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large tree said:

... to the guy who posted below me, here's a rope, tie yourself to it and hang from me.
June 25, 2010
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Brian Burke said:

... I can't understand all this Kaberle talk for the life of me. He is too over rated of a D-man being paid way over what he is worth. This is the real reason the Kaberle talks get so much press

Burke: Hey, I'm not getting any bites on Kaberle, throw a story in about all these offers I am getting and maybe it will make the phone ring
TSN: Um sure long as you give us the next inside scoop on a trade so we can be the first to announce it, we'll make Kaberle sound like THE superstar he isn't
Burke: Thanks TSN. If I can get over paid for him, the fans of T.O. will view me as a GOD! That'll keep me off the hot seat for a couple more years while we still suck as a team and rebuild.
June 25, 2010
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Jason Banks said:

Open Chat Early? Hey any chance if any of the mods are avalible we can open the chat early... kind like the pre-chat, chat... discuss possible trades and what different team are looking for in the draft...
June 25, 2010
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Tyler Kerdman said:

Leafs Trades who/what will the leafs get over the next week?
June 25, 2010
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