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Interested in expanding your sports writing portfolio? Look no further. The Dobber Sports Network welcomes up-and-comers who are passionate about their work and driven to succeed. Get your foot in the door and join the extended editorial staff today.

Dobber Sports is looking to expand its editorial staff with positions open for the postings below. Please note that these are all entry level positions designed to bring experience and exposure, as well as fulfill a sports' fanatic's dream of having his/her opinions out there for all to see. Not all positions lead to paid work, but the best of the best certainly use this experience and the exposure to thousands of readers to take another step forward in their career:




April 23, 2014 – DobberProspects Writer/Scout Intern


Applicants chosen for DobberProspects will be responsible to conduct research for scouting reports and produce player profiles. Other duties may be assigned from time to time such as following up on player progress.

Positions available to cover the following teams - Chicago, Edmonton, Florida, New Jersey, Washington





Experience (past or current) in online sports journalism. Preferred, not needed.
Must be actively participating in fantasy hockey leagues, preferrably a keeper league.


Required Skills:


Strong knowledge of prospects, and junior leagues in general.
Creative and proficient writing/editing abilities.
Ability to submit a consistent quantity of quality work.
Previous experience a plus, but not mandatory.

Ability to work independently and be self-motivated (i.e. we don't want to chase our writers to get an update if a prospect is traded/injured/honored/etc)
Willingness to stay on top of the latest prospect developments, especially during the NHL entry draft.




Upon achieving the status of Senior Writer, you have the option of getting a press pass for local junior and/or AHL games. As well as the option of writing (paid work) in the annual fantasy guide. Senior Writers will also be considered for promotion to "Associate Editor" when a spot opens up, and that is a part-time paid position.





Please apply by email. Quote "Prospect Profiles" in your subject line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include your resume, scouting experience and fantasy hockey background.