The Sharks have announced that they have signed Antti Niemi to a four-year contract extension. Another smart agent...


Corey Crawford is 7-1-1 in his last nine and he sits second in league GAA with 2.13. With the top rookie scorer on pace for just 60 points and Crawford possibly winning 12 of the final 19 games (giving him 35 wins), does he get into the Top 3 in Calder voting?


Michael Frolik is now nine games without a point in Chicago. Now it's just getting funny to watch. This is a former 45-point rookie who took his sophomore slump and turned it into a third-year disaster.


Marek Zidlicky has just one point in six games since returning to the lineup. A sluggish start,he obviously needs a few more games to find the magic.


Brad Richardson picked up two more points before he goes - from the first line, that is. That's Dustin Penner's spot I'm sure.


After a 9-1-1 run, Jonathan Quick got the hook last night, giving up six goals on 24 shots.


Milan Hejduk has two points in his last nine games.


Many in the media and blogosphere and around the web blame Dale Tallon for Chicago's tight cap situation and any bad moves/late faxes. But I think he's brilliant. He won that Cup for Chicago. And late faxed qualifying offers - do you really think GM's fax their own stuff? He fell on the sword for that one, but let's be realistic, he was protecting his assistant who screwed up. The buck stops with the GM, so in the end it's on him. But believe me, that wasn't his miscue. So he wins the Blackhawks the Cup and Stan Bowman gets the glory. Now, Bowman did well in the offseason clearing cap space, but would Tallon have dealt Byfuglien? Or would he have found a way to trade Brian Campbell? We'll never know. But in this situation, signing Brent Seabrook puts Stan Bowman in a hole that can only be dug out of again with a Brian Campbell trade/burial in the minors.


But I digress - what I mean to say is, Florida is in good hands. But I don't think they can survive the next two years having the worst team in the NHL as they slowly build their juggernaut. But if they can, their patience will be rewarded. Chicago was horrible for a few years, if you remember, but you saw the promise in them leading up to their breakout.


Jiri Hudler continues to role and I kick myself over my missed opportunity. I had a chance to sell-high on Lidstrom and acquire Hudler and Purcell. I turned that down in favor of Tarasenko and Gagne back in January. Six weeks later...both Hudler and Purcell have been going nutty, Tarasenko has only just returned from his shoulder injury suffered the day after my trade, and Gagne has been ho-hum. I'll be looking at what could have been for years to come, I think. Only Tarasenko can make me forget, if he does what I hope.


Jimmy Howard signed a two-year, $4.5 million extension yesterday, indicating that his agent has a brain. Some agents don't, you see. Such as Anson Carter's, or Evgeni Nabokov's. If you have a meal ticket, you damn well better make the most of it.


Eric Staal will play tonight, telling the News Observer that he feels good.


I don't believe Sergei Samsonov will get more than nine points down the stretch for Florida, as his NHL career winds down. Just sayin', in case you're wonderin'.


Guillaume Latendresse's return to the lineup will be delayed. The conditioning just isn't there. Look for another three weeks yet...


Good morning! I had one trade deadline, of which I am commish, last night and I have a second one today. Thus the lateness in the ramblings. I did no deals last night, but had an offer declined and I chose not to increase it any further. What was turned down: my Goligoski, Stepan, Anderson, Weiss, a second rounder in '13 for Krejci, Kaberle, Edler and Raymond. It was a deal for the playoffs, strictly points pool - he is not making our Top 8, which gets into the playoffs. I'd gain two Bruins and two Canucks, and give up some pretty kick-ass assets in my opinion. Should he have walked? He said it was a deal he would do in the summer, but for the present he felt I should pay more. I felt I was already paying more and there was no way I would do this deal in the summer - no chance. My playoff team consists of Crosby, Letang, Jeffrey, Stepan, Carter, Laich, Gagne, Crawford, Bickell, Horton, Couture, Price, AK47, Pouliot - so pretty lean for a 25-man roster. I did need the playoff help. If Calgary makes it you can add Bourque and Stajan, if Dallas makes it you can add Goligoski. Your thoughts? Should I have walked? Or was he crazy?


Look at this beauty from undrafted prospect Marek Hrivik. The 19-year-old should be a mid-rounder this summer, I would think:



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Mike said:

player agents "list" Dobber - to add to your BAB, and Windex Wonders lists, how about a new list that identifies all the players that have parlayed careers into nothing by pricing themselves out of a job? Don't know what to call it though.

You've identified some (Carter, Nabokov) but I'm sure there are others. Yashin? etc
March 01, 2011
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ktox said:

Frolik I thought Frolik to CHI was a great move and snapped him off the wire. That didn't last long and he's now back there.

I play in a single season league so he has no value to me. For keeper leaguers, I would have thought that he has a good shot next year as CHI will have to shed some salary somewhere and spots should open in the top six.
March 01, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Brutal 48 hours for Vokoun keeper owners So I drafted Vokoun in a couple keeper leagues at the start of the season in his final UFA year in FLA. At the time, several of the top teams didn't have a lockdown #1 in net (DET, CHI, SJ, PHI, WAS). Now Howard has re-signed for 2 years, Niemi for 4 years, Crawford is on fire.

I guess I have to cross my fingers that either PHI or WAS fails miserably enough in the playoffs to suggest that either of those teams should pay Vokoun $4m for 2-3 seasons.

Oh please, somebody tell me that Vokoun will land somewhere nice on July 1.
March 01, 2011
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LuckyLuke said:

Frolik Dobber what do you think of Frolik? Will he turn it around or run to Europe next season? I own him in keeper league, should I git rid of him? I would get probably some draft pick, not significant one, but at least something.
March 01, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

Hrivik.. Funny coincidence...i have checked the stats of my fellows Slovaks in CHL (and AHL) just a couple of hours ago. I don't check it too often, maybe once a month and what really surprised me was his production and then i realized that he has not been drafted yet...
March 01, 2011 | url
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sasquatch said:

Rankings are the rankings up today or will we wait until tomorrow due to all the trade deadline news which needs to be digested?

I have some desire to see some of my boys rise in the rankings, what else can i hope for when im in 9th and out of contention smilies/cry.gif
March 01, 2011
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Jon Dey said:

Fickle Fans and Fantasy GMs....Chicago If Crawford tops the 30win mark let alone 35, give him the Calder. I am a Skinner fan, as he was my guy. But short of topping 70pts, he does not even get consideration compared to 35W. And that is still a distant second in my books, unless he has 35 goals.

Talon was on am640 with the clowns, recapping the moves FLA made. They questioned the position CHI is in with Campbell, as does everybody! Talon's reply - they WON THE CUP didn't they. How fickle do you have to be when one of your main D, overpriced or not, helps put you over the top, and you forget it immediately the next season? How long was that cup drought Chitown? Want another?

Dustin Byfdsfakdf;aldkfjdkf- That guy. ATL likes him a lot. But they overpaid. I don't see him as a consistant 55-60pt guy. He is useful, but the money is too much IMO. Next year will prove me wrong or not. Consistancy is what you should pay top dollar for, not hopes and prayers. There is a collection plate at the local church for those that want to give it away.
March 01, 2011
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Ballsakic said:

Hudler I picked up Hudler when you were high on him about a month or so ago.
I dropped him for Foresberg . Luckily I was able to drop fores and pick him up again.
He has been thriving with Cleary and Dats.
March 01, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

Trade offer.. He lost a lot by not accepting the offer...
March 01, 2011 | url
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Repent Tokyo said:

i would not have done that deal with you i don't think you were offering enough.
March 01, 2011
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Todd Whittington said:

I would have... I would have held you to the 11th hour trying to drag more out of you and then made it if i couldnt.

Long term your offer was a substantial overpayment.

I agree with him that more could have been paid based on your need but at the end of the day his need should have overruled his desire to drag more out of you right before the time when the trade was 100% lost.

just my opinion.
March 01, 2011
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