eliminated, Rangers’ prospect Christian Thomas continues to hold onto his spot atop the OHL playoff scoring race. He has nine goals and 19 points. Windsor, who moves onto play Owen Sound for the Wayne Gretzky Trophy, has players holding down the next three spots – Tom Kunhackl (PIT), Ryan Ellis (NSH) and Stephen Johnston (DET) each have 16 points.


Marian Gaborik is still looking for his first playoff point, three games into the postseason. The last time he was in the playoffs, it was 2008 and he managed just one point in six games. So a point in his last nine playoff contests. Something must be wrong with him – in 2003 he had 17 points in 18 playoff games, so nobody should question if he can do it. This entire season has been horrible for him, on the heels of his best NHL season in 2009-10.


With an injury-prone season, a weak playoff track record and poor points-per-game stats in 2010-11, Mike Green has three points in three playoff contests.


The perplexing Wojtek Wolski is at it again. He has two points so far, which is tied for the team lead for the Rangers. This, after bombing in the regular season. Flip a coin – heads, he sucks next year. Tails, he gets 60-plus points.


It’s looking more and more as though Mike Fisher, Shea Weber and Sergei Kostitsyn will lead the Preds into the next round. Fisher has been spectacular, with five points in three games. Kostitsyn’s three points in the series gives him 50 in his last 61 games. That goes beyond a trend and becomes the basis for a projection.


The Preds are averaging under 24 shots allowed per game. Pekka Rinne has been adequate, but not great. When he’s great, the Ducks will be in trouble. Nashville outshot the Ducks 37-16 Sunday.


Interesting that, along with the Ryan suspension, the Ducks scratched Ruutu and Chipchura in favor of Palmieri and Bonino. The Preds favored Halischuk and Geoffrion over Dumont, Wilson and O’Reilly. Hey, they keep winning so may as well...


So far, O’Reilly has failed me as a dark horse – I apologize. I had him pretty highly favored on the draft list, although I did not his dark horse status. He’s healthy and ready to go, but the team is too deep and the chemistry shouldn’t be messed with. I should have seen that coming.


Jack Johnson has two points in two games this year. Last year he had seven points in six games. Not a bad start to his postseason career.


Chara is travelling with the team to Montreal. No word on whether he’ll be in – I’m guessing another game time decision.


Ian White “should be good to go for Tuesday”.


Who doesn’t love stats? Certainly nobody on this site. These ones on yesterday’s Puck Daddy are awesome. I find Bergfors’ takeaways vs. Giveaways quite interesting – so impressive, yet he’s treated like a hot potato. Lots of other good stuff there, too.


Dave Bolland is targeting Game 4 for his return. It’s looking pretty promising. Marcus Kruger would likely sit if he goes.


Brayden Schenn played in his first postseason game in the AHL yesterday and picked up an assist for Manchester.


Looks like, um, Raffi Torres is back. Looks like, um, Raffi Torres will be gone again. Seabrook later returned:



Goal, or no goal?



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James said:

Gaborik Gaborik has been effective for the Rangers though. He has been solid defensively and made a nice screen on Prospal's goal in game 3. He eats a ton of ice time and as long as he is solid defensively for Torts and at least generating offense, as he has been with several chances this series, he will continue to play a lot because the Rangers don't really have someone else to put in that spot to play that much time.
April 19, 2011
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Larry said:

big can of worms. The NHL rule changes were far from well thought out. IMHO-aslong as Torres doesnt leap/launch,keep his elbow in and doesnt charge then its a clean hit- at some point the player has to keep his head up.At that speed he has a greater chance of hitting his shoulder/chest than his head, but appears to get mostly head this time. As for the injury to Seabrook- how much of his issue is from the Abdelkader hit a week ago (which was a high elbow-shouldve been a suspension). And the concussion protocol isnt working when its only after the 2nd hit- a minor collision that Seabrook went off.Heck on the Eberle hit- he stayed out for the PP! If its deemed a hit to the head on the ice-then the concussion protocol should be automatic.
Torres' lack of suspension Im ok with, but the fact their is soo much confusion/controversy means they have to clarify the rules asap.
April 18, 2011
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Mabus said:

... Man the game of hockey has changed a lot over the last year and a half. When I was growing up, the Torres hit would have been highlight reel material, and the fans would have said - I guess next time Seabrook will keep his head up when going around the net. Today, almost everyone expects a suspension. If that hit is legal or illegal doesn't matter to me, but the league needs better definition for suspendable/not suspendable and needs to better quantify the penalties. Just the fact that 90% (just throwing out a number, but it seems reasonable) of hockey fans are surprised that there was no suspension is a problem. I agree with Curtis Curve, the next game is going to be rough. I'm sure the over/under on fights for Torres in the game is going to be 1.5.
April 18, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

TORRES NON-SUSPENSION Who do you think is more internally upset @ no suspension for Torres' hit on Seabrook last night? The Hawks, or the skill guys on VAN? If game four gets out of hand and the Hawks are on their way out of the postseason, there may be some frontier justice on the go from the Hawks. John Scott is an expendable player that the Hawks would not miss for the first how many ever games of next season. I'd have my head on a swivel if I were the 'Nucks. Not condoning, just sayin'.
April 18, 2011
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dennis said:

Torres hit No attempt to play the puck whatsoever. Blatant shot to the head. Give him 10 for the Matt Cooke factor. Doing something stupid right after coming back from a suspension for doing something stupid.
April 18, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

... Now seriously about Gaborik - i know him as a player since he was 16-17. During the season we could not see him speeding up the neutral zone as he used to because his groin issues does not allow him to do so...during the playoffs so far he has tried his best, he even used full speed and it simply does not go in...he has had 11 shots in those three play off games, i heard announcers saying that he should go more to dirty areas - i don't think they are right about that. Most of those 11 shots were from the slot and even yesterday when Rangers goal was disallowed he was right in front of the goalie. I think he is trying more than he should, or there is injury involved, or something else is not right about him as Angus mentioned....
April 18, 2011
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lcbtd said:

Re: Conspiracy Theory I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but enjoyed the read Michal.

April 18, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

Gaborik and conspiracy theory ;D Any conspiracy theory fans among dobberities?
Fact no.1 - Rangers not even close to be good enough to compete seriously for Stanley Cup. Not even with healthy Callaghan.
Fact no.2 - Gaborik scored goal to his own net when they fought for last play off slot and none to opposite goal in 12 games now.
Fact no.3 - World Championships are in Slovakia this year = once in a lifetime opportunity for Gaborik to play in front of fellows countrymen.
Fact no 4. - Tortorella will go ballistic if Gaborik finds his now seemingly lost shape playing for Team Slovakia smilies/grin.gif

April 18, 2011
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Anthony L said:

Fun Fact!--Canadian teams undefeated 5-0 to start the playoffs for 1st time since 1988!
April 18, 2011
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Frank said:

Preds, not Ducks The Ducks favored Halischuk and Geoffrion...

Should be Preds...
April 18, 2011
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