DobberHockey is running another smokin’ playoff hockey pool that is free to join and offers fantastic – and I mean kick-ass – prizes. Since DobberHockey is your main source for fantasy hockey tips, it only makes sense that we offer the best free online pool you can join . Read on for details.



Dobber's Playoff Pool – the No.1 online pool manager out there – has graciously agreed to host the pool. Their system is so flexible that I was able to easily set up a box-pool format, which is more appropriate for the 1000-plus entries I expect. Normally, I use to run and track my one-year leagues that were done via a draft system – with customizable columns and easy to download reports, so this box-pool setup was another great example of their flexibility.

Trash talking is welcome – and encouraged.

“This is Dobber’s way of weeding out the weak!”

The setup: There are nine boxes set up for each conference – nine players per box, 18 boxes in all. Pick a player in each box. It is FREE, thanks to DobberHockey and Pool Expert . You have until April 9 (playoffs start) at 8pm ET to pick your players. You CAN change your picks up until then. The pool is setup right now, you can go to it by clicking here ( login: dobberhockey08, password: ruleyourpool). TOTAL POINTS from your 18 players determine who wins.


This is important: the pool is set up with an extra team in each conference. If you choose a Washington player and they don't make it, you must go in and pick another player or he will be a blank spot.


The prizes:

1.    Top prize in this pool will be an autographed jersey! NICKLAS BACKSTROM of the Washington Capitals! The prize is donated by a new website that is going to launch soon – . These guys will truly be “knights” for those of you in keeper leagues. Are you in a complicated keeper league that finds current pool managers falling short of filling your needs? Your white knights have arrived – plans to track draft picks, monitor deep deep rosters that go beyond the scope of your typical league, give you your trade and draft history, etc etc. Sign up at to get the BIG announcement of their launch as soon as it’s available!

2.    Second prize in this pool will be a Rbk EDGE Authentic jersey brought to you by, fully customized to your needs by team/player. Fully licensed by the NHL – you won't find better, faster or cheaper service anywhere for authentic hockey jerseys. These guys supply retail stores, so skip the middleman and just buy direct from them! Visit by clicking on their logo.

3.    Are you, or do you know of, a goaltender? Then you need equipment and our third prize from will get you started. Sever is a goaltending equipment supplier and they are offering a blocker ($225 value) as third prize. They will customize the colors to your specifications. Click here for an example , and visit Sever’s website by clicking the linke below:



4.    What prize list would be complete with Dobber’s Ultimate Fantasy Pack 2008C ? Finish in fourth place and you get Dobber’s Fantasy Prospect Report 2008, Dobber’s Fantasy Guide 2008/09, Dobber’s Midseason Guide 2009 and Dobber’s Interactive Playoff Draft List 2009. Free. If you already purchased it – as many of you have – I will give it to you for 2009.


Key Info:
Pool can be found at:
Pool Expert

Login: dobberhockey08
Password: ruleyourpool
*You may have to register.

Don’t forget to pick your team by April 9!


Other notes:

-    New rule, because of some people abusing the system. Only two entries per person.


-    Tie breaker, least games played...then a random draw 


-    Get bragging rights by beating a DobberHockey columnist or two. We’ll all have teams in this pool, can you take us on?

-    Columnists cannot win any prizes, don’t worry. I know you were a little scared because myself, Angus, Bugg, Goldman, Maltais, Status, Miller, Ma and Fergusson will finish 1-through-9 this postseason. No need to fear!

-    Prizes are offered, but unforeseen circumstances could change some of them. Don’t make me break out the lawyers…just accept that “blank” happens sometimes ;)

-    The best way to win a pool like this is to use Dobber’s Interactive Playoff Draft List. If you have not ordered this yet, then you are going to lose your pool to people who have ordered this. Pick it up now – click here to do so!


-    Don't have my Playoff Draft List yet? Guess you don't want to win any hockey pools. If you change your mind and do want to win, you can get details of Dobber's Interactive Playoff Draft List here.  

-    Quit reading these notes and just join the damn pool!!


Read discussion on this awesome pool right here 



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