Sergei Zubov took the morning skate yesterday but was not ready to play. With Dallas up in the series, do not expect to see him back in Game 2 either.


Philippe Boucher is traveling with the team but refuses to discuss the status of his injury. Don't know what to take from that, so I'll leave it to you.


Jaromir Jagr gets automatically extended for a pile of money for one year if he wins the Conn Smythe. He has 10 points in six games and if the Rangers can sneak past PIT, anything can happen.


David Vyborny has signed to play in the Czech League next season. Cross him off your lists.


It looks like Petr Cajanek will remain in the RSL next year. He has moved to play with Dynamo Moskva.


Noah Clarke has had enough of chasing the dream. He's off to the Swiss League.


Here we go again? Marleau pointless in three.


Nik Kronwall - 16 points in 24 games since returning from his shoulder injury. He is a certified Band-Aid Boy, but he should still finally crack 45 points next 65 games.


Brooks Laich - 24 points in his last 26 games. Great dark horse for 65-plus next season.


Wojtek Wolski is out for the series with an upper body injury. I would say he is done for the playoffs, because teams like keeping these things a mystery. Jaroslav Hlinka will get into the lineup for the first time today.


Peter Forsberg is questionable today.


Despite averaging fewer than 15 minutes of ice time per contest, Sergei Kostitsyn has seven points in eight games. Also impressive - he had five hits in Game 1. This guy wants to play. A dark horse to break out next year in his first full NHL season. In fact, bold prediction here: the Kostitsyn's will combine for 140 points next year. Yep. I said it. Sergei is also second on the Habs with a plus-4


The Calgary Herald is reporting that Langkow is closing in on an extension with the Flames. The Daily Slate by the Forecaster is reporting that the deal is pretty much done.


Can't wait to see what Rads can really do - he has agreed to line up for Team Russia at the Worlds.
Janne Lahti has had enough (one year?) of chasing the dream. He has signed with Jokerit of the Finnish League.


Karel Rachunek's NHL return lasted two years. He has signed to play in the RSL and is likely gone for good.


Mikael Renberg has retired from hockey. He had been playing in Sweden, FYI.


Dick Tarnstrom has signed to play in Sweden next year. He is probably gone from the NHL for good as well.


Paul Ranger underwent surgery to repair the labrum in his right shoulder and will require 12 to 15 weeks to fully recover.


If you want to see what the experts picked (myself included) for The Fourth Period for Round 2, click here .


Some quick comments on some Hallsey ramblings from the past week as I read through them
- Love the Michael Leighton observation: 98 SAVES!
- Bud Holloway is ranked 309 on my prospects list, but moves up with this news. For the full lowdown on promising guys like Bud Holloway in terms of fantasy hockey potential, pick up the damn Prospects Report!
- Johan Franzen... I'm starting to become a believer myself. I still think 60 points would be stretching it and his production is obviously heavily dependent on his linemates. That being said, you can't deny what he's been doing and a part of me is wondering if he can do 35 goals and 70 points?
- Can't believe Toews was nominated over Carey Price for the Calder.
- Why am I not surprised that Osgood is the new DET starter?
- As a Steve Sullivan owner, Hallsey's news is disturbing. I was unable to dig up any further details, we'll just have to wait. I doubt you can get a decent draft pick for him right now though.
- My Vezina nod goes to Nabokov by far. Lundqvist was very inconsistent to start the year. Nabs is the one guy who was steady from Game 1 to Game 82. Brodeur had a horrible first 20 games.
- I did indeed spill my beer at the Barry Trotz extension news. But I didn't choke on the Cuba cigar - it just fell out of my mouth and harmlessly onto the sand. I was able to easily brush it off. Regardless - Radulov will eventually become just too damn good for Trotz to hold back to 15 minutes a game. He'll eventually force the issue.
- Oscar Moller is ranked 96 on my prospects news and I think Hallsey's 4-year-away guess is about right.
- Mike Gillis is the new Vancouver GM? My heart goes out to you out in BC. An agent as a GM? What next - a fantasy hockey writer? Dobber for GM!
- Re: Selanne and Niedemayer...this is too sweet. You don't waltz onto a team in January and win a cup in June. F that. Let that be a lesson to all the 'star' veterans who want to slack for eight months and play for four. Either retire, or play. Myself, I would have retired as soon as I hit eight digits in my bank account. Doesn't matter if I'm only 21 - the Alexandre Daigle life for me!


Last night's game winner by Malkin:



Hey - back from my big Cuba trip. Unfortunately, it's 5am and I have an appointment in a few hours...and wouldn't mind sleeping in between. Look for a smokin' return to the Ramblings at around 1-2pm today (Saturday). Then I'll be back in the swing of things. Thanks - BIG thanks - to my man Hallsey (Chris Holloway) for some solid ramblings over the past week. Hmmm...up over the 2400 email mark and still downloading. I guess Viagra figures if enough seeds are planted...



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