I'll throw my hat in the ring here. No "insider sources," just me and my keyboard.


Kaberle gets traded to San Jose for Ryane Clowe and a draft pick.


Kevin Bieksa gets traded toWashington for one of Fleischmann/Chimera/Steckel and a pick or prospect.


Sheldon Souray ends up with the Ducks, and Edmonton takes back a bad contract.


Lee Stempniak signs with the Avalanche. It's a perfect fit.


According to Brian Burke, the Ducks are not in the mix for Kaberle. Bieksa to Anaheim makes a lot of sense, and he has played for Randy Carlyle before with the Manitoba Moose.


Canuck fans are going to be pleasantly surprised at the return for Kevin Bieksa. Even though the Canucks have to move him for salary reasons, he still carries considerable vlaue.


Only one year left on his contract (motivation, no long-term committment like Souray).


How many teams legitimately need a top-four defenseman? I count Anaheim, Los Angeles, Columbus, Washington, Montreal (depending on Markov), San Jose, Tampa Bay, and potentially a few others.


How many top-four defensemen are available? Kaberle, Bieksa, Mitchell (risk), and Souray (contract and risk)?


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I asked my followers on Twitter for some discussion ideas for today’s ramblings. Read on to find out my thoughts on some prospects, sleeper picks, and so on. Hopefully we get some real hockey news at some point over the weekend…


I’ll post a Belanger-to-Washington analysis soon, I am just waiting to see if the signing leads to a trade or two (Fleischmann and Steckel seem to be the two most discussed names).


My thoughts on Mason Raymond – he clicks really well with Ryan Kesler. Both players are fast and love to create off of the rush. I see Kesler (and Burrows/Samuelsson, for that matter) regressing a bit offensively in 2009-10. I don’t think he can break 70 points again, playing second unit power-play minutes. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Raymond take a step towards 30 goals and 60-65 points.


Those of you with unsigned RFA’s on your fantasy squad (Ryan, Neal, and Downie, most notably), don’t worry. Yet.


My projected Northeast Division standings? 1. Boston 2. Ottawa 3. Buffalo 4. Montreal 5. Toronto


The key with him has been confidence, and he was playing with a lot of it down the stretch and into the playoffs.


Aside from Dan Boyle, there isn’t much of anything offensive on San Jose’s defense. Vlasic will see PP time but he is more suited to playing a two-way game with a focus on sound positional hockey.


Jason Demers is a decent young offensive blue liner, but he isn’t someone I’d be comfortable relying on to run one of my power play units, especially if I was hoping to contend for the Stanley Cup.


Murray is a defensive defenseman. Huskins isn’t really good at anything. Wallin is a veteran presence, but he doesn’t contribute a whole lot offensively.


Sticking with the Sharks, I am surprised how little is made of the Nabokov-to-Niittymaki change. I have never been a big Nabokov fan, but at least he was a proven starting goalie.


What has Niittymaki done (aside from absolutely own the Atlanta Thrashers) to make you confident in his ability to be the starting goalie for a team in the tough Pacific Division?


Kovalchuk situation – he’ll be in New Jersey. The two sides will find a contract that works. Why don’t they just give him Hossa’s exact deal from last summer?


More coming around 10:30 am EST!

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Mike Colligan said:

Kovalchuk Kovalchuk wants his $10m. He did before, he did in July, he does now. If he can't a team to structure a deal to fetch him that money, I think he goes one-year at $10m to any of a handful of teams and tries again next summer.

The Devils are not on that short list if that's the case. I also think there's a little more going on in NJ than most realize yet. It'll be interesting to see what happens these next few weeks.
August 14, 2010
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Lockedge said:

Huskins Time You're incorrect Jeff Angus. You're forgetting about Huskins Time

Honestly one of the funnier articles I've read
August 14, 2010
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steve said:

Bieksa Hey Angus, when do you think Bieksa will be moved by; and do you think Gillis will go the Hawks route and refuse to trade him to a rival Western Conference power?


August 14, 2010
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flaupmes said:

... Whle never playing on a strong NHL team, Niittymaki has won the Calder Cup with the AHL Phantoms (tournament MVP), and also won a silver(06)/bronze(10) with Finalnd at Olympics (named best goaltender at Turin). Against the best in the world. When he broke into the NHL, the Flyers were a terrible team, and Tampa Bay was a mess last year as well. The biggest part of goaltending value is situation. He would have excelled on SJ if he only played there his whole career.
Besides win a bunch of regular season games on a great team, what has Nabokov really done? Nothing. Nitty will do great I think.
August 14, 2010
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Cars0nC said:

unsigned UFA Should owner's of Stanley Cup champion Antti Niemi be worried yet? Where do you think he will land ..if at all in the NHL?
August 14, 2010
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fzusher said:

unsigned RFAs I'm not worried primarily because it is a decidedly long list, so most GMs are saddled with them and are letting each other work in peace on them, and more than likely many are waiting for some first dominoes they can use as comparable to start falling:

Ryan, Little, Bergfors, Mueller, Chris Stewart, Grossman, Niskanen, Neal, Abdelkader, Gagner, Cogliano, Mike Santorelli, Price, Hornqvist, Franson, Marc Staal, Hanzal, Downie, Christian Hanson
August 14, 2010
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