A belated happy birthday to our resident goaltending guru Justin Goldman. Have a good one, Goldie!


Staal, Cole, and Stillman combined for five points and a number of scoring chances last night. Is it 2006 all over again?


Gagne had two goals, St. Louis had two assists, and Stamkos was pointless. A bad time to slump offensively.


Daniel Sedin was also pointless, snapping a nine game point streak. The Art Ross has a bit of a change, as St. Louis has slid past Stamkos into third.


Bizarre stat of the evening: Marc-Andre Fleury how has shutouts on four consecutive March 25ths.


I won’t have a top 10 list out next weekend as I will be on vacation in Phoenix (any Dobberites in the area that want to grab a beer or two, let me know).


My 15 Points to Consider column will return in May. Committing the next few months to my Prime Cuts and the Top 10 Lists. To come: goaltenders, left wingers, right wingers, and centers.


The Penguins are 12-1-5 in one-goal games without Crosby. They have showed a ton of heart and battle all season long. James Neal scored the only goal last night (in the shootout).


Mike Comrie returned to the lineup, replacing Dustin Jeffrey. Comrie was pointless (obviously, in a 0-0 game), and it was his first game action since late November.


Mark Fayne played over 25 minutes last night, and Andy Greene played over 27. The Devils need a puck moving defenseman this summer in a bad way.


Sergei Samsonov has seven points in his last six games with Florida. He’d make a great late season depth pick up as he is getting a ton of ice time.


Drew Stafford is only two goals away from 30 on the season. He’s quickly escaped the doghouse of both Lindy Ruff and the majority of the Buffalo fan base. Interestingly enough, he has been skating tougher with Brad Boyes.


The two are pretty similar players – right shots, like to shoot the puck, inconsistent at times – but they seem to be clicking together.


It will be interesting to see how Buffalo’s lines shake out next season. Do they keep Ennis at center? Where does Tim Connolly go? I would assume Roy will be with Vanek and one of Pominville/Stafford/Boyes.


Can the Sabres justify spending 12+ million on three offensive right wingers? Pominville makes about $5 million, Boyes about $4 million, and Stafford should get at least $3 million.


Craig Anderson with another rock solid game for the Sens – it is hard to really evaluate him because he really has nothing left to play for now (especially with a fat new contract in his back pocket), but it has to be an encouraging sign for Sens fans heading into a rebuilding summer and next season.


The Capitals have now been shut out 10 times this season.


Marcus Johansson was Washington’s most noticeable forward last night. He looks leaps and bounds better than he did at the beginning of the season. Funny what a little confidence and experience can do.


Semyon Varlamov got the start for the Capitals. Sure glad I traded Neuvirth last summer (I love his skill level and upside, but the constant guessing game of trying to figure out who is starting is absolutely maddening).


It is amazing how different a team can look from top to bottom when it has confidence in the goaltender.


Roberto Luongo is playing the best hockey of his career right now – he now leads the league in wins, and trails only Tim Thomas/Pekka Rinne in save percentage and goals against average.


He was five minutes and a Christian Ehrhoff turnover away from a shutout last night. He seems to have had about four or five shutouts spoiled late in games.


A beauty Quick save from Thursday night:

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derek said:

Frozen Four Is anyone else following the NCAA Tourney? Jaden Schwartz looks like an absolute stud. I wish he was available in either of my keeper leagues!
March 26, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

Where does Tim Connolly go? Anywhere but where he is now is fine w/me. Hopefully TP isn't as enamored w/him as TG and LQ were. Please let him walk.
March 26, 2011
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Screaming Jawa said:

Screaming Jawa
The Elusive Luongo Shutout 14 times, this season, Luongo has carried a shutout into the 3rd period. Only 3 of those resulted in shutouts.

9 times, he let in 1 goal. 2 times he let in 3.

3 times he let in the shutout breaker within 2 minutes of the start of the 3rd.

7 times within the last 10 minutes of the 3rd. Of those, 3 were within the last 5 minutes, and of those, one was with 5 seconds left and one with 11 ticks of the clock left.
March 26, 2011
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Ken Shultz said:

Holtby to Start Against Habs Saturday According to the Washington Post, Holtby's getting the start today.


Holtby started against the Habs eleven days ago and got the win, with 24 saves and 2 goals allowed.
March 26, 2011
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Ken Shultz said:

Three Headed Monster
Sure glad I traded Neuvirth last summer (I love his skill level and upside, but the constant guessing game of trying to figure out who is starting is absolutely maddening).

I forget whether it was Dobber or Angus who said something the other week about how even if it's always something weird about Neuvirth, it always seems to be something! (metal flakes in his eye, etc.) ...and being "injury prone" is being a band-aid boy, even if it’s always something unexpected.

I have Neuvirth on my bench this week during the playoffs, but I had dropped Varly for Holtby a week or so ago when Varly was still hurt and Holtby was full of win. Holtby was subsequently sent back to Hershey, but Holtby's been called back up with Neuvirth sick, and I'm glad I held onto Holtby.

The Caps have some nice matchups next week, and they may get Ovechkin back. There might be some high risk/high reward spot starts in there for people in their playoff week...

Unless you're in my league anyway!

March 26, 2011
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Dan Grant said:

Neuvirth The only reason Varly played last night is because Nuevy was sick.
March 26, 2011
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lcbtd said:

15 points and Prime Cuts Hey Angus,

I'd also like to say the 15 points is one of my first turn-to's when I open up dobberhockey if it's there. Much like Elliott Friedman's 30 Thoughts, it's one of the few articles I look forward to.

As an aside, last year's Prime Cuts was great but I made a comment that I hope we might see this year. Your 5/6 dmen were anything but 5/6 dmen in the NHL - they were still top pairing dmen. Same goes for your 4th line. Any way we can find out who you feel are the best 5/6 dmen out there? Not complaining, just a thought. ;-)

Either way, great work.

And oh yeah, happy birthday Justin. Considering all the gold you've dug up for me in the past, it'd be just wrong not to wish you a happy birthday.
March 26, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

Justin Goldman Happy Birthday to you, Justin! The Goaltending seems to be like hiden art that just a few people understand fully and you are one of them.
March 26, 2011 | url
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Michal Sk said:

Luongo, Marcus Johansson, 15 points to consider, dobberhockey... Luongo - I have Lui on my team as well and yes, i remember a few games when he lost shutouts in last minutes and a couple occasions when he lost it in last seconds...

Marcus Johansson - Quote from Eliotte Friedman 30 thoughts on 6. december 2010:
11. Was talking to Martin St. Louis as that Fleischmann/Hannan deal was announced. His initial reaction: "That's because of Marcus Johansson. He's a really good player."

I did not see your "15 points to consider" for longer time, Angus, but i would be very happy if you keep that series of articles alive and i believe there is many among readers of this website who would love it, too. I know you are very busy and there is so little time for everything. I just want to let you know that it was appreciated, many thanks for all ramblings and articles, it looks as it is gonna be one of my best fantasy seasons and i have to say that huge part of it is dobberhockey.com every single day of this season..many thanks to all of you guys for great help smilies/wink.gif
March 26, 2011 | url
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