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Carolina has returned Zach Boychuk to the minors, implying that Jiri Tlusty gets back in the lineup


With Brandon Dubinsky out for about four weeks with a fracture in his leg, I really like Stepan and MZA to get longer PP looks, as well as Brian Boyle.


Evgeni Malkin will miss Thursday's contest with a leg injury, according to the Post-Gazette. It is my opinion that this leg injury has bothered him all season long. He is a superstar and a 120-point player (or more). When healthy and when he is on, there is nobody better. It's just that those two things rarely happen. Anyway, if you're in a keeper league and you have no shot at a prize this year, then try and scoop Malkin for as cheap as you can. I assure you that his price in his NHL career will not get lower than it is today. Were it not for that leg injury he would have 65 points right now.


The Sens recalled Bobby Butler and he played nearly 19 minutes last night, including secondary PP time. That's great faith they're showing in the guy, and if it continues he will put points on the board eventually.


I had Matt Duchene pegged as an 85-point player when he was drafted. I now believe he's a 90-95 point guy. Huge talent and obviously better than John Tavares at this stage. However, Tavares still has higher upside - 10 or 15 points higher in the long term.


The Sharks have sent Andrew Desjardins, Brandon Mashinter and Justin Braun to the minors, implying that both Wellwood and Eager will be in the lineup next game.


Isn't Wellwood an odd choice for this team? I know that it's funny to keep making the Blues do all the work signing guys and then you just take him from them... but let's be honest - there are 20 Kyle Wellwoods and Marek Svatos' out there. The Blues can do this all day long: Robert Lang, Jason Williams, Miro Satan, Michel Oullet, Simon Gamache, Ladislav Nagy, Janne Pesonen... just keep grabbing fringe guys with third-line upside and a history of putting points on the board. You'll get one of them eventually.


Niklas Backstrom will make the start for the Wild tonight, his first of the New Year.


Zach Bogosian, who was a healthy scratch last game, was practicing at forward because Kane, Thorburn, Modin and Slater are all injured. Ironically, they just traded Ben Eager. I think the Thrashers have something else on the go to land another forward.


The Pens extended Mark Letestu for two years. At this point, it's clear that despite the second-line potential, he will slot in as a third liner and will likely top out at 35 to 40 points at his peak.


Both Max Pacioretty and Mike Cammalleri left last night's contest with injuries. Cammalleri suffered a separated shoulder and will miss two to four weeks. Pacioretty took a Wisniewski shot off the arm, but he reacted like it was a concussion. This opens the door wide for on-the-cusp forwards such as Benoit Pouliot (who missed his second game with the flu), David Desharnais (who scored last night) and Andrei Kostitsyn (who is still trying to climb out of the doghouse).


Pacioretty flew home with the team after being tested.


Luke Adam has been sent back to Portland because Patrick Kaleta returned to the lineup.


JP Dumont tallied a hat trick last night and has five goals in his last two games. Can he keep it up? Of course he can. Will he? Sure, for a week or two. The Preds take turns with their hot runs. Sergei Kostitsyn was the recent man. Now it's Dumont. Overlapping the two is Patric Hornqvist, who scored twice last night. If there was some way you could bench nine Preds and take turns dressing two of them every week, then collectively that would be a pretty awesome two players.


Sergei Shirokov scored in his season debut and did not look out of place. As I noted yesterday, this could be it for him - he needs this, and there is little room for error. He saw 13 minutes of ice time and zero PP time.


Anton Khudobin is looking very good in the Wild net. Both Wild goalies are skating and very close to a return, so Khudobin will probably not be able to win his way into one of their spots.


Linus Omark looked very good in the one period that I watched of that game (the third). Extremely poised, and he was used on the top power play.


This is because Ales Hemsky left the game with a concussion. He apparently suffered it in an earlier game and had been playing with it. Band. Aid. BOY. If Martin Havlat keeps playing games...or Souray is out of the NHL, then Hemsky is certainly up for a job on the Band-Aid Boy executive committee.


By the way, this committee meets once per week to discuss how far different body parts can stretch before snapping, and the precise velocity that a stick needs to hit a skull to give a concussion. Then they use this knowledge to bring us different slants on how they get injured.


Naturally, Hemsky out means lots more opportunity for Mr. Omark, who I think will be the next Hemsky (but hopefully less fragile).


TJ Oshie played 17:53 in his return, but was held without a point. He'll be a few games I'm sure.


Matt D'Agostini took the biggest ice time hit, though he still scored a goal - beware.


Carlo Colaiacovo, of course, left the game. Hit in the face with a puck, this time.


Michal Neuvirth left the game with a LBI after one period. Look for Holtby to get called up. Varlamov will have a run of starts I'm sure.


Last night I posted a thread indicating my need for a new writer here on DobberHockey. Interested in details? It's all here.


As usual, more to come later in the morning...


Parros vs. Carkner:


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Dobber said:

... Rossi - two points
1. Malkin isn't really missing games, so can't really get a BAB status. He plays hurt
2. I've used that excuse and you've heard it so many times...for the last 10 months? Sorry, he's been in the league for how many years now...and I'll use it as an excuse as long as it IS an excuse. You have to see things from my perspective - and that is, that half of you have read me frequently over the last year, but the other half are brand new readers and have never heard this stuff. So what you see as repetitive, because I say it every two or three weeks for the last 10 months, others see for the first time. I'm afraid you're going to keep seeing it until it stops being true. I know you're a bitter Malkin owner, but so am I (in one league).
January 19, 2011
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barneyg said:

Oshie.. ...was the game's 1st star according to Yahoo. He played with Berglund and Sobotka. D'Agostini's TOI may have taken a hit but he was still on the top line with Backes and Steen.
January 19, 2011
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flaupmes said:

... What Rossi said.....
January 19, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Dwyane Wade NBA's Dwyane Wade had a nagging knee injury that he tried to play through in 2007-2008... one of his worst NBA seasons. He tried to play through the pain and was shut down for the end of the season. Knee injuries can be played through - but not without a decrease in stats. Wade led the NBA in scoring in 2008-2009 after rehab to his knee.

So - I'd agree 100% with Dobber. It is a good buy low time on Malkin.
January 19, 2011
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doulos said:

Tavares vs Duchene I'm not sure that Duchene is better than JT even today. 10 more points with 5 games in hand and in their last 15 games each Tavares has 18 points and Duchene has 11. Now that's just one aspect of their game, but I think it's a least a wash, and I would argue given the talent disparity on those 2 clubs, that Tavares is a better player even now.
January 19, 2011
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Rossi said:

Dean Youngblood
Dobber to Malkin's Defence...Again "It is my opinion that this leg injury has bothered him all season long. He is a superstar and a 120-point player (or more). When healthy and when he is on, there is nobody better."

How many times have we heard that Dobber. The fact is that the guy is always banged up and its tiring hearing you use that as an excuse. The Elite players play through that stuff and still find ways to get points.

Malkin is a bandaid trainee for sure and because of that he shouldn't get defended like he does
January 19, 2011
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Dave said:

SPLARF! Malkin Rambling....BARRRF.
January 19, 2011
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Ryan said:

... Bogosian practiced as D today.
January 19, 2011
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Michal Smida said:

MA Bergeron He was scratched last night. Does anyone know if it was healthy scratch or just some sort of injury? After him having just one point out of his first two weeks in AHL i doubt he is gonna be NHL-player anymore.
January 19, 2011 | url
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John said:

... I would like to nominate Tom Poti as the Vice President of the Band Aid Boy committee.I think he makes up injuries as he goes along
January 19, 2011
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paul said:

... from the way pacioretty was sucking wind I thought it wasn't his arm. Rib or stomach sounds more like it. Returning to fly with the team makes me think it was the stomach. Ribs are mighty tender after taking a slapper I reckon

Thats pretty scary stuff getting popped like that
January 19, 2011
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Scott said:

Stafford Any details (groin?) and timeline on his injury?
January 18, 2011
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Eric Daoust said:

Pacioretty On the RDS website they say it's a rib injury (probably broken, at least his lack of movement implied that). At first it looked like the shot hit him on the inside of the elbow but another angle showed it hit him at the bottom of the logo.
January 18, 2011
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nifty mittens/ Ian said:

Nifty Mittens
... Pacioretty was hit in the stomach.

Anton Khudobin not andrei
January 18, 2011
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