Jeff Carter is playing today.


Still trying to decide which game was better last night: Chicago/San Jose, or Brandon/Calgary? The Wheat Kings staged a huge comeback, led by Brayden Schenn and Matt Calvert. Martin Jones held Calgary in it through two periods but the Hitmen faded a bit in the third.


Jay Fehr scored the OT winner for Brandon. Jay is NOT the younger brother of Eric Fehr. The Calgary Herald said the two were related - just a huge coincidence! Both are from Manitoba too.


Jamie Benn scored both goals for the Texas Stars last night, including the OT winner. He now has 13 goals during the AHL playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised to see him hit 60 points next year. Benn is a big player and uses his size well to shield the puck (much like Getzlaf and Spezza). Dallas likes him at center, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will be able to move Mike Ribeiro this summer (which also hinges on their ability to agree on an extension with Brad Richards). I said this yesterday, but I find Benn to be undervalued because he lacks the hype of comparable rookies. Don't expect it to continue much longer, though...


I hope Dobber is enjoying his final few days in Cancun! I checked the weather there yesterday – 30 degrees (Celsius, for you Americans) and sunny. Not too shabby...


The NHL and KHL have signed an agreement of ‘understanding.’ Not an official transfer agreement, but it is a step in the right direction. KHL President Medvedev stated that "today we took an important step towards establishing a constructive partnership and mutual cooperation between the two leagues.  We expect that in the future all questions regarding interaction between the KHL and NHL will be concluded in a solely civilized manner within the framework of the agreement reached today."


It remains to be seen if anything positive will come of this. Most of all, I think both sides want to limit the poaching of players under contract.


Still looking for suggestions/feedback with regards to my top 10 combo players (points/PIM) and special teams players (power play points and shorthanded points) lists. How should I value the categories? I want to try and eliminate the obvious players (we all know how valuable Crosby, Ovechkin, and Malkin are).


My opinion on Kovalchuk to the KHL (one I have shared a few times) – not going to happen.


I am 99.9% confident that Travis Hamonic will be patrolling the blue line for the Islanders in 2010-11. He is big, fast, nasty, and skilled. Reminds me of Seabrook – might even play with more of an edge. Seabrook had 24 goals and 95 points over his final two WHL seasons. Hamonic had 23 goals and 79 points in his final two. He ended up playing about 30 games less than Seabrook due to a shoulder injury he sustained back at the World Juniors this past winter.


Ian Lapperiere is probably playing tonight for the Flyers. His list of injuries this season is impressive, but his latest (and most serious) takes the cake – bruising of the brain from a shot block. He recently had a CAT scan and everything came back negative (which means positive, those in the medical industry need to get their act together). Toughness is hard to quantify, but Lappy has it in spades. The fact that he quoted Dumb and Dumber in a recent interview makes me like him even more!


“For what I went through three weeks ago, it’s like a miracle,” Laperriere said. “It’s like the movie Dumb and Dumber‚ one chance in a million.”


Laperriere’s other serious injury (seven teeth lost, 100 stitches in his face) led to some hilarity as he tried to film a commercial. Check it out here.


Edmonton prospect Teemu Hartikainen is making the move across the pond to North America this summer. Edmonton’s new AHL affiliate (the Oklahoma City Barons) will be Hartikainen’s home for at least the 2010-11 season. Hartikainen was Finland’s most impressive forward (in my estimation at least) last winter at the 2010 World Juniors. He plays a strong two-way game and is pretty feisty to boot.


Breaking news: the Penguins in fact do NOT plan to trade Evgeni Malkin! Wow! I for one am shocked. A contending team isn’t looking to trade one of the best players in the world? This is unprecedented.


My style of ramblings is a bit different than Dobber’s, and I hope you have enjoyed reading over the past week! I have always been a bit more of a hunch/feel guy compared to Dobber, who leans a bit more on statistical support. I have also been posting more news and general interest stories with the lack of relevant fantasy hockey goings on. Things will start to pick up again fantasy wise with the Entry Draft and July 1st.


It sounds like Ron Hextall is the frontrunner for the Tampa Bay GM position. I wonder if he’ll want his starting goalie to play like this on a more regular basis?


Benn's OT winner from last night (at the 0:55 mark of the clip):

A Former Wheat King defenseman and current cap destroyer for the Rangers was spotted at the game last night:


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notoriousjim said:

... I think the PIM debate may need to be either 120 pim floor or 80. I think the best combo guy is Getzlaf. Will he top 100 pim ever, no, but he will get a very useful 80 PIM while getting 80-100 points. While a guy like lucic wlll get 100-140 PIM and only 40 points. It is a no brainer.

The only qualifier that i can think of that sets up a list not headed up by big name stars that get the 80-80 combo is to make the maximum number of points. Like 60 points and you are considered a scorer with a PIM kicker, less than that and you are a PIM guy with a points kicker.

Avery, Backes, Downie, Malone, Lucic ect are all in that 40-50 point 120-180 PIM club. While the classic thugs are all 0-10 points and 180-200 PIM. I would also think about adding positional kickers here, Shane Obrien was my boy the past few seasons getting thug numbers and only wasting a 4th or 5th D slot (where i would be lucky to get 30 points) instead of wasting a Winger 2 or 3 slot where i would be in line to get 65-70 points.

May 22, 2010
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angus said:

... Calgary Herald lied to me!
May 22, 2010
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mm12 said:

Fehr's Jay and Eric Fehr are actually not related at all

"even though he plays the same Canadian Hockey League team as the NHLer and also played for the same midget team (Pembina Valley Hawks). The Capitals' Fehr is from Winkler; the Wheaties' Fehr is from Morden, a couple minutes' drive away."

Just a huge coincidence
May 22, 2010
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angus said:

May 22, 2010
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angus said:

... Kovalchuk, a few reasons:

- desire to win the cup
- money (whatever Russia SAYS they'll pay him, NA is a more attractive option)
- ego (NHL best league on Earth)

I could see him returning to Russia after his career has ran its course (another 10 years).
May 22, 2010
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lcbtd said:

Making chicken salad out of chicken poop Great job again Angus!

Nobody gets more ramblings with so little NHL on-ice action than you!

Not sure how long you can keep up this pace what with summer coming and the NHL's general shrinking from the headlines of every paper in N. America. Either way I'll enjoy your commentary until then.

Keep it up!

May 22, 2010
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Abe Vagoda said:

loco man
... Hi Jeff,
Perhaps you could elaborate on why you don't think Kovalchuk will join the KHL. Maybe not for the one year as reported, but is it not an attractive option for him? I really know nothing about his character, his desire to win a cup, etc., but to make more money, be the undisputed top star in the league and play in your home country MUST weigh on his mind, no?
May 22, 2010
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Rad64 said:

... Hi Jeff,

Regarding your PIMS/Points guys.."Power Forwards", I think you may want to look at guys with a minimum of 100 PIMs.

PIMs are the key to these guys as their only value lies in winning you that PIM cat. Points and +- is just gravy.

Consistency is a key, I like guys who can rack up 2-4 pims per game on a regular basis. Quite a few guys look good, but have racked up the bulk of their pims in a few games. I want guys that can help me out every week.
May 21, 2010
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