Dobber here, Angus will breakdown the Stefanovich for Brunnstrom deal further. But what concerns me about Fabio is that he is being outscored in the AHL by teammates Greg Rallo (undrafted) and Travis Morin (career minor leaguer). On the plus side, he did score a hat trick at the NHL level in his debut. He'll probably get a look - and a better look than he did in Dallas. This is a real opportunity for him. Best situation for him is 30 goals and 25 assists next season as a second-line winger. Worst situation is Top 3 scorer on the Marlies and then back to Sweden! Stefanovich couldn't even make the Marlies (he did well in the ECHL though, before fleeing to Russia), so the move cost Toronto very little.


Adrian Dater reports that Chris Stewart will play for the Avs tomorrow. Interesting to see how the new lines shake out, as this will be the first game with both he and Flash in the lineup.


Robin Lehner is starting for the Senators tonight.


The Midseason Guide, you can buy it here, was re-released two nights ago. Dobber added a KHL article, as well as a one-page addendum with some updates and notes. It will be updated one final time late tonight to prep you for this weekend's midseason draft.


A solid interview with the Sedin twins on here.


Can someone explain how Colton Orr avoided suspension for his hit on Logan Couture on Wednesday night?


Speaking of Couture, he is out day-to-day with a lower body injury. How specific!


Alex Goligoski stepped up for the LAC Penguins (Life after Crosby). Two goals and an assist.


Kudos to Marc-Andre Fleury for mocking Carey Price – after the Pens won, he crossed his arms in the crease. Price did a similar pose after the Habs won a game last week in the shootout. Price must have been a member of the NWA in a past life…


Desharnais scored his first NHL goal for the Habs. He’s got upside, but he needs to be playing consistent minutes in a scoring role to develop (over 16 minutes of ice time last night is a great start). Easier said than done with undersized forwards who have toiled in the minors for a few years.


Cammalleri has missed two straight games with the flu.


Kris Letang, I think it’s time to start slowing down? On pace for over 70 points…


Carey Price has allowed four or more goals in three of his last five starts.


Washington must be having Roloson nightmares… I remember reading Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts column post-trade and he said that the Capitals were a bit peeved when they heard about the trade. Two consecutive shutouts later, I doubt their opinions of the deal have changed.


What Roloson is doing at his age is pretty remarkable. He plays at such a consistent level each night. The stability is exactly what the Lightning needed.


Hedman had an assist last night, but he’s still on pace for less than 30 points. When he puts it all together (another two years, I’d guess), look out. He’s improving each year, and the offense will come.


That sound you hear is the door closing on Marty Turco’s fantasy relevance. Corey Crawford posted his second consecutive shutout against the high-flying Avalanche last night.


Pat Kane has points in five straight games (coincidentally, his streak started the very same night I recommended him as a huge buy-low for the second half of the season). I wonder if he reads the ramblings?


Dave Bolland has seven points in 10 games. On pace for about 30 points right now, he’ll finish closer to 50.


Stamkos has one assist in his last six games.


Sid is a runaway for the Hart Trophy if he doesn’t miss too much time, but how about a vote or two for Jonas Hiller? He’s been a monster (sorry, Jonas) behind a very average defensive core.


Without Getzlaf, the Ducks keep finding ways to win. Ryan potted three goals last night (this seems to be the year of the hat trick), and Visnovsky had three points.


As a Visnovsky owner, I am incredibly happy (and not surprised0 with his strong season. Great talent and not much competition for ice time, however I am waiting for the shoe (injury) to drop (occur).


Colaiacovo was hit with a puck in the face and he didn’t return.


Colorado sent a message to Craig Anderson by starting Budaj for a second straight game last night. Unfortunately, the message was that Budaj stinks. Anderson has been bad (I think he’s playing hurt, personally) this season, but Colorado doesn’t exactly have options.


Semin missed his second straight game due to injury. Band-Aid Boy, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


Without Crosby, Staal and Malkin combined for almost 14 minutes of PP time. Staal had a goal while Malkin was pointless. He did have seven shots on goal though.







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fzusher said:

Leafs and Brunnstrom The Leafs' European scouts were the first to spot and be interested in Brunnstrom, a year before he broke out and actually signed in the NHL, but he wanted to sign and then stay in Sweden for another year. The scouts agreed this would be best, but JFJ insisted on signing him only if he come to North America to play in the AHL, and that killed the deal. Point is - Leafs scouts were really high on him, which means he's got the faith of someone within the organization who had an idea of what and how to turn him into an NHLer. So he'll get a chance in more favorable circumstances than in many other teams. It's then just a matter of whether he takes it.
January 13, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Chad - that's right. His AHL numbers should be better IMO. But I think early on he'll get a look and make a quick impression
January 13, 2011
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Chad said:

Brunnstrom in Guide In the guide this year you said, "The minute he’s moved to a new team, grab him quick."

I take it you aren't quite as high on him on a new team than you were before the year started?
January 13, 2011
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hockeystick2583 said:

Brooks Laich Drop-able? He has been brutal lately (as have all Capitals). I thought I read something that he was playing on 3rd line last night too. Our leagues WW has solid LWs available (He's LW in yahoo leagues). Thinking about dropping him for S. Kostitsyn , Kulemin, or Cole. Right now the only thing I will be losing is SOG. Does he turn it around?
January 13, 2011
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Lockedge said:

Couture/Orr Regarding Orr and Couture....if Orr keeping a wide legged stance is enough reason not to nail him with a knee on knee incident, then bryan Marchment was probably the cleanest hockey player with merely coincidental knee on knee incidents.

Oh, and BTW, if it wasn't intentional, why did he throw weight on his knee and angle it out? If he had time to fix his stance leading up to the hit, he had time to realize he wasn't lined up properly. This wasn't a split second bail by couture, it's about 1 and a half seconds of Couture shifting towards inner ice instead of skating along the boards.

Orr wasn't looking for a knee on knee, but he caused it and could have prevented it. He had time. He thought about what he was doing beforehand.
January 13, 2011
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Martin said:

New COL Lines... As of practice today the top 2 lines are:

January 13, 2011
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donions said:

RE: Sucker Punches Another quick note on sucker punches, Darren Dreger was on FAN960 in Calgary yesterday, and he talked about it on TSN. He did an anonymous poll with players and coaches, and above all dirty plays(headshots, hits from behind, slew-foots), sucker punches ranked highest among players as the dirtiest most disrespectful cheap shot in hockey.
Most felt that way because when you sucker punch someone you're standing face to face with them and it shows no respect to just pop a guy.
January 13, 2011
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donions said:

RE: Noam(Morrow sucker punch) Glad to see someone else caught this.
I dont think its a suspendable offense because unlike the Lucic incident, Foster sort of instigated the melee, but I was just angry because Brendan Morrow is supposed to be above this kind of crap. He was the first guy to insult Avery and his shenanigans after he left Dallas, now he pulls a Sean Avery and punches a player who doesn't have his gloves off.
The Stars play in Edm next Thurday, I expect to see some form of revenge, Theo Peckham was absolutely fuming after the Morrow punch and he's gonna be out for blood.
January 13, 2011
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Mike Brown said:

Couture hurt himself Everytime a guy tries to avoid a hit and exposes his knee he has nobody to blame but himeself. Take the hit make the play. Man up and enough with all the suspensions for playing hockey, it is still hockey isn't it?
January 13, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Couture/Orr I agree with all three comments (Angus, Burly, Talent) on the Couture/Orr hit.
The critical element is that this type of hit needs to be identified/classified by the NHL. Just because a player is already set in a sturdy, wide-legged glide doesn't make it acceptable for his contact/check to be deemed legal.
Any player-to-player check initiated below the hip should be deemed illegal. And yes, I saw Orr extending his elbow/arm out towards Couture - but c'mon. Checking should be limited to "body checks" or "hip checks". The check should be initiated by the body or hip and make first/main contact with the opponents body (not leg, not knee, not head).
January 13, 2011
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Craig Talent said:

Orr On the replay you'll see Orr never sticks his leg out as is the norm when a player realizes he's about to get danced...his leg was already in position. Burly is right in that Couture created the incident by trying to avoid him. Watch Orr play tonight...he naturally keeps his feet much further apart than the average skater in a lot of situations. In his role I guess balance trumps agility.
January 13, 2011
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Chad Burly said:

Orr missed suspension I think he missed it because when I see the video, I think he is trying to check couture normally, but couture tries to avoid the check and in doing so, creates the knee on knee situation.
January 13, 2011
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squirrel said:

... Regarding Stamkos - does anyone else find it strange that he starts on a tear playing with Downie, Downie goes down and he cools off. Now Downie is back and yet they arent reunited?? What gives!?
January 13, 2011
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LeTrefle said:

Pens PP with Sid Who will be out of the 1st PP when Sid is back?
As a Staal and Goli (and Malkin) owner, I hope this is Kunitz...
January 13, 2011
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Noam said:

... Does no one else see Morrow's punch on Foster at the end of that last game as just a little borderline...? It looked as if Foster was just trying to back away, and was having none of the fight Morrow wanted, so the overhand knockout punch over the linesmen's arms seemed a little over the top, no pun intended...
January 13, 2011
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