Braden Holtby has allowed four goals on the last 178 shots he has faced. Washington is going to have one of those "good" problems this summer with three fantastic young goalies.


Toronto prospect Matt Frattin (Univeristy of North Dakota) was recently named WCHA Player of the Year. He had three goals and an assist last night. He's a bit undersized but very skilled offensively.


More on Frattin from our friends over at the Pension Plan Puppets.


Jamie Benn has six goals in six games. His goal last night was a beauty – blew by a defenseman and flicked a backhander top shelf coming down the wing.


Sam Gagner is out for the season with a tendon injury. He was cut after teammate Ryan Jones accidentally sliced him making a line change at the bench.


Guilliame Latendresse played only five minutes last night against Dallas – he wasn’t skating comfortably and it appears that the groin is still bugging him.


Ottawa is now winning games when they shouldn’t. Tough for the fans, as the team could use the highest pick possible this summer at the 2011 Entry Draft.


Colorado has held the opposition to less than three goals ONCE in their past 21 games. Tough to win with that kind of defense/goaltending each night.


Per Adrian Dater - Paul Stastny is doubtful tonight with a back injury.


Ilya Kovalchuk continues to rectify for his horrid first half of the season. He scored the tying goal in the third period and assisted on the OT winner. Treat him as a 90-95 point winger for next season (regardless of what happens with Zach Parise).


Blake Wheeler has four goals in nine games as a Thrasher. A small sample size, but he could hit 25-30 next season with consistent offensive minutes.


Dustin Byfuglien had a goal and seven shots on net last night – a performance reminiscent of his first half of the season.


Bobby Butler scored again for the Sens – he’s having a very strong rookie season and is earning himself a roster spot for next season.


Devan Dubnyk was minutes away from shutting the Red Wings out last night. He ended up with the OTL, stopping 42 of 44 shots. His upside has gone up this season in my books.


It is easier to play in games that mean nothing, but Dubnyk is showing great improvements in all areas of the game.


Ryan Jones scored the lone Edmonton goal. More noteworthy – he played almost 25 minutes!


Steve Mason the bad was in nets last night – he has had some great nights this season, but he was awful against the Kings. Seemed out of it all night and was really fighting the puck. He has so much talent and upside, but he seems so far from reaching.


Justin Williams had a goal and two helpers, and Anze Kopitar had a hat trick.


The ramblings will probably start to slant towards prospects more and more as the playoffs approach. Many fantasy leagues have had their trade deadlines come and go. Don’t worry – short term sleepers are going to be mentioned a lot as we all know they are often the difference between winning and losing pools that go down to the wire.


Matt Calvert was pointless in just under 12 minutes of ice time.


Derrick Brassard scored a goal for the Jackets.


Jamie McBain sustained a forearm injury last night – will update when more is made available.


Matt Moulson scored his 29th of the season last night – he had 30 in 2009-10. Does he have 35-40 goal upside? As Tavares continues to improve, I think Moulson could approach 40 (assuming the duo stick together)


Michael Grabner is only two away from 30 goals on the season. He leads the league in non-PP goals with 27.


The Vezina race has some new contenders – Thomas, Price, Rinne, Luongo… Lundqvist, Hiller, perhaps even Quick. Does Thomas still take it in a walk?


The Islanders are scoring goals at a nice clip lately, and they have help on the way with Mark Streit returning. They also have a young defenseman who will be a huge boost to the PP attack (probably not next season, but beyond) – he found his way onto my Top 10 Defensive Prospects to own list (out Sunday).


Joe Colborne was hammered last night – late hit, much? Check the video out here.


Ryan Kesler is making it a habit to “interview bomb” on his teammates:



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Cam said:

Clip That was awesome. smilies/cheesy.gif +1 for Kesler.
March 12, 2011 | url
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Chet said:

Kesler Now how could you not kill yourself laughing with this guy. Love the mask bit.
March 12, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... de Haan is last on my list. He is having a poor OHL season but has been battling a few shoulder issues. I like his upside a lot because of his future potential partner (Hamonic, big shot to the playmaking de Haan), and the forwards in NYI.

There are a few HM's that are having better junior seasons, but this is also about upside.

The last list is the closest. Still missing two.... smilies/smiley.gif
March 12, 2011
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JW said:

maya has the knife
Kovalchuk In his past 20 games Kovalchuk is 12-12-24, which projects to 49-49-98 over an 82 game season. Yeah, I think he's turned the corner. Hopefully Parise doesn't negatively affect his production or vice versa.
March 12, 2011
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Not a Habs fan, but I am a hockey player Martin,

I am not a Habs fan, but I am a hockey player. I consider myself a clean hitter because of my timing and respect for the players. I have never given a hit to the head, or from behind. To be honest, I avoid hitting guys into the boards because I never want to have a serious injury on my conscience, so I simply opt for the actual hockey play which is to pinch in front of them to separate the player from the puck. Not to say I haven't dished out a few nice hits in the open ice, and have broken some bones on guys (clavicle, etc.), but they have all been in the open ice. Chara's hit was a dirty hit. A "hockey play" would have involved Chara engaging Pacioretty at the blue line to begin the hit and the check would have been finished by the middle of the bench.

There was no need of it. For Chara's lack of respect, don't be surprised if a nobody from any team in the East pulls an extremely dirty play in the playoffs to knock Chara and the Bruins out of the postseason. What goes around, comes around. If the league won't (and didn't) take action, a player will. Shouldn't be that way, but as long as the league operates like the XFL instead of the NFL, it will always be the case.
March 12, 2011
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dodospice said:

Top 10 Defence Prospects Im really just going with a shot in the dark here but...
3-De Haan
March 12, 2011
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Martin Cloutier said:

... Lecavalier looked great, especially on the PP, he was dynamic, aggressive on the puck, taking good shots, but they didn't get in.
March 12, 2011
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iamlilc said:

Holtby Holtby had another impressive win against the Canes, stopping 40 of 41 shots.

In his last 5-2/3 starts (taking over for Neuvirth in the 2nd against TB), he has only let in 1 or less goals each game - stopping 174 of 178 shots. That's impressive for a rook.
March 12, 2011
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hurtball said:

Lecavalier Went 0 for 12 on shots last night against McElhinney ... ouch.
March 12, 2011
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slufoot said:

Isles D prospect If its Calvin DeHaan that's on your list I'll pass. I don't think he projects to be any more than a 3rd pairing 2PP player. Two years removed from his draft year he should be dominating the OHL - and he's not. His 60-pt rookie season was while riding shotgun for Tavares and Del Zotto for half the year.
March 12, 2011
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Martin Cloutier said:

My last post on Chara I was glad to see Sedin speak out on the hit. I believe the issue is so polarized because it depends if you believe Chara or not. On one side, you have people - Bruins fans or Canadiens haters mostly - who think he never intended to run him into the stanchion, that he didn't saw the stanchion was right there, and that it's purely a "hockey play" turn bad. It's true that the push wasn't violent in itself, not straight to the head.

Then you have others believing that he timed it so Pacioretty would hit the stanchion. It becomes the sneakiest, dirtiest, most dangerous play, worse than a push from behind when a guy is falling toward the board. I think that's what some ( if not many ) players are thinking, including Pacioretty himself, and now a few have spoken out. Tanner Glass from Vancouver said that 680 out 700 players would take that side if polled.

As Montreal fans, we are seen as too emotional, but we're the ones who saw the last 3 games between those 2 clubs. We saw the Canadiens come back from 2-0 with 3 minutes to play and Pacioretty score his OT winner, pushing Chara after his goal, and Chara's reaction that evening. We saw the Bruins coming back at them the next game, targeting Pacioretty ( with Chara on the front line ), Subban and Price - rough but fair when you have a size advantage - until the Bruins made it a disgrace by beating on non-fighters like Pyatt and Spacek, in the last minute, after they had won the game. We saw the Canadiens in this week's game outskating, outplaying the Bruins, taking a 4-nothing lead then boom, Chara's hit on Pacioretty. One million of us saw it live, and thought for a few minutes that he was dead or left paralyzed in front of our eyes.

We are on Sedin's side. We know he did it on purpose, he timed it perfectly. May be he didn't want to break his neck, but he wanted to hurt him and he did. And the decision not to suspend, not to see the whole history behind it, to take Chara's lies at fair value "I didn't know where I was on the ice", this is what created that outburst of rage, the phone calls to the police, and all you saw since then.
March 12, 2011
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Brett Baxter said:

Vezina... I would have to throw Fleury in Vezina talks...I mean he has almost single handily kept Pens where they were when Crosby, then Malkin went out...if you are throwing Quick's name..come on'
March 12, 2011
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Dave Poleck said:

... Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Kronwall AND Franzen all had six shots on goal tonight.
March 12, 2011
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Ryan Ma said:

... RE: Stastny

I can't find a source to say that he's out for tonight... Do you have one Angus?
March 12, 2011
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