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Michael Grabner has points in six straight games. His ice time crept up to 14 minutes last game.


Tobias Enstrom blocked a shot with his hand Saturday and missed Sunday's game. It ended his iron man streak at 296 - he has never missed an NHL game since joining the league. Today we'll find out more - fingers crossed that it's not broken.


Are you watching the Nate Gerbe and Tyler Ennis show? Two points each for them yesterday. They were subjects of my Saturday THN column.


Jacob Markstrom made his NHL debut for the Panthers Sunday, after Clemmensen got the hook after one period. But Markstrom, despite playing better, was saddled with the loss, giving up two goals on 14 shots.


Tomas Vokoun is out with a hand and groin injury. Hmmmm. Naw, a joke here is too obvious.


I had Nick Lidstrom in my keeper league and I got him as a throw-in last year just before he found that other gear. So since I'm well in the Top 8 for our pool (so I quality for the playoff competition) but probably not ready to take a charge at first (just finished a rebuild), I had been shopping Lidstrom and his points for several weeks. Points carry over, so either first/second/third would be interested in his 42 points, or eigth/ninth/10th would be, as they jockey to get into the playoffs. I wound up trading him a couple of days ago for Tarasenko and Gagne. I turned down the original offer of Ryan Ellis, Gagne and two upper/middle draft picks. I turned that down because I already have Enstrom, Goligoski and Letang - and we only need to worry about having two defensemen on our pro, so I'm covered (we'll be moving to four d-men in three or four years). Anyway, the deal pushed Andrei Kostitsyn up to my pro team and I only dropped 15 points - yet added a solid prospect and an underperforming Gagne (buy low).


One of the offers I had turned down was Jiri Hudler and Teddy Purcell. But both of them are now coming off of three-point games. I still prefer the guys I got, but their recent performance certainly makes it closer. Purcell's three points snaps a massive slump - and he's still fourth on the team in scoring.


Speaking of Gagne, two more Sunday give him five in his last seven games. Perhaps he's slowly but surely coming around? The recent poll suggests that DobberHockey readers do not believe he will - too injury prone.


Don't forget - Dobber Nation is back from hiatus, resuming its old 25th release date. That's tomorrow, for those who can't click the little calendar on their PC/laptop. And you can follow host Brian Kom on Twitter at @DobberNation_BK


Ondrej Pavelec was pulled after giving up three quick goals to start the second period. Peter Mannino did no better. Obviously, they'll come back with Pavelec next game I'm sure. What that did was save Pavelec owners from a further shelacking (i.e. me, in one league).


Jeff Carter has 19 points in his last 17 games.


The Carter/Giroux/Zherdev line really clicked Sunday. This bodes very well for Zherdev owners, as I'm sure they'll stick with this combo as long as it's hot. Who do you cover? This line? If you focus on them, then Briere/Leino/Hartnell will burn you. If you focus on both, then Mike Richards is left to run rampant against your third most defensive line. Love this roster.


I've updated the Guardian Project piece with my takes on The Avalanche, the Maple Leaf and the Coyote. And if you haven't read it, I have an interesting take on it, as well as some insider stuff from the Project's Adam Baratta.


Adrian Dater's educated guess - Forsberg will play for the Avs this year and it will be on February 3rd. Dater is the Avs beatwriter. Regardless, I do recommened you ensuring that you pick him up in your league - but then trade him for as much as you can. Do not hang onto him - he'll get you a ton of points here and there, but if you keep him active for 10 games, he'll play five - and two others you'll think he's playing and he won't; and two others you think he won't and he will. Not worth the heartache, I've seen it before.


With 26-year-old rookie Alexander Sulzer posting his first two-point game, perhaps it's the start of a decent run. After all, the Preds are a team who commonly have two or three players going on runs at any given time. Sulzer is a prolific AHL producer and the Preds are giving him secondary PP time.


Lady Byng Trophy: Loui Eriksson. He has 49 points and four PIM.


Zach Boychuk had a hat trick for the AHL's Checkers yesterday. And for the week, Zac Dalpe had a goal and eight assists.


JVR has a lower body injury that kept him out of the lineup yesterday. I would imagine he sits out until after the ASG - that's the smart thing to do.


Dowell vs. Carcillo:



Pekke Rinne's dropped stick stops this one. Does he get credit for a save? It was a shot on goal, and it didn't go in:



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Dobber said:

Mabus Awesome! Wow, nice digging! That almost warrants an article
January 24, 2011
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Curtis Curve said:

Boychuk His lid yesterday has earned him an emergency call-up w/the Canes tonight. He is slated to skate w/Staal and Cole.
January 24, 2011
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Brian said:

Twitter My twitter is @BK_DobberNation -- but you're not mistaken, it got changed.. DobberNation_BK and I had a lot of good times though, lots of nostalgia there.
January 24, 2011 | url
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Mabus said:

... Looking back at some of the reader polls, you are probably better to bet against the masses rather than with them.

I like this one is the one from October 2008 asking "Who is the better LW keeper league stud?" with Vanek winning over Kovalchuk, Semin and Parise.

The "Which young Chicago rearguard would you prefer to own in a keeper?" with Cam Barker winning over Duncan Keith is also right up there.

Or how about Keeper League Points Only, who do you take? with Spezza over Getzlaf.

...and my all time favourite from January 2009 - "Who would you prefer in a keeper league that is points-only?" and by a margin of 74% to 26%, the readers chose Filatov over Stamkos.

Maybe the readers are getting smarter, but usually the smart money is opposes the masses.

January 24, 2011
Votes: +2

Patrick Nolan said:

... Id go with Holtby, who knows when/if Toronto or Minny will be any good and NYI have about 17 goalies. That leaves Holtby, who is behind 2 good, but seemingly injury prone goalies. If Holtby stays healthy then he will be the guy on a good Caps team.
January 24, 2011
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hpooler said:

Goalie Morning Dobber/Angus and readers!
So, quick question to get your monday morning started: say you are in a very deep keeper league and you have a lacking goaltending situation, who would you build on to rebuild: Holtby, Poulin, Reimer or Khudobin? I'd lean towards Holtby, but I wanted to see what you all thinked?

January 24, 2011
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