The Midseason Guide, you can buy it here, re-released just this past Friday. Get yourself organized and ready to go in the second half by picking up this great read.


The Wellwood signing pushes SJ over the cap limit, according to Cap Geek. This could mean a player like Ryane Clowe going on the IR. Stay tuned


St. Louis dodges another bullet. San Jose has claimed Kyle Wellwood off waivers. Now the Blues need to keep signing brutal players and suckering other teams into claiming them. Suggestions: Aki Berg, Ladislav Nagy, Miro Satan... sign as many as you can and stock up your rivals with these has-beens. I can see a playoff Game 7 where Wellwood gives away the puck and St. Louis scores to eliminate San Jose. (all tongue in cheek, of course)


Cam Ward got the hook after allowing two goals on five shots. For Ward, that's his second loss in three games and he has given up 14 goals in just over three games (he was pulled after 11 minutes). I wonder if he's playing hurt, or if this is a mere slump.


Slump or not, Carolina has been scoring a lot lately, so for them to be shutout was quite unexpected. They had 22 goals in five games heading into Monday.


With the hat trick, Zdeno Chara now has 10 points in nine games. Nothing like a run like that to put a guy back on his usual season pace..


In one of the better fantasy performances of the season by a player who nobody owns. Adam McQuaid had two points, 17 PIM and was plus-3.


Mattias Tedenby got back into the lineup and picked up two points for the Devils. If he's bought into the system, he's worth activating now. No PP time though.


It's always good to be the coach's pet and in the case of the Devils, besides the obvious stars, his pets are Rolston and Zharkov. The latter scored his first goal of the season and I think he'll get 15 more points in the second half. Maybe 20. If the Devils have a bit of a firesale, I think he can be a second liner next season.


When I made that Moulson joke yesterday, I was only kidding. But I guess he's in heavy trade rumors. Things really exploded yesterday. Anyway, think Jeff Hamilton. Moulson is an AHLer with some hockey sense and a pretty good shot and he works hard. But his 30-goal days are on the Island. Any other city and he's a 20 goal man and part-time healthy scratch.


Those who have been asking if Andy Greene is going to turn it around - well he has now. He has five points in six games now, as the Devils slowly buy back into the new/old coaching system.


It seems like all of my blown calls from the preseason guide are starting to roll now and may end up making me not look quiiiite as bad. Greene, PK Subban (two points Monday), McBain, Tavares, Hall - these players were on pace to miss my guess by 25 or 30 points. It now looks like it will be 5-15 for most of them. Why do I get the feeling that the two guys who wrote angry hatemail will not be writing apology notes if this happens?


Yeah, it's official, as hinted at yesterday - with McCabe out, Kulikov is starting to break out a little. McCabe is out for 4-6 weeks.


Guess who has points in 10 of his last 11 games? Mike Santorelli.


Olli Jokinen has 16 points in his last 18 games.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson scored his first career NHL goal


Dany Heatley has three consecutive two-point games. In fact, the last five games in which he picked up a point, he tallied exactly two.


A situation to keep an eye on, as warned in the preseason guide - Henrik Karlsson. He stole a point for Calgary after Kipper blew it. He has allowed just four goals on 65 shots in his last three appearances.


Kipper has allowed 13 goals in his last 72 shots faced.


Benoit Pouliot missed the game with the flu.


Sergei Shirokov has been recalled by the Canucks. He has 33 in 39 games for the Moose, including a 12-game points streak that is snapped thanks to this recall. He has 15 points in those 12 games. Shirokov is a potential Windex Boy.


How did that sound? I like it. Thanks for the idea 4T2!


With Chris Mason out with a sprained knee, Pavelec will obviously rack up the games for the next three weeks or more.


Jonathan Bernier had his second straight strong start after hitting a bit of a slump. He took the loss, but both of his goals allowed were on the power play.


Most of you remember the great new app that I introduced to you about a year ago - Pick'em First. Well, now they've upgraded a couple of features and are offering a premium subscription. Very handy for those with multiple fantasy teams. Info on the features can be found here. And to get the special discount that they are offering DobberHockey readers ($2.99 instead of $4.99) you can click here.


New server update. I've noticed a nice improvement in load time now that we're on the new server. I'm not ready to say that current forum posts are 100% guaranteed to not be lost, in case we have to go back in time and run the site from an earlier time stamp - but I'm 99.9% certain you're safe. The Frozen Pool feature is back online, but now we have to get some of the recent games in there, and there is something finicky with the "last game lines" link. But making progress...




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Jim Hall said:

I know it's way too late, but ... Joined yesterday to submit Streaker names and before I knew it the site went back to Saturday on me ... since I went to the effort I thought I'd still post 'em (shockingly, they seemed a tad more humourous to me yesterday) even though Windex (whatever, altho I like Wonders better) is clearly the best choice.

Oh, and btw, Wellwood is a far better all-around player now than, apparently, 99% of the hockey world realizes. He is very under rated defensively, a pretty good face-off guy and his intelligence, specifically utilized repeatedly to compliment his unique skillset as well as compensate for his lack of size and speed (altho, again, faster than given credit for) is off the charts and allows him to win many one-on-one battles "unexpectedly".

Anyways, here's that list (sorry) :

Yo Yo's - up & down, up & down

Exhibitionists - not guarranteed a good show with streakers in real life either

Peeping Toms - manage to catch a glimpse of greatness every now and then

Fetish Boys - Foot Fetish? Pfffffffffft, now streaking, that's a Fetish!

Wannabees - who wants it more, them or their owners?

Bubble Boys - always on the brink, almost there yet almost gone

Bingers - feast or famine, famine or feast

You Can Do Its! - streakers need encouragement too, especially in a slump

Triple T's - Titallatingly Tantalizing Teasers

BB's - Bleeping Bleepers (Bruce Boudreau's (BB) submission)
January 18, 2011
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studley49 said:

Windex != streaky Doesn't Windex promote itself for not being streaky? If anything, "Windex boys" should be the Mikko Koivus of the world that show you exactly what you get game in and game out. smilies/cool.gif
January 18, 2011
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Jon Dey said:

I am starting to get that feeling... that the western conference is scared of Halak.

That is two roster signings by STL that have been scooped up by opposing teams. It is obvious that they want STL getting no help to lift them out of their current problems.

I have the feeling that they really don't want to risk Halak et al slamming the door on them due to hot goaltending.
January 18, 2011
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BGJ said:

... Karlsson taking Kipper's job...right.
January 18, 2011
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fzusher said:

Sharks cap With Torrey Mitchell and John McCarthy on IR they should be able to fit Wellwood in for now. He'll just need to prove he is more useful than McCarthy to stay, but they can also just waive him when these two (plus Clowe and Ferriero, injured but not on IR, and the suspended Nicol) come back. At this point Wellwood and Eager give them 13 available forwards on the current roster, but that's including Brandon Mashinter and Andrew Desjardins. Much as Wellwood is poor, he's still better than those two right now ...
January 18, 2011
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Karlos El Taco Piquante said:

The Wellwoodian Enigma Ummm- am I only the only one who thought Wellwood looked pretty damn good last season? I mean hes had his struggles but by the second half I thought he looked pretty solid. He was also pretty dominant a few games in the playoffs- not tongue in cheek. I remember thinking on a couple different nights that he looked like one of- if not the best players for the canucks against Chicago and was a little taken aback when no one took a flier on him in free agency. Hes very cheap, adds scoring in a depth role, insurance to an injury in the top six- Im kind of baffled at the response here. Its not like St. Louis forwards have been the most consistent batch this year- and injuries certainly are a concern. Call me crazy but Im coming out and saying it anyways- nice move by SJ!
January 18, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Windex Boys I love the name Windex Boys too!
It goes perfectly with Band-Aid Boys.

You can have a monthly segment called "Household Names" where you focus on either the Band-Aid Boys, or Windex Boys, or something new... like Jiffy Boys (kids that are so talented they can put it where mom keeps the peanut butter anytime they like)... then again, people might interpret that as Jiffy Lube Boys (guys that need an oil change badly). LOL
January 18, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Band-Aid Boys is widely used because of me. I've been using it for nine years, since my early days with The Hockey News. But it had started up in my pool several years before that.
January 18, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Steve - I agree - I like that much better!

Ballsakic - Thanks for the support. Yes, this evening Jason Arbuthnot will be putting the hopefully final fixes on the Frozen Pool section.
January 18, 2011
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GG said:

Pick 'Em First Fantastic roto tool. Found them elsewhere but I can't imagine running any fantasy team with out it now. And they are very customer friendly- when things don't work, email them, bugs fixed fast. Use it!
January 18, 2011
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Evan Cook said:

Ward I remember the same scenario happening to Ward on a back to back night. I'm guessing they didn't like something they saw so they pulled him to save him for tonight.
January 18, 2011
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4T2 said:

Windex Boys Lovin it Dobber! Glad I could help give you some inspiration
January 18, 2011
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David said:

windex wonder! I like windex wonder too!
January 18, 2011
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Calvin said:

Windex Although I do like the moniker Windex Boys, I think Windex Wonders has a better ring to it. Regardless, congrats on coming up with a tag for those streakalicsous players!!!
January 18, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

it was actually 3 goals on 5 shots Lucic's goal was disallowed bc of a penalty behind the play.

I was at the game, and as a Canes fan, it was brutal. Of course, the last time the Canes were in Boston they disassembled the Bruins with their PP and shut them out as well, so fair is fair.
January 18, 2011
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MT319 said:

... I like "Porcelain Princess" for the injury prone guys...Band-aid boys is widely used
January 18, 2011
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Ballsakic said:

Line Combo's Its nice to have the fantasy tools guide but I think someone should update the teams.
There are a lot on injured players still on the PP. smilies/smiley.gif

Also your only human how can you know ever single player will have a great year.
January 18, 2011
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steve laidlaw said:

Just to be a pain I've always been a fan of alliterations. So I think Windex Wonders sounds just that much catchier. You can have your Band-Aid Boys, and your Windex Wonders rather then them all being "boys" and we have to start wondering if you're running some kind of daycare.
January 18, 2011
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