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From now until June 24th, I’ll be running a 2010 NHL Entry Draft contest. Send me (private message, e-mail, carrier pigeon, whatever you prefer) your first round mock. The entry that closest mirrors the first round on June 25th will win an autographed Shane Doan 8x10 photograph.


The rules are simple – one through 30, send me your picks. If you guess the correct player, I’ll give you one point. If you guess the correct player and the correct position, you will be awarded three points. For example, of your top five is Hall-Seguin-Fowler-Tarasenko-Gunbranson, and the NHL’s top five picks are Hall-Seguin-Fowler-Gunbranson-Tarasenko, you will be given 11 points (three for Hall, Seguin, and Fowler in the correct position, and one for each of Tarasenko and Gunbranson for having them in the first round).


If the rules are in any way confusing, don’t hesitate to ask for further clarification.


Matt Bugg’s mock draft will be added to the updated Fantasy Prospects Report on June 12thBuy the Report now!


Phoenix has signed defenseman David Schlemko (doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?) to a one-year contract. Schlemko had five points in 17 games with the Coyotes last season. He also had 31 points in only 55 games with the San Antonio Rampage. He has some offensive upside, and could find a spot on the bottom pairing for 2010-11. Michalek, Aucoin, and Morris are all free agents, leaving only Yandle, Jovanovski, Lepisto, and Vandermeer as returning defensemen.


I am pretty confident that Columbus is going to end up moving the 4th overall pick. Scott Howson recognizes how close his team is to the playoffs. They have enough prospects, the time to improve is now. Don't think Kaberle is the guy they after - Spezza makes so much sense. Aaron Portzline reported that Columbus wouldn't move the pick for Spezza, but I wouldn't be surprised if something involving Spezza-to-Columbus comes to fruition at the draft.


Daniel Briere’s 12 points in the Cup Final was only one shy of the NHL record, set by Wayne Gretzky (of course).


Marian Hossa was the happiest guy in Philadelphia (and perhaps the entire world) last night after finally winning his first Cup. Second had to be Patrick Sharp – it must have felt good to stick it to the club that cast him aside only a few years ago. Sharp was also the only player aside from Kane who knew that the OT winner actually went in the net right away.


St. Louis has signed 2009 1st round pick David Rundblad. I am unsure of whether he intends to play another season in the SEL or make the jump over to North America in 2010-11.


Weekly link roundup – if you aren’t reading Justin Bourne’s daily blog, you are crazy! He is now writing regularly for Puck Daddy, and his insights as a former player are both entertaining and informative. Writing something that is interesting and funny at the same time is extremely difficult. (I rarely try - grammar is enough of a concern!)


Things don’t sound optimistic out of Calgary with regards to an extension for Ian White. White had a breakout season last year with Toronto and Calgary. He is mobile, smart, and very skilled with the puck. Calgary’s cap situation is almost as bad as Chicago’s (I am surprised more isn’t being made about it), so don’t be shocked if an offer sheet comes White’s way if he is still unsigned after July 1st.


Eric Fehr, one of my favourite players in the league, is working on a multi-year extension with the Caps. His value will skyrocket once he gets more than 13 or 14 minutes of ice time per game – don’t be surprised to see him score 30 if given 16-17 minutes per game.


How many starts will Tuukka Rask get in 2010-11? How about Cory Schneider?



CBC always makes the best montages – the final one of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs is no different. I’ve probably watched it a dozen times already:


Adam Burish, tell us how you really feel?

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angus said:

... Great call Larry - just noticed that part (Metro talking to Beliveau).

Philly will get a goalie.

Burish is a clown, but I don't have an issue w/ what he said. Who really cares, I'm sure Pronger pays no piece of mind to that. He knows Burish is a 4th liner who barely plays.
June 11, 2010
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Larry said:

CBC rocks Loved that montage, appropriate song (from the smashing pumpkins-a Chicago band), best part was seeing Metropolit talking to Beliveau and him staring as Jean walked away,as if in awe of the HOF'er.
Happy for the Hawks (except that tool Burish- stay classy!)especially Sopel, always the pro.

The UFA goalie list is made up of plan B's other than Nabokov whom i doubt is moving, outside of Turco, who could rebound, none of them should make their new teams fans too confident. Theodore folded again, Mason looked awful in the WC the rest are far from true #1 goalies.
June 11, 2010
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Darren said:

... Burish
Agree Renegade. Like who the F.A.Y? Pronger was a force and if Philly didn't have such shitty tending in the final they'd be hoisting the cup. I think they go shopping for sure. Whether its Price, Bernier, Schneider, Turco, whoever.....
June 11, 2010
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Tony said:

BOYNTON I think Boynton knew right away that it went in, too. He was pretty deep in the zone on the side of the ice that the puck went in on. I have watched the replay of that goal at least 50 times just to try and see the reaction of each player for both teams on the ice, the officials, and the benches. Watch it again and when Sharp skates by Ladd and brushes his shoulder it is like Sharp flicks the switch in Ladd's head that they just won the Cup. Like a reverse game of freeze tag. Pure magic.

Thanks for posting the CBC montage. I always looked forward to these when I lived closer to the border and could watch the game on CBC live. Sure wish NBC would do something like that.
June 11, 2010
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Renegade said:

Burish He's a tool. Pronger may be an idiot but he was the best defenseman in the playoffs. A bad Game 5 and a fluke penalty in the finals...

Burish go back to the 4th line.
June 11, 2010
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Ian said:

Nifty Mittens
Cory Schneider 20-35 starts
June 11, 2010
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slufoot said:

... As an owner of Nash and Voracek, I can only dream that a deal can get done sending Spezza to Columbus. Even better if Voracek goes back the other way leaving he and Alfredsson to shoulder much of the offensive load in Ottawa.
June 11, 2010
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sentium said:

... Rundblad plans to play one more year in Sweden.
June 10, 2010
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