Angus here - the Rangers have acquired Bryan McCabe in exchange for Tim Kennedy and a 3rd round pick. Not much value for a decent top four defenseman - nice move by Sather. I'll have the fantasy breakdown up tonight.


Dobber: Interesting waiver movement today. Washington has claimed Marco Sturm, which is nice news for Sturm owners. The Blues placed Ty Conklin on waivers, indicating confidence in Bishop. The Flyers claimed Nick Boynton and the Blue Jackets claimed Craig Rivet. Pascal Leclaire, Nathan Lawson and Robby Schremp are among those placed on waivers along with Conklin.


Chicago is close to re-signing Brent Seabrook to a massive extension. According to Bob McKenzie, the cap hit could be north of $5.5 million per season.


Nashville has recalled Blake Geoffrion and he'll play in Dallas tonight.


Ben Bishop had a 39 save shutout last night for the Blues – he and Devan Dubnyk squared off in one of the tallest goaltending duels in recent memory (6’8” Bishop vs. 6’6” Dubnyk).


Patrik Berglund has increased his keeper league value tremendously over the past month – another two point effort for him last night.


Chris Stewart recorded his third multi-goal game since the trade.


Pietrangelo left the game with an injury.


Blake Wheeler had a great game for the struggling Thrashers last night, scoring a goal on one of his seven shots.


Erik Karlsson has the potential to be a special player, but his defensive game is atrocious right now.


Devils rookie d-man Mark Fayne has six points in his past 10 games. I haven’t seen much of him, but he’s getting ice time because of the struggles (offensively) of Andy Greene as well as the injury to Matt Taormina.


Svatos had three shots on goal in just under 15 minutes of ice time.


I have started compiling some initial players for my 2010-11 Prime Cuts team. This is far and away my favourite column to write each and every year.


Standard keeper league, no positional requirements – do you take Tyler Seguin or Jeff Skinner?


Matt Calvert scored his first career hat trick last night (a natural one, to boot). He’s been on my radar since last April. Reminds me a lot of Oshie/Parise – tenacious, smart, crafty, and skilled. He’s ahead of where I was expecting, but it is nice to see a hunch pay off early.


Calvert also added an assist and seven shots on goal.


Derek MacKenzie had two helpers – he skated on a line with Calvert and RJ Umberger. MacKenzie has six points in six games, and he is worth owning with Brassard out.


Brian Boyle scored his 20th goal of the season last night for the Rangers.


Derek Stepan had a goal and an assist, and he knocked Mike Green out of the game with a vicious head shot.


Mike Green left the game and looked to have suffered a concussion.


Erik Christensen had four points for the Rangers. In his previous 19 games, he had a combined three points.


Cory Stillman was pointless in his Carolina season debut. He played over three minutes on the PP.


Jeff Skinner saw only 14 minutes of ice time – his lowest total in the past month.


Eric Staal left the game with an injury after a hit from Matt Niskanen. Nothing further on his status, yet.


David Schlemko has goals in consecutive games.


Ondrej Pavelec left the Atlanta game last night with a minor injury, but he shouldn’t miss any time.


Per Bob McKenzie, the Leafs are interested in Stephen Weiss. He’d be a great fit in Toronto, even if the cost would be two late first round picks. The odds of one of those picks turning into a Weiss is very low. He wouldn’t be a rental either – a legit top line center when paired with the right winger(s).


Another prospect I really like is Boston’s Ryan Spooner. He has quite a few players to leapfrog on the depth chart, but he’s having a fantastic season in the OHL.


Stepan’s hit – definitely a response to a cross-check earlier in the shift:

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Larry said:

history repeating Until the NHL gets serious about suspensions and fines for violent acts-the NHL players will seek their own vengance a la Bertuzzi/Moore, NYI's/Talbot. Due in part to the retarded instigator penalty the players are likely to use more than their fists to even up the score. We wont ever be able to eliminate all concussions,but the violent retribution hits are brought on by the NHL managements own ineptitude.
February 26, 2011
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Todd MacKay said:

Concussions.. Maximus:

Check out this site, it's definitely going up:

Very informative..

I hope Messier (or someone) is on to something about building better helmets smilies/sad.gif
February 26, 2011 | url
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Sterling?! "The Pittsburgh Penguins have re-assigned forward Brett Sterling to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton of the American Hockey League, it was announced by executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero.

Sterling has appeared in seven games for Pittsburgh this season, recording three goals and five points. "

I felt the same way about Sterling as you did Dobber. That he would be very difficult to send down because of his play and scoring touch. I am baffled by this one unless WBS is gearing up for a big game and they need scoring there. Shero made a couple of nice moves this week and then this one comes along and makes no sense. Unless it's a quick send down and call back up, Sterling is done in Pittsburgh.

He was not in the lineup last night against CAR but i never found out why because the Pens broadcast didn't come on until the end of the first so i was watching FSN Carolina.

Any word?
February 26, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Concussions @ Pengwin
I had to throw that in there just for all the Caps fans (figure pointed squarely at Lanky) that think their team is a bunch of angels and doesn't deserve anything bad to happen to them. by no means do i wish a concussion on anyone, even Caps or Flyers or Leafs.

i hate how many guys are going down from concussions and how frequent it seems to be happening.

Anyone know the stats on concussions? are they actually up or is it the media that makes it seem like there is 1 concussion in every single game?!

February 26, 2011
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Bender said:

Blum Does Nashville trading Sulzer affect Blum?
February 26, 2011
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Kudelski's Krushers said:

Kudelskis Krushers
Eric Staal Out Mo says he's not concussed. Ruutu will centre top line with Skinner sliding in at L2 C. Likely going to be a lot of line juggling though.
February 26, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

i would take skinner no question.
February 26, 2011
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Puckhead said:

Stepan hit... I would agree that Stepan gets a game suspension, but it could very well end up being as many as 3. Given that Green cross checked him earlier in the shift, you can see Stepan get up and look back, made the mental note that it was #52, and gave it back as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

That type of retribution type retaliation, is something they have to get a handle on, specifically when it targets the head.

As is usually the case with these types of hits, the injury is not what Stepan was hoping for, but the punishment needs to become more black and white, and much more consistent. Nobody can figure out what the suspensions will be, or even if it will be a suspension. If the NHL, and Colin Campbell, are not going to factor in potential injury time in the suspension, which I understand would be impossible, then clean it up, with more sever fines/suspensions. I mean, when I hear of a player getting a $1000 fine, when the league minimum is $500,000...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???
February 26, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Good Stuff Angus - damn, man... another super solid summary of player notes! These are outstanding and so well organized. Man I love the daily ramblings.

Karlsson - he's not good defensively. The team overall is bad. There is lots of grey area to argue here. Karlsson is still young. At least his minus numbers aren't ridiculously off the team's mean +/- numbers the way Fowler's are.

Maximus - Great summary. I agree 100%. Your first two paragraphs make a great, well-written post. That would have been a nice end to the comment. smilies/wink.gif
February 26, 2011
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agentzero said:

stepan v green Green: 2 Min Minor Penalty, cross-checking or boarding, take your pick.

Stepan: S U S P E N S I O N
February 26, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Stepan After watching that replay a few times, I would have to say that I could see Stepan missing a game 1 game for the hit only because it was to the head. I don't think he meant for it to be as vicious as it turned out, I think it was more of a missed timed hit than a flying elbow. Stepan seemed to take his eye off Green to look at the puck and in doing so mis-timed Green leaning on him and he followed through on his hit too early cause his elbow to come up.

Was it in retaliation to the cross check? Of course however I believe it was just terrible timing on Stepan's part and really unlucky for Green, obviously, but not intent to injure.

I guess that's what happens to a team that takes a ton of liberties out on the ice, what goes around comes back around.
I can't wait for all of the Caps homers (lanky inparticular) to come on here fuming about the hit and how Stepan should get 10 games and intent to injure poor innocent Mike Green and blah blah blah.

Here comes the Karma train...
February 26, 2011
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Anze said:

... I expect to see a few of my players as Prime Cuts this year, some I drafted because of your advice. Yandle, Giroux, Kesler. Of course Crosby would have been the primest if not for his concussion. Thanks for the good work Angus.
February 26, 2011
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Derrek said:

@John Casey
Although head shots are a disgrace, Green got what was coming to him. A player being cross checked can just as easily get a concussion if the body is positioned unfavorably.

I am sorry but you are wrong. You are going to tell me Moore had it coming when Bertuzzi went after him?
Whatever might happen from a cross check from behind, that now entitles you to knock a guy out? That elbow/hit is no different then throwing a punch to the head (unless I see another angle that can make it look like it wasn't an intentional elbow to the head).

And the refs are even worse, allowing a tit for tat? If stepan had stayed down, Green would have been suspended, (cuz the NHL suspends for injuries more than anything else.) He sees no call on the play and exacts revenge, and not the good ol' NHL way which envolves taking your elbow pads off, not using them as a weapon.
February 26, 2011
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B.Hendy said:

... Pieterangelo came back to play in the 3rd...seems o.k.
February 26, 2011
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paul said:

... the ranger coverage during the game mentioned that Christensen went to coach Tortarella and said 'i feel great coach and i think i can make a difference tonight'. Looks like he was right...

also for those who don't follow the best young blueline in the NHL

the NYR shutout the caps without Marc Staal

Ryan McDonaugh played a ton of minutes opposite Ovechkin and didn't look too shabby. I bet montreal could use him right about now considering how many guys they have who are 35+
February 26, 2011
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Mr Susage said:

Karlsson Yes his defensive game is struggling now but in all fairness all of the Ottawa Senators are atrocious defensively this year. A product of the coaching system perhaps? What do you think when you here the names Chris Philips and Daniel Alfredsson? You think two very defensively sound players. Philips this season is a -27 and Alfredsson is -19 and that would probably be more if he wasn't hurt. To say those two are terrible defensively would not be factual. In fact Kuba, Philips, Karlsson, and Gonchar, their top 4 defensemen, and the ones who play the most minutes are a combined -98 with Gonchar the best of them at -16. To single out Karlsson, while fair in some respects, doesn't give the whole picture. It's a team game and the whole team can't defend.
February 26, 2011
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Brayden said:

... How isn't there a penalty called on that play. Nothing for the crosscheck, nothing for the elbow to the head? WTF are the refs watching out there?
February 26, 2011
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John Casey said:

... - No knock on Skinner but Tyler Seguin will be better.

- Would you jump on the Calvert bandwagon if the price was Frolik?

- Although head shots are a disgrace, Green got what was coming to him. A player being cross checked can just as easily get a concussion if the body is positioned unfavorably.
February 25, 2011
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