Dustin Jeffrey is playing tonight for Pittsburgh.


The Kings have waived Marco Sturm. A trade on the way, perhaps?


DobberNation for February is now posted. Check it out.


Brent Lemon’s piece for Puck Daddy yesterday was phenomenal. Check it out here.


Cody Hodgson has played about 10 combined minutes over the past two games. He hasn’t been particularly bad, but with Sedin/Kesler/Malhotra ahead of him, the ice time is tough to find. Look for Vancouver to add a center at the deadline.


My fantasy mailbag is open all day today! Ask any and all fantasy hockey questions here! Answers coming in the evening.


Spring Training is in full swing…. Pop over to DobberBaseball for all of your baseball needs! Two puns in one sentence… not bad!


The Flyers haven’t lost to the Islanders at home in almost four years… Even if it is the Islanders, it’s an impressive statistic considering the two teams play in the same division.


Bobrovsky had another very solid game for the Flyers.


Hamonic and MacDonald combined for almost 50 minutes of ice time last night for the Isles. Both players had an assist. With Streit back later this season and/or next year and a whack of cap space (not that they will uyse it), and things are shaping up nicely on the back end.


Tavares and Okposo combined for 12 shots on goal.


Bartulis is out for the season with a shoulder injury, and Pronger left the game last night with a hand injury. Philadelphia will definitely be in the market for a defenseman. Adam Foote rumors were swirling… he would be a good fit there.


Speaking of swirling rumors, Darren Dreger made mention of JM Liles-to-Toronto rumors. I wonder if Colorado would be willing to give him up below value to get rid of his contract (which isn’t all that bad).


Liles is a solid defenseman – he hasn’t meshed well with Joe Sacco, but he is a great skater and he sees the ice really well. Would be a nice replacement as a puck-mover for Kaberle.


Michael Grabner hasn’t scored in five games. He had eight goals in the five games before his recent slump.


Claude Giroux could break 80 points this season. He continues to amaze me each time I watch him play – few players consistently make the kinds of plays in the offensive zone that he does.


Mike Modano is playing on Saturday for Detroit.


Dallas looked much better last night – the return of Adam Burish seemed to provide a spark. Kari Lehtonen was sensational as well. I’m surprised more isn’t being made with regards to how healthy he has been this season.


Brad Richards won’t play before Monday’s trade deadline. My hunch – he isn’t dealt. Stephen Weiss is the crown jewel of available centers.


Jamie Benn is poised for a huge 2011-12. He can play all three forward positions and in all three situations on the ice (PK, five on five, and PP). He had an assist and logged over 20 minutes last night. I don’t think that Richards and Ribeiro will both be around next season… opening the door for Benn.


Alex Goligoski had a good game for Dallas – he opens up a lot of ice with his ability to pinch and skate with the puck. He had a helper and played 23 minutes.


Phil Kessel is on fire right now – I traded for him a few days ago and am reaping the rewards. He wasn’t the centerpiece of the trade, but I improved my depth immensely in a one year roto league.


The full trade was: Ryan, Salo, Grabovski, Penner, and Purcell for Versteeg, Kessel, Carlson, Pietrangelo, Heatley, and Skinner.


Alex Auld was brutal for Montreal, allowing three goals on nine shots. Do they add a goalie at the deadline?


Max Pacioretty scored his first in five games.


I’m surprised that James Wisniewski has only 28 penalty minutes through 54 games this season. He won’t be fighting any time soon either with the full cage on…


Tyler Bozak had 14 straight pointless games before his three-point effort last night. I’m not sure how many teams would continue to give 18-20 minutes of quality minutes to an offensive forward who goes 14 games without a single point…


Weiss to Toronto seems like a good fit (depending on the cost). He’s young, solid at both ends of the ice, a good leader, and versatile. Seems like the kind of player a young team could build around. On the other hand, Weiss is probably tired of missing out on the playoffs.


Sami Salo definitely hasn’t lost his shot:


Giroux… more than just an offensive wizard:

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Bender said:

Blum Does the Sulzer trade actually open a full time spot to Blum, or do Nashville still have the depth to keep him in the minors?

Studley, since when did Peter Condra return to the NHL?
February 25, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

February 25, 2011
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Patrick Dunphy said:

Leafs PP jon dey - I agree with you sentiment about trading kabby & looking for a younger kabby clone. that said, the PP was working last night.
February 25, 2011 | url
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Jon Dey said:

Various... Lehtonen - nobody is saying anything because they don't want to jinx it.

lol@praba - exactly what went through my mind...subbing in another choice word for 'heck'. Angus - Please tell me this deal was done by taking candy from a baby. the loss of respect I would have for you in that situation is a lot less than the loss of respect I have for an adult who offers you that.

Kessel - I kept the faith on Kessel. Even traded for him when value was low. Getting really rewarded.

J-M Liles - I like Burke a lot. And have kept the faith, being a in-depth fantasy GM and liking the depth moves he has made. Like getting 5 quality goalies in the system, while many questioned why, especially the general public. BUT I have to ask, why deal Kaberle, who wanted to stay, to turn around (supposedly) and look for a clone of the DMAN you just got rid of? THAT I don't agree with. Fine you switch out a slightly older DMAN for a younger, but lesser, DMAN with a little more term and upgrade your pick. But that is a gamble and a half when you are on the brink of a playoff spot for the first time in 5 years and the dead PP was just starting to get going. My hopes is that the JML rumours are just that. Started by some random speculative yahoo, and that Burke is keeping is trap shut about a particular player. My thought/hope was Seabrook. Comparable money to Kabby, bigger, tougher, truculant! But what do you trade? The other reason is that CHI doesn't make this move till the last possible minute being as far removed from playoffs as possible before making an impact deal like that.

Auld - has to be rusty or something given how many games Price plays. Rusty or drunk on Rusty Nails.

Weiss to T.O. - please not for much. He is pretty good, but injury prone. Isn't likely to break 70. AM640 was floating both firsts for him. DUMB! But that is what you expect from that quality of newscasters. Why they are in radio and no longer in the NHL's employ. One first I could maybe stomach if he can click with Kessel to put them in the playoffs. More than that and I'd start lighting torches...yes, we'll have to see. But looks really dumb at one 1st, suicidal at two 1sts.

Jamie Benn - I still don't get the Goligoski/Neal deal! What did DAL honestly gain?

Bozak - is far better than he has been. Don't be a fickle like a leaf fan (is there any other kind?) and give up on him too early.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
February 25, 2011
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Ryan said:

... Are trade analyses of yesterdays other trades going to be posted at all in the near future?
February 25, 2011
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studley49 said:

Ottawa Wow... look at tonight's projected lineup for the Sens.

Michalek - Spezza - Butler
Svatos - Foligno - Shannon
Greening - Smith - Condra
Lessard - Locke - Wick

Huge boost for Svatos if he takes over Kovalev's ~18 minutes/game with time on the PP2 unit.

Nice to see Wick getting a shot to show his stuff, though I'd rather see the Sens call up Mike Hoffman and throw him in a top-9 slot. He's supposed to be an offensive player, so why not give him a chance?
February 25, 2011
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Patrick Dunphy said:

Hockey Etiquette for the Uninitiated lol @ pengwin7 - that topic could use a board to itself.. I'm forever trying to correct some of my wife's errr behavoir when watching games - "Where's he from?" "Is he married?" "That city doesn't even get snow" "does he have kids?" "is he a nice guy?" But the absolute worst foul of hers is changing channels when something significant is about to happen - a breakout, powerplay or someone winding up for a one timer... so infuriating!

But in her defense she sometimes comes up with beauties - earlier when Kadri was called up for a few games he couldn't stay upright to save his life & was falling down all over the ice. "whats with that guy? did he win a contest to be a leaf tonight?" LOL.. yeah something like that.

but you know the saying - happy wife.. happy life.
February 25, 2011 | url
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Jeff Angus said:

... Repent - the deal was proposed to me. I didn't even come up with it.
February 25, 2011
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Andrew K said:

Lehtonen ...Because we're all holding our breath waiting for him to get injured.
February 25, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

Angus What kind of a wading pool league do you play in where you are able to completely fleece someone like that?
February 25, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Talking Trades It took me years, but I finally trained my wife that when discussing a game score - you always say the higher score first. I have never, ever, ever met a true sports fan who says "Oh ya, the final score was 1-4". It sounds ridiculous.

So, on a flip note... unless the last two pieces of that trade were a poster of the rock band Hedley and a poster of Principal Skinner - the trade should be announced in a better order:

Ryan, Grabovski, Penner, Purcell, and Salo
Heatley, Skinner, Kessel, Versteeg, and Pietrangelo, Carlson

This trade is ridiculous.
I'm guessing there might have been a rub-down coupon included on the side... yes?
February 25, 2011
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Craig Miles said:

... exactly what i was thinking you killed in that trade even in a one year
February 25, 2011
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praba said:

... how the heck did you pull off:

Ryan, Salo, Grabovski, Penner, and Purcell for Versteeg, Kessel, Carlson, Pietrangelo, Heatley, and Skinner
February 25, 2011
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