Now the word from Bob McKenzie is that Nabby will NOT report to Long Island. Whatever. This won't be resolved any time soon. Hang onto all your goalies and make no decisions until you see this is 100 percent finalized.


Nabokov has been claimed by the Islanders and word is that he'll report. So this hurts Poulin for this year - not Howard. Poulin was looking great and I like him better than Nabokov or DiPietro. But may as well take your time with him, since the team isn't going anywhere this season.


Jimmy Howard on the potential Nabokov signing:


““I don’t need anyone to push me. I push myself. I practice hard,” Howard said after the game when asked about Nabokov. “It’s out of my hands. If he can help us, he can help us.””


Speaking of, I will have a column on the signing up later this afternoon. Waiting to see if/when Nabokov clears waivers before putting it together.


Florida defensive call-up Clay Wilson played about nine minutes last night. Over eight of them were on the power play (he was pointless).


Calgary scored seven times on only 19 shots against Andrew Raycroft.


The streaky David Moss has six goals in his past nine games - scoop him up and ride the wave if you need some offense.


Jarome Iginla has nine points in his past seven games. He scored his 20th of the season last night, and is quietly turning around his season after a poor start.


Olli Jokinen has seven in his past six games - he's bumped his "on pace for" from 40 to 50 in the span of a week or so.


Another player on an impressive scoring streak is Mike Ribeiro - points in 11 straight games. With the uncertainty regarding Brad Richards in Dallas, Ribeiro's long-term value should be reasonably high right now. Probably not the best time to trade for him during a point streak, but think about doing it once he cools down.


Max Pacioretty had a strong game for the Habs. He looks considerably better than he did last season – the time in the AHL definitely served him well.


James Wisniewski is on pace for almost 10 goals and over 50 points. He’s been a great fit in Montreal. Is this the kind of production to expect from him if he continues to get placed in an offensive role?


David Desharnais has four points in his last nine games. He has averaged 15 minutes of ice time over his past two, and he has recorded a point in each game.


Dmitri Kulikov missed last night’s game with a minor rib injury.


Ryan Miller has started 24 straight games for the Sabres. Time for a break?


Kyle Okposo recorded an  assist for the Islanders last night.


I mentioned that Michael Grabner was worth picking up if you were lacking in goals – he scored two last night and could hit 30 by the end of the season if he keeps his recent hot streak up.


Travis Hamonic led the Islanders in ice time with nearly 23 minutes. He’s got a ton of upside, more so in real life than fantasy hockey, though.


Nate Gerbe scored twice for the Sabres and played over 20 minutes.


Rob Niedermayer has yet to score a goal in 39 games this season.


Nate Gerbe scores his two goals in five seconds – don’t blink!

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Ryan said:

... @Edm Poulin was in net when the Isles scored their 3rd goal in the second and the eventual game winner, therefore he gets the win. So yes, had Poulin only let in 1 goal Then Lawson would have gotten the win. Also, had Parenteau scored his goal in the 1st period, when Lawson was still in net, and then Poulin let in the 2 goals, then it would have been Lawson that got the win. It is an interesting situation, but personally think it makes the most sense.

@Mabus No these waiver rules aren't new, but just the situation doesn't arise very often, and especially not with a higher profile player like Nabokov. Its has happened before too. On example that comes to mind right now is two years ago when Wade Dubielewicz signed with the Islanders, but then the Blue Jackets claimed him on waivers. The rule is there for a reason, such as to keep teams from stashing players in Europe to then call them over midway through the year to have them play at a reduced cap hit.
January 22, 2011
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Mabus said:

... Is this waivers thing new this year? I don't remember this happening in the past and think it's something that needs to be fixed.

January 22, 2011
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Ballsakic said:

Nabokov wont go to Islanders He can ask for a trade or go on waivers again.

He doesnt want to showcase himself with the Islanders .
This is because he knows he won't look good to any other team
while playing with an inferior team like the Isles.
January 22, 2011
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Ryan said:

Nabokov There's no way the Islanders keep him. He's not gonna want to be there and this is just a move by them to garner more assets
January 22, 2011
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loco man said:

loco man
... Nice work, Gerbe. He's definitely got skills. Still, I expected a lot more out of him this year. I wonder if he will take a step forward next year?
January 22, 2011
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Edm said:

Poulin gets the win Lawson stopped all 10 shots in the first period and the Islanders scored two. Poulin allowed 2 quick goals in the final 5 minutes and gets the win (Islanders win 5-2).
If Poulin had let in fewer goals, would Lawson get the win? (Seems a little twisted in this scenario)

January 22, 2011
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Chris B said:

Gerbe Gerbe scored his 2 goals in 5 seconds. Here is the link:
January 22, 2011
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