Time to sell high on Luongo in a one-year league? Perhaps. The Canucks are down four defensemen and there is no timetable for the return of Dan Hamhuis.


We have some exciting news - a few DobberHockey vets have taken on the task of putting together their Top 100 Roto Players list. Click on the link to the left (or here) to access the new list. You will be impressed!


Caught food poisoning last night and had to stop writing at this point. So here is what I have so far, and I'll try to get back at it after lunch.


Both Pacioretty and Cammalleri were back in practice yesterday. From what I gather, Pacioretty will be back next game and I'm guessing Cammy is still a good week away.


Pittsburgh prospect goalie Brad Thiessen was the AHL player of the week. His numbers down there: 22-5-3, 1.87 and 0.925. He turns 25 next month. Unless Fleury or Johnson get hurt, I don't see him catching a break. But he's certainly earned one, and he's passed John Curry on the depth chart again.


Does this not sound like a concussion? Teams are so afraid to say that word. Brad Richards owners - be worried.


There is a flu bug going around the Blackhawks dressing room. Patrick Kane is among the victims. I think he'll play, but don't count on 100%. Then again, these athletes seem to explode for five goals when they're feeling their worse, so this info is probably no help.

Hilarious trivia answer, via Puck Daddy:


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mike hess said:

Wilson Wilson's reputation is for working with young players, given the on going tinkering by Burke and draft picks the Leafs will be a young team for a long time.

Of course the fact that Burke has only ever fired one coach, Mike Keelan, makes his pulling the trigger on his friend Ron Wilson all the more unlikely.

Besides, making the playoffs required scoring goals and the Leafs just didn't/don't have the numbers or the talent to do enough of that.

Read more at Suite101: Toronto Maple Leafs' Ron Wilson: Should He Stay or Should He Go? http://www.suite101.com/conten...z1E4YcT3Mr
February 15, 2011
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DonCoburleone said:

Richards, NOOOO! That's gotta be a concussion on Richards. I'm sure it will come out sometime in the next couple days. That is going to kill my team! My only other real Center is Mikko Koivu and he isn't exactly having a career year. F*CK!
February 15, 2011 | url
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GMGates said:

... Join the discussion regarding the Top 100 Roto players here
February 15, 2011
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Larry said:

How much bubble wrap... would it take to encase the Nucks dmen?
Alberts out with a broken wrist, the call up: Yann Sauve. Probably not deserved perse- waiver rules dont allow the best players to be called up (Parent would likely get claimed,dmen are in short supply). Yann Sauve's claim to fame- getting hit by a car in training camp (he was in a crosswalk).
At this point a Jyrkki Lumme sighting in Vancouver might start a few thoughts of a comeback.
February 15, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Fire Wilson Love it.
About six years ago I was at a Red Wings/Thrashers game in Atlanta and there were a couple (Detroit) fans wearing the brown paper bags with signs that said "Fire Millen".

The "Fire Wilson" campaign is gaining momentum. I just hope Leaf fans aren't tortured with Wilson as long as Lions fans were tortured with Millen.
February 15, 2011
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Ballsakic said:

Food Poision + Colorado Hope you feel better bro.

Colorado has really turned the corner - the wrong one.
Their Goalie situation may be the worse for wear.
Now I know why Forsberg left.
February 15, 2011
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