I have to wonder how Chicago thinks they can afford to sign another high-salary player? Seabrook may be worth $5.8 million (I would have kept it down to $5 million, were I the GM, but it's close enough), but on this team that has been fighting the cap for almost a year - doesn't make sense. They have nine players signed for next year who add up to $47 million. Think about that - nine players, $47.5 million. Let's say the cap goes up to $62 million, which is generous... they need their other 13 players to add up to $14.5 million. Good luck with that. How badly do the Hawks want to shed Brian Campbell's salary?


The first thing to jump out at me last night was Erik Condra. He had 21 minutes of ice time for Ottawa and scored twice, giving him four points in his six-game NHL career. He was a seventh-round pick in 2006 and I think he has Peter Regin similar upside (mid-60s).


Nik Zherdev got back into the Philly lineup after seeing that no other team would pick him up for free. He saw nearly 17 minutes of ice time but still came up empty. Hardly any PP time though.


It took about 50 recalls, but Erik Gustafsson finally dressed for the Flyers. The offensive rearguard was sparsely used on the power play though.


Chris Pronger missed the game with a swollen hand.


In five games since Jarkko Ruutu was dealt, Ryan Shannon has four points. On this makeshift Ottawa team, he's seeing a good 18 minutes a game so if you need a winger, he should suffice.


Eight points in his last seven games for Bobby Butler, the subject of my THN article yesterday.


In Ottawa, Craig Anderson has allowed just five goals on 140 shots and he's 3-1-0 behind mostly up-and-coming AHLers. Fantastic


The more I think about it and the more I see Alex Goligoski play in Dallas, the more I start to be convinced that he's going to be "the man" there much like Keith Yandle in Phoenix. He has three points in three games now for his new club, something he probably wouldn't produce in Pittsburgh with Kris Letang ahead of him. More importantly, Dallas has won the last two games with him in the lineup. Impressive, considering Brad Richards is out. Time will tell if Goligoski is another Yandle, or if he's merely a James Wisniewski (i.e. streaky).


In the last six games, Windex Wonder Sergei Kostitsyn has just two points and has taken just three shots. That's not what players do when they are seeing 17 minutes of ice time. Shoot the puck! It's simple.


Jamie Langenbrunner has nine points in 20 games for Dallas. That's the same pace as in New Jersey, although his plus/minus is much better now.


Three games into his NHL career and Jonathon Blum is still looking for his first point.


Since the Shattenkirk trade, John-Michael Liles has five points in three games. Remember, he was sizzling hot to start the year, while Shatty was playing in the minors.


Dion Phaneuf is playing much better hockey. Not just his 10 points in his last 17 games, but he's starting to focus on just hitting the damn net, something that he misses an obscene amount of time. A good sign.


Mark Letestu was back in the lineup and tallied two points


James Neal is pointless in two games for the Penguins.


New PIT line combos: Staal, with Neal and Kovalev; Jeffrey with Cooke and Dupuis; Letestu with Talbot and Conner.


I can't believe the Penguins sent down Brett Sterling over Joe Vitale. Five points in seven games, thanks for coming out Brett. I get the feeling he could have 10 points in those seven games and they'd still send him down. Did he sleep with the wife of someone in Pittsburgh's head office?


Another Windex Wonder (and another Kostitsyn - is streakiness hereditary?) Andrei Kostitsyn is on a three-game points streak. One's hot, one's cold, lending credence to the theory that there is indeed only one Kostitsyn and he takes turns playing for different cities.


Since returning from his leg injury, Brandon Dubinsky has just five points in 11 games. He also went a game without a shot on goal for the second and third times all season in that span (February 20 and 13).


Mike Modano was back in the lineup for Detroit, playing nearly 14 minutes and seeing second-unit PP duty. He had four shots on goal.


With his wife going into labor, Johan Franzen will not play for Detroit on Monday night.


Detroit line combos with Filps and Modano back: Datsyuk with Cleary and Hudler; Zetterberg with Cleary and Bertuzzi; Filppula with Holmstrom and Modano


Interesting that to make room for those two, the Wings scratched Drew Miller - for a game in which they were playing against his brother Ryan.


A lot of people are bandying about the name "Brayden Schenn" when they speak of the Kings and some of their great assets they can move. But forgotten is Tyler Toffoli, who was their second-round pick last summer. Toffoli leads the OHL in goals with 50 (in 60 games) and he's second in points with 95.


Blake Geoffrion played the big five minutes in his NHL debut for the Preds yesterday. C'mon, I know you have to ease youngsters into the lineup, but nine shifts? Be serious.


Jack Skille has a high ankle sprain. It would not surprise me if we don't see him again this season. Unfortunate - I would love to get more of a feel as to how he is fitting in with Dale Tallon's new team. It will be tough to project for him next year for Guide - I hate using the obvious, cookie-cutter projections (say - 25 points). I love going out on a limb, but I haven't seen any reason to with Skille.


Kings prospect Andrei Loktionov is probably out for the season after being hit into the boards Friday night. Shoulder injury.


Mark Streit is back practicing with the team, but no contact. I'd guess another three weeks, so he gets in about 10 games.


I love that/hope that Tim Kennedy gets a shot with the Panthers. I think he'll surprise, but will reserve judgment until he plays some games.


Calgary has recalled Greg Nemisz. He has yet to play an NHL game.


Komisarek teases Plekanec:



Konopka feeds Hendricks:



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tim crowell said:

Blackhawk salary strategy You wonder what the Hawks thinking is regarding salary but it seems pretty obvious. Win right now and dump salary when your hair is on fire. A lot of people were really upset with the NHL salary cap that it punishes success because the Hawks had to break up a successful team. But Chicago knew that was going to happen and decided to go for anyway. Other teams don't just for that reason. Luckily they won a cup and got something to show for their risktaking.
February 27, 2011
Votes: +1

Heaton said:

Chicago's cap situation Chicago's biggest mistake lately was signing Hossa to a lifetime deal. It's a great caphit for someone of his caliber, but Chicago did not need him. Just like Detroit didn't need him and let him walk for a more important piece (Franzen).

From a Chicago perspective who would you rather have Hossa? Or Byfuglien + Ladd/Versteeg? Seems like a no brainer to me.
February 27, 2011
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Tim said:

James Wisniewski Hey stop picking on my buddy Wisniewski. As a Habs fan, I couldn't be happier with the play of James Wisniewski. He's been on a 60 point pace and has not gone three games without scoring at least one point since joining the Canadiens in December. I'm not sure what else you could ask from the guy since he joined the Canadiens, he's currently sitting in 10th in scoring for all defenseman.

Now as far as Kostitsyn goes, guilty on all charges!
February 27, 2011
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MachineGunJeanMaurice said:

Yeah, I'd cry too... ...if the only guys I could take on were the size of Tomas Plekanec. Oh, no, that's right he also can take on Lucic...or maybe not. Komisarek is one of the biggest "faux-tuffs" of this league. Same as Max Lapierre. He's all talk.

February 27, 2011
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DuklaNation said:

... A play last night that symbolizes his career to date for Zherdev. Makes a nice to move to create space high inside the FO circle. Instead cutting into the slot to get a high quality shot off, he dishes off to the point man for a low % shot. Why? Doesnt want to get hit. He's worthless in the NHL.
February 27, 2011
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Dobber said:

... cleary - yeah, I found that strange, but obviously they switched up the lines halfway through the game - but the lines are per Frozen Pool. Actual data was used for this. Drew Miller: healthy scratch officially, though I'm sure the bruise was part of the reason http://www.forecaster.ca/inter...g.cgi?3421
February 27, 2011
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JW said:

maya has the knife
Hendricks What a bonehead. What was he thinking taking on that freak Konopka? Now he's wearing his ass for a hat.
February 27, 2011
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Sam said:

Miller Drew Miller missed the game with a thigh bruise is the reason he did not play-he was not healthy scratch. Franzen was with Zetterberg and Bertuzzi
February 27, 2011
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Dave said:

clearly cleary doesn't Play on two lines? awesome! I'm gonna pick him up!
February 27, 2011
Votes: +1

Mr Sausage said:

Komisarek That was the best thing he's done as a Leaf since he signed. Well worth the huge overpayment that is his contract.
February 27, 2011
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