The Tribune is reporting that Ryan Whitney played on a bad foot all last season. He gave up trying to skate on it and finally had surgery on it Friday. It was his left foot. On the bright side, last year's bad production is now explained. On the bad side - he will be off the ice until November at the very earliest. Kris Letang will see a production boost as a result.


The Habs have signed prospect defenseman Yannick Weber to a three-year entry-level deal. He is ranked 447 on my Fantasy Prospects List. He is still a few years away.


Sportsnet is reporting that after September 1, when the Leafs will pay Bryan McCabe $2 million, he will then be traded to Florida for Mike Van Ryn. The Leafs would be taking the chance that Van Ryn's wrists are 100 percent healed, otherwise they will be saddled with another large contract. Not as large as McCabe's, but at least McCabe can play. An interesting move, to say the least. IMO the Leafs would be wise to land a forward for him instead, given their glut of young talent on the back end.


The Blues have joined the Devils and Rangers on the list of teams interested in signing Shanahan. Frankly, I think when Sundin makes his decision - and it won't be New York - the Rangers will then sign Shanny.


Wilkes-Barre has signed minor league goaltender Adam Berkhoel. He will be fourth on the depth chart for Pittsburgh, and so is a long shot to see NHL action.


Kip Brennan has signed to play in the Finnish League.


The DobberHockey Fantasy Guide is updated approximately weekly all the way into October. Simply re-download your fantasy guide and you will have the update. The latest date will be clearly marked. - if you know of a baseball fan, let them know about this great site. It already has 50 members of the forum, and it's not even two weeks old.


It has come to my attention that a few of you aren't able to get the updated guide - when you download you get the same original Aug.1 guide. I would suggest going to 'tools' in your browser and 'Internet options'. Then clear your cookies and clear your download history and browsing history. Then refresh your Downloads page and try and download it again. I don't know what else to suggest - I can download the updated version just fine in my downloads section. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser.




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