The Rankings - I'm most of the way through them and should have them up this morning.


Vladimir Sobotka will miss at least four weeks with a cracked bone in his left foot. Sobotka sustained the injury on Sunday in Calgary.


Columbus has acquired prospect Petr Kalus from the Wild for future considerations. It wasn't mentioned on any of the trade trackers, but the Jackets made the announcement. Any start for a new team is a fresh one, so the once-promising Kalus should cling to this lifeline and hopefully make the most of it. Because this deal was made after the deadline, he is ineligible to play in the NHL for the rest of this season/playoffs.


James Reimer to get the start for the Leafs Wednesday. So apparently, he is okay. Leaf fans rejoice.


Glowing praise for Washington defenseman prospect Dmitri Orlov. He looks like a good one and would seem to be a shoe-in for the big club in the fall, although at his age nothing is certain.


The Penguins have recalled Dustin Jeffrey, which makes sense - Ray Shero indicated in his presser Monday that Jeffrey would be with the club for the rest of the season.


Lou Lamorellio on Zach Parise (via the Devils website): "Parise will be seeing the physician on [March 2] and we will have knowledge of exactly where he’s at, and what he can do, and when he can skate, when he can’t skate," Lamoriello said. "The results of the examination, that will say everything."


Ryan Potulny was indeed recalled by the Senators and he played just over seven minutes. He still managed three shots on goal. If you look at Ottawa's roster, Potulny may actually be one of their six best forwards. They should play him accordingly and see what happens.


Blake Geoffrion scored his first career NHL goal for the Preds last night. With his eye-opening AHL play, he has to be considered among the potential leading scorers for this low-scoring team next season.


Steve Sullivan is likely done for the year with his groin injury.


Jason Arnott picked up an assist in 16 minutes of ice time in his Washington debut.


WAS line combos: Backstrom with Ovechkin and Sturm; Arnott with Laich and Semin.


BUF top line: Connolly with Ennis and Boyes


FLA line combos: Weiss with Bergfors and Booth; Santorelli with Samsonov and Bernier;


Early impact: Boyes scores for Buffalo, Gerbe gets scratched. Did I not hint as much in yesterday's THN column?


Upshall scoring for Columbus, Klesla scoring for Phoenix, and Corey Stillman with two points for Carolina round out the other positives.


Nathan Lawsom stopped 40 of 42 shots but took the loss. Still, the coach has known him for a long time and seems to prefer starting him over Montoya. Tough situation.


Ben Bishop had allowed just one goal in 45 minutes last night...and then let in five more in the last 15 minutes. D'oh!


Give Tuukka Rask four straight wins, with a shutout last night.


Craig Anderson has allowed six goals in five games with Ottawa. I honestly thought his knees were done for this year, and wondered about his future. This certainly puts down that issue.


Patrick O'Sullivan was the AHL's player of the month for February. Just thought I'd throw that funny tidbit out there. Somebody wants back into the NHL...


If Antti Niemi is worth $3.8 million per year for four years, then I guess Tomas Vokoun should be looking to sign for 20 years at $6 billion per season. Then to me the math will work.


Just caught this - Anton Stralman is out for the next four weeks with a knee injury suffered Sunday.


Ben Maxwell played just six minutes in his Atlanta debut last night.


Rob Schremp played just eight minutes, which is a bad sign obviously: see O'Sullivan, Patrick.


Linus Omark wins it in the shootout - doesn't seem too fancy, but then the slo-mo replay makes you appreciate...



Ovechkin at it again (he has 14 points in his last 12 games BTW):



Huge Speciman's first NHL fight - ragdolls Troy Bodie. Yeah, he's huge.



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Dan Grant said:

Tou made me LOL That comment about Vokoun looking for 20 years at 6 billion a season is one of the funniest things I've read in forever. Thanks for making me spit my Diet Coke out onto my keyboard. LOLOLOLOLIOL
March 02, 2011
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WooWooWoo said:

Niemi I love reading this column every day for it's balance and insight.

The attack on Niemi (twice now) is totally unnecessary and frankly unfounded. Niemi signed at a discount to the average pundit's view of his market worth this year and if he plays out his 5 years with the Sharks the average cap hit will be something like $3.4m I believe.

A guy who has played as well as he has this year getting, not disapproval, but almost all-out slated for that kind of value? I can't rationalise it. He's turned around a lot of Sharks doubters with his solid play and you can see the improvement since September.

There's clearly some prejudice in there from the author and I can't rationalise it. If Backstrom ($6m), Vokoun ($5.7m) are worth that much more than Antti, I can't see it. If the Sharks hadn't paid him this $$$, someone would have in the summer...
March 02, 2011
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DonCoburleone said:

Niemi? So I just don't understand why people who claim to be experts at evaluating players in the NHL hate on Niemi so much.. The guy was the main goalie on a Stanley Cup Champion - isn't that all that matters? Or maybe the fact that he's been the best goalie in the NHL over the last 2 months matters? Just because you don't like his "technique" or his "pedigree" doesn't mean he's not a legitimate #1 goalie Dobber..
March 02, 2011 | url
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Mr Sausage said:

Neimi Was that a shot at Neimi or super praise for Vokoun? I think signing Neimi for that much is a very reasonable contract. He has arguably been one of the best goalies since December and he had an excellent season last year as well. Sure he had a slow start this season, but that's ancient history. I think it's time we actually acknowledge he is an NHL caliber goalie and signing a potential top goalie for under 4 mil per season is a steal. If they wait and Neimi puts up these numbers next season(which there is no reason to think he won't) he immediately becomes a 5 mil+ goalie. A great move by the Sharks imo
March 02, 2011
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David said:

Hilarious!! Omark's goal is hilarious!!

I thought his lob goal was the funniest of all time...but I think this tops it!!
March 02, 2011
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Edit the skater glides past the face of the net.

My bad
March 02, 2011
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Omark's take on Datsyuk style... That shootout goal has hints on Pavel's deke style where he waits out the goaltender and roofs it. I love players who can approach the net coyly, watching the goalie and waiting for their reaction, making the goal look simple and the goaltender silly whilst being extremely smooth in their release as the skater past the face of the net.
March 02, 2011
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Chris said:

Superchief They Said the same thing about Jussi Jokinen, then he hit his stride and now he's a 65pt player!
I think Omark Will be ok.
March 02, 2011
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Kevin said:

Kipper Worth mentioning for sure - 3 shutouts in his last five starts.
March 02, 2011
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Superchief said:

... Is this all Omark is going to be known for - the shootout? He's not going to become much of a player that way!
March 02, 2011
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fzusher said:

Jessiman vs. Bodie Jessiman should stop pick on someone his own size, not the tiny 6'4''/218 Bodie smilies/shocked.gif
March 02, 2011
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