Oldie Goldie says: Here's my scouting report on Ray Emery's win last night. Hope you all heeded my advice from Monday's School of Block. A bit risky, but he makes a great buy-low, sell-high option.    


Jacob Markstrom is out for the season after undergoing knee surgery. He will be healthy well before training camp in the fall.


Great news out of Montreal - Max Pacioretty should be cleared for full contact within three to five weeks, per TSN.


In Dion Phaneuf’s last 26 games, he has 18 points and six goals (including the two he scored last night)


In Dany Heatley’s last 100 games (including playoffs) he has 29 goals. Thanks to tGr on the forums for pointing this out. As I replied, he seems more interested in enjoying the California sun and monster paycheques at this point.


Kadri played 12 minutes last night for the Leafs.


Matt Lashoff also played 12 minutes. Both players saw one shift on the PP. The Leafs aren’t going to be willing to give them ice time right now as they need to ride their top guns down the stretch.


Derek Joslin ahs three points in six games since the trade to Carolina. He played over four minutes on the PP last night (more ice time is available with Jamie McBain injured).


Drayson Bowman is pointless in 12 games since getting called up from the AHL. He’s got a great wrist shot but isn’t getting the ice time to produce right now.


Ray Emery stopped 30 of 31 shots for the Ducks in his first start in well over a calendar year. The Ducks won’t want to play him too much, but they need all the points they can get at this point in the season. Emery is vastly superior to Dan Ellis.


Henrik Zetterberg scored (twice) for the first time in over three weeks last night.


Brian Rafalski had a huge impact in his first game back in a while (back spasms). He assisted on all three of Detroit’s goals.


Rafalski’s injury was one of the worst for poolies because he never progressed worse or better from the day-to-day status. He was a question mark for each and every game. Looks like the time off did him good!


John Carlson scored his first goal in over 10 games last night, but he does have six points in that span. He’s a dynamic player but is focusing more on other aspects of the game (aside from offense) right now. He’s going to be a very, very good fantasy defenseman to own for a long time.


Ovechkin scored a vintage goal last night – laser beam wrist shot high stick side while using the defenseman as a screen.


I wanted to extend a well-deserved congratulations to Tim Lucarelli, who has made the jump into the columnist rotation! Tim posts on the forums as duballstar014, and he has brought his high-quality analysis to the forefront over the past few months in particular.


Keep your head up for Tim’s weekly “Dub & Chase” column every Sunday!


Let this be a message to all forum contributors and DobberHockey readers/members – if you want to write for the site, follow Tim’s path. He has been a valuable and reliable forum contributor. He shares insights and opinions without stepping on toes. Because of his solid writing and great hockey knowledge, he was noticed and selected to run his own blog on the forums. It didn’t take long for him to outgrow that, as he quickly graduated on to having his own weekly column on the site!


Sorry for being a giant tease – my Top 10 Keeper League Defensive Prospects list will be out first thing Friday morning!


The forums are undergoing some remodelling, stay tuned for an official announcement on Friday.


This column is a few weeks old, but is still very relevant. James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail chats with our very old Justin Goldman about the surprising James Reimer.




“Before his recall, I considered Reimer a legitimate prospect that clearly had the upside and potential to be a starter in the NHL. But I never expected him to have this kind of success so quickly. I honestly considered him more of a "work in progress" that would be successful after another one to two full seasons in the AHL. So I always knew he was going to be an NHL goalie someday, just not this season. It's an awesome story of what can happen when a capable prospect gets a quality opportunity.”


Reimer (who was sensational last night in a must-win game against Carolina) and Sergei Bobvroskvy are great examples as to why it is tough to really gauge where goalies should be drafted and how they should be valued in fantasy leagues. Last year at this time… it would be – who the hell are Reimer and Bobrovsky?


Ground has officially been broken on the 2011 DobberHockey Fantasy Prospects Report. This marks the first year I will be contributing.


In my four pools, I am currently 1/12 (one-year points-only with friends, my main money pool), 5/12 (my H2H keeper, made a stupid trade last summer and have a ton of injuries), 1/13 (Industry Experts League, team was drafted for me by Tim Lucarelli and I have made a few shrewd deals), and 8/13 (Dobber Expert’s League, goaltending killing me as usual).


The Sedins decided to take the game over in the third last night:

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Curtis Curve said:

More on Bowman To add on to Studley's point on Bowman, DB had more time on PP last night than Cole, Jokinen and Stillman. Believe he was out there w/Sutter and Rosie LaRose. This is a forward unit Ronnie Franchise put together to try and jump start the Canes anemic PP. They were on the ice for the only goal for last night. If this trend continues, the points should start coming.
March 17, 2011
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Tim Lucarelli said:

Thanks! Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to bringing you guys some killer material!
March 17, 2011
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studley49 said:

Bowman Just wanted to make sure it was known that Bowman's 12 games have been split between two different stints. Bowman started the season with the 'Canes, playing 8 games before getting sent down, and has since been called up for the remaining 4.

I think he's one of those prospects that needs a change of scenery to have a legitimate shot, but I guess we'll see...
March 17, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Also in first I am currently 1/5 in "Pengwin's Super HFL".
(This is a tough league involving my wife, 18-month old daughter, and our two cats.) smilies/wink.gif

Kidding aside, another great rambling Angus!
Tim: The "Dub & Chase" sounds great. Love reading your stuff! Looking forward to it.

On an untouched note:
I've been backing Neuvirth as the "go-to-man" for Washington based on his previous AHL triumphs... but last night against Detroit... ugh. It wasn't so much that the goals he let in could have been stopped - but his body language in the net suggested he wasn't sharp, in fact, it suggested he was very unsure. Every goal ended with him in a sort of stone-gargoyle type of pose that says "OK, this is where I was placed, that shot shouldn't have beat me... right?". Boudreau's body & mouth movements after the 3rd goal (Z'berg backhand, that went off Neuvy's mask) were enough to suggest that Holtby is the actual guy they will be leaning on for the remainder of the season. Deep down, part of me thinks Boudreau wanted a reason to run with Holtby. Well, you got it Bruce. Damn it Neuvy.
March 17, 2011
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4T2 said:

Congrats Dub Congrats Dub! Or should I say Tim now? Awesome job on making the big leagues. You deserve it. Keep up the great work!
March 17, 2011
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Draft Dodger said:

How old is he? So just how old is Goldman anyway? LOL
March 17, 2011
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