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The Experts weigh in with their Round 3 picks - so far we have a 9-3 consensus record.

The panel went 6-2 in the first round as a consensus, only missing on the VAN/SJS and WSH/NYR series. In the second round, we went 3-1 (seriously guys, New York over Boston?).

Here are the individual rankings through the first two rounds:

Expert Record
Dobber 8-4
Angus 11-1
Amato 8-4
Laidlaw 9-3
Ross 8-4
Campkin 8-4
Lancione 9-3
Hoos 8-4
Schmidt 9-3
Gilbert 8-4
Brouwer 4-8
Wassel 10-2
Goldman 8-4
Daoust 9-3
Kwiaton 9-3
Miller 7-5
Imbeau 8-4
Consensus 9-3

Here are the Round 3 picks:


Expert PIT vs. BOS CHI vs. LAK
Dobber PIT in 4 CHI in 7
Angus BOS in 7 LAK in 7
Amato PIT in 6 LAK in 6
Laidlaw PIT in 7 CHI in 7
Ross PIT in 6 LAK in 6
Campkin BOS in 7 CHI in 6
Lancione PIT in 6 CHI in 6
Hoos PIT in 7 LAK in 7
Schmidt PIT in 6 LAK in 7
Gilbert PIT in 7 CHI in 7
Brouwer BOS in 7 CHI in 6
Wassel BOS in 7 CHI in 5
Goldman PIT in 7 LAK in 6
Daoust PIT in 6 LAK in 7
Kwiaton PIT in 6 CHI in 7
Miller PIT in 6 LAK in 6
Imbeau PIT in 6 CHI in 7
Consensus PIT in 6 CHI in 7


Feel free to share your own picks below. I am sticking with my LAK/BOS Stanley Cup Final. Goaltending.


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Corstyles said:

The Glenn Healy Role I was 4-4 in the first round. Making my second round picks based on who I needed in my playoff pool, I went 1-3.

Now, if I can only find some way to be belligerent and arrogant while making my third round picks, I'll fit nicely into that Glenn Healy role. I'll give it a try:

Come on guys, everyone knows it's going to be LA and Boston. Let's not kid ourselves here. Boston is obviously going to rely on Iginla on that fourth line, I mean second line, in Pittsburgh, so, right there you can see where I'm going. It won't be close. And, Tyler Toffoli has nicely picked up his play since the Los Angeles / Calgary series. You don't have to look very far ahead to see him turning the tables against the Johnny Oduya line. Boston and Los Angeles, both in 6 games. Book it.
May 31, 2013
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nate_avsfan11 said:

... Im with Angus here (i mean he HAS gone 11-1...), it comes down to goaltending...

Bruins in 7
Kings in 6

Surprised with how many above feel Pens will roll over Bruins... they have a guy on their blueline...not sure if ppl have heard of him...but hes 6-9, 255 and can play 30 min a night... even with injuries i like what i see from the B's blueline...theyre big, strong, play rough and chip in on offense. They should be able to wear Pens down.
May 31, 2013
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frozenpools said:

... Ive been lucky so far... 11-1. Got the Van/SJ series wrong. These 2 series are gonna be tight and all close games but I like

Pens in 5
Kings in 6
May 31, 2013
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vangregs said:

... My predictions:

Hawks in 5
Bruins in 6
May 31, 2013
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Zorro said:

... Currently Zorro is 9-3

Boston in 6
LA in 6

Dobber takes the Penguins in 4?? Come on Dobber, HAHAHA..
May 31, 2013
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The Comish said:

The Comish
... Dear god, 7-5? I'm the P.J. Stock of the Panel. At least I'm not Glen Healy, nope, thank you Mr Brouwer. Angus is amazing at 11-1. One word for you, Vegas baby, well that might be two words, but I digress...back to my cave.
May 30, 2013
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