Boston is 2-2-2 since the deadline and have managed just 11 goals in those six games. Lucic was in on six of them, Krejci on seven of them, and Horton on five of them. The rest of this team is ice cold.


Colorado prospect Mark Olver leads all AHL rookies with 23 goals. Olver, 23, has two points in seven games for the Avs. He's skilled and has potential, but his frame is...well, he weighs 155. He was recalled yesterday and saw some power-play time. I have him ranked 116 on my prospects list. He's one to keep in your peripherals.


This is what Nazem Kadri needs to iron out - he has four points in his last two AHL games, after managing just one point in the six games prior. If he can't solve that problem, he won't succeed. Not every team is nice enough to let a skilled player Kostitsyn his way around the ice night after night.


The Sharks have signed free agent OHL prospect james Livingston to an ELC. Livingston was originally a third rounder with the Blues (2008) but went back into the draft when he wasn't signed. He went undrafted in 2010. I don't see a whole lot here in terms of offensive upside, but I don't see a reason to completely rule him out either. He'll need to make big strides over the next 18 months of he's going to make something of this, however.


Friday night's shutout was Kari Lehtonen's first in two years.


Jamie McBain missed last night's contest with an injury to his forearm. No word on the severity, but obviously if it is broken he'll be done for the season. So he ends with 25 points - about half of what I thought he'd get as a rookie after seeing what he did in his last 35 AHL games and his 14 NHL games last season.


With the shutout yesterday, Carey Price has allowed just seven goals in his last six games.


That's how he needs to play, now that Windex Wonder Andrei Kostitsyn is back in a rut. After points in seven straight, he is pointless in two. There's your signal. Bail again.


Mikhail Grabovski played a great game last night. Man, if he played that way for 82 games, he'd be a 90-point guy. The good thing is - each year he seems to play that way for more and more games. He has nine in his last eight games.


Dion Phaneuf has 14 points in his last 24 games and is a plus-4 in that span. Since mid- to late-January, he has really turned his game around to where he was in his first two NHL seasons. And I'm his biggest critic. But if he and Kessel had been playing this way since the start of the season, the Leafs would be in the playoffs right now with breathing room.


Another key for Phaneuf - just 18 PIM in those 24 games. That means he had 57 in the prior 29.


New Jersey is 22-3-2 in their last 27 games. That pace is far too torrid to continue, so if they make the postseason, I wish them luck.


Isles dman Andrew MacDonald has 26 points in his last 44 games. That's a 50-point player right there, I didn't know he had it in him. With Hamonic and de Haan on the way, I can't see him ever hitting that number, but he seems a safe bet for 40 or 45.


Getting the hook last night - MA Fleury, Ondrej Pavelec.


Expert's League strategy. I'm still hanging in there in 7th place. Most of you I'm sure remember that I've been trying to mount a comeback from 12th since eight weeks in. I had $20 left for bids, I put $6 on Sekera and $3 on Dan Ellis and won them both. Since I already own Bobrovsky, Pavelec and Rinne, I offered up Pavelec and Kunitz for Elliott and Clowe. The thinking was, that I would just drop Elliott. It was a Kunitz upgrade to Clowe. Anyway, great start, as Pavelec was pulled, Clowe scored, Kunitz was shutout and Ellis is coming off of a win.


I hate how Nashville rotates their hot players. One week it's this guy, the next week it's this guy. Zzzzzzz. Anyway, lately it's Joel Ward, Martin Erat and David Legwand. Ward has five in his last three.


Erat has 36 points in his last 37 games, eight in his last four. Whoa...he'll salvage a 55-point season after all.


Now that Alex Steen is out, cue the Matt D'Agostini production. Two points last night, more to come. He's the Blues' backup plan, whenever a top sixer gets hurt.


Derek MacKenzie has 10 points in his last 12 games. He has potential, in that Chris Clark sort of way. Remember when Chris Clark turned from a 20-point fringe player, to Ovechkin's 55-point winger? MacKenzie could be Rick Nash's 55-point center, with hot/cold streaks.


Details on how to win $250 picking a baseball team for one day - right here.


More later...


Detective Zach - Easton's latest ad campaign. The latest on Parise is that he may resume practicing early this week, so at the earliest he's looking at seven/eight days:



This was a great tilt - Tootoo vs. Wilson:



Datsyuk dangle:



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Lukasz said:

Fowler If anyone wants to know why Fowler's +/- is so abysmal, check out Pyatt's goal from tonight.

Lilja - fail.
March 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Chris said:

Frolik Frolik played just over 21 mins in today's game. He had 1 apple, and looked to be on PP2. I'm hoping for a break out next season!

Yours Truly,
Frolik's Mom
March 13, 2011
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derek said:

Vids I love Tootoo..kid is all heart!

Datsyuk is in my mind the 2nd best player in the league...he does something like that once a week.
March 13, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

Rick Martin Rest in peace. Thanks for all the memories, in both the Aud, and most recently in the touching ceremony to welcome Mr. Pegula (French Re-Connection) . Class act all the way.
March 13, 2011
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Puckhead said:

Oh those DEVILS... While they are still a long shot to make it, their run is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!! Given how inconsistent the teams ahead of them have been playing, I think their chances are not as far off as most may think.

When you have players buying into what the coach is selling the way New Jersey has, coupled with a very talented forward group, who under achieved all season, and then you add a healthy and well rested Marty Brodeur, and I say it is more than just mathematically possible. Either way, its been fun to watch, and I don't know how often you could have said that about New Jersey hockey for say, the last 15 or years.

One thing is for sure, the top seeds in the East are getting more than a little worried, as the Devils inch ever closer to that final playoff spot, and if you factor in a healthy return to the line up for Parise...LOOK OUT!!!
March 13, 2011
Votes: +1

JW said:

maya has the knife
Re: Parise commercial Ah, so THAT'S how he got injured... Looks serious.
March 13, 2011
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Jeremy Wark said:

Phaneuf and the Leafs Phaneuf has admitted that he came back from a serious leg injury early and has only recently been skating at near 100%. People forget that he missed 15-16 games this season.

...and the consensus among Leafs fans is that if we had better goaltending early in the season, that we'd be in a playoff spot right now. Both Giguere and Gustavsson have had weak campaigns this season and if not for the play of Reimer, the Bruins would have a top 5 pick.
March 13, 2011
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