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The following is an exclusive from Larry Brooks of the NY Post re: Radulov:


A previously secret meeting in Italy on Wednesday between Gary Bettman and KHL president Alexander Medvedev not only failed to broker a resolution on Alexander Radulov's contractual situation, but rather ended with the parties an ocean apart on a working agreement, The Post has learned.

Radulov is the outstanding 22-year-old winger who has signed to play with Ufa of the KHL despite having one year remaining on his contract with Nashville. According to a source familiar with the meeting, when Bettman demanded that Radulov be returned to the Predators, Medvedev refused.

When Bettman threatened legal action, Medvedev essentially invited the commissioner to present his case in Russian court, reminding the commissioner that the NHL success rate in the Russian legal system is equal to the zero-percent success rate of Russian hockey interests in the US court system.

The Post has learned that Medvedev, citing common practice in international soccer, offered to pay a transfer fee to the Predators in order to resolve the dispute, but that Bettman refused to consider the proposal. The NHL has forbidden its teams to pay transfer fees to European clubs.

Radulov is one of five players under suspension by the IIHF, the international governing board of hockey that is currently investigating contractual disputes between the NHL and KHL. The IIHF findings are not binding on any league in any country, though the players could be suspended from international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships.

The Post has learned that Medvedev also informed Bettman that the KHL would hold a universal draft for the 2009-10 season that will include players currently under contract in the NHL. Medvedev told Bettman KHL clubs will offer signing bonuses of $1M to players who are playing in the NHL this season.


Thanks to fzusher in the forums for finding this quickly. Discuss, and see the full link, HERE.  



Philadelphia has given John Stevens a two-year extension. It's certainly deserved, he is a good fit for this team. Let's hope they have more consistency in the season ahead, and judging by their postseason I think they will be.


The 'Yotes have signed Joel Perrault to a two-year deal. He is offensively gifted, but buried on the fourth line. He's only good in spurts and can sub in when a top pivot gets injured.


The Sens have signed power forward Zach Smith. The 20-year-old prospect is several years away from making any kind of fantasy impact, but he could be a 60-point, 120-PIM player by 2014.


Former prospect Scott Barney has signed to play in the German League next season.


Daniel Corso has signed to play in the Finnish League next season.


Nils Ekman has signed a deal to remain in the KHL. According to fzusher in our forum (he translates Russian news daily), Ekman will only play until Andreas Johansson returns from injury (due to a limit in foreign players). He would then be free to return to the NHL if anyone wants him.
Byron Ritchie has signed to play in the Swiss League next season.


The DobberHockey Fantasy Guide is updated approximately weekly all the way into October. Simply re-download your fantasy guide and you will have the update. The latest date will be clearly marked. - if you know of a baseball fan, let them know about this great site. It already has 50 members of the forum, and it's not even two weeks old.


It has come to my attention that a few of you aren't able to get the updated guide - when you download you get the same original Aug.1 guide. I would suggest going to 'tools' in your browser and 'Internet options'. Then clear your cookies and clear your download history and browsing history. Then refresh your Downloads page and try and download it again. I don't know what else to suggest - I can download the updated version just fine in my downloads section. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser.




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